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Chapter 16 – Bleeding Out

Three Napa Valley Sheriff department vehicles came skidding to a halt, their flickering lights causing shadows to dance in a world now invaded by red and blue. Uniform officers propped their driver and passenger side doors open as they still remained safely behind them. Their side arm already out in their primary hands as they lifted their flashlights underneath the handle of the weapon.

"Dispatch, we've approached destination. Surrounding area looks clear." One of the officers said into the radio piece at his shoulder. "We're going in to take a closer look."

The three pairs of officers moved closer to a barn like building that had large metal vats on each side. As they moved closer, the sound of a security alarm grew louder.

"Sounds of an alarm getting louder as we approach the building." The officer signaled for the other two pairs of policemen to take flanking positions to the large barnyard entrance.

One of the deputies on the left side rubbed up against a metal vat as he approached, causing it to make a weak hollow sound. His eye brows shot up as he lightly tapped it again. Approaching another metal vat he did the same thing, getting the same hollow sound in return. Taking his flashlight he took a closer look at the connecting pipes before quickly joining his partner.

"Dispatch, we've got empty fermentation tanks here. Aside from the dust and debris, doesn't look like any wine's been through here." He whispered into his radio.

One of the middle officers grabbed a hold of a door handle as he prepared to open the door. The remaining men braced themselves against the wall of the building. With a three count, the door swung open as the officers on the left filed in, the first entering and quickly sweeping left while the second entered and quickly swept right.

Sweeping the open space the group of six deputies collapsed back in the middle, giving the all clear.

"Dispatch, central building area all clear. Alarm is pretty loud in here." One of the officers reported.

"Roger. Victim reports he is in a stairwell. Proceed with caution." Angela's voice crackled through the radio.

"Understood, proceeding to search doors." The officer responded as the group split up.

A few minutes of searching the building ended with three locked doors and a large size elevator housed in the central area.

"Officers, victim has just passed out and is unresponsive…" Angela began when the all the police officers as well as Angela stopped talking. The building flooded with light as the alarm suddenly quieted. A sharp crack echoed through the room as one of the officers was thrown back in a surprised cry.

"Take cover!" One of the officers shouted as they quickly moved back towards the main entrance door, sporadically returning fire in any given direction. The fallen policeman was dragged by his partner before throwing the both of them behind a stack of wooden barrels.

"We've got shots fired and an officer down!" One of the policemen shouted into his radio, his voice drowned out by the rattling of submachine gun and splintering wood. "We need back up! They're heavily armed! Unknown number!"

The radio crackled to life as Angela sounded off, "This is dispatch calling all cars. Calling all cars. We have an 11-99, shots fired and an officer down. Officers need assistance at Silverwood Winery, 121 Birch Road. Repeat. Shots fired. Officers need assistance."


"This can't be good." Casey grumbled as he listened in on the police radio chatter. Looking over and meeting Sarah's ashen face, he saw the worry plainly displayed on her face. As one they reached back and grabbed a M4 Carbine that was attached to the wall. They both grabbed a few clips and shoved them into their pockets before taking one more and jamming it into the assault rifle.

"Patch me through to the locals." Sarah said into her headset as she held the rifle, muzzle pointed up, at her side. She leaned against it and slowly began to relax.

Casey watched Sarah's composure begin to strengthen, her face harden and her eyes become more focused as she moved her hands along her weapon. He gave her a tiny nod before leaning back and refocusing on the police chatter.


Sheriff Deputy Thomas Parnickey ejected the clip from his Beretta and slammed home his last twelve round clip. He looked down at the pale and grim face of his partner. His partner's hands were pressed tightly against his side to stem the flow of blood from the earlier gun shot wound.

"You hanging in there John?" Deputy Parnickey asked as he peered in between two barrels.

"Grand ol' time." Deputy John Huchins said as he gritted his teeth in pain.

Parnickey grabbed his radio, "Dispatch, what's the eta on backup?"

"Less than two minutes. We've also got feds coming in."

Huchins looked up sharply despite his pain, his face showing evident surprise. "Fed?"

Parnickey ducked down quickly as a scattering of bullets hailed down on the two barrels he was looking between, but not before catching sight of the huge elevator lowering into the ground.

"Mark, you hear me?" Parnickey shouted into his radio as he looked across the room at the four officers that were using a large metal tank as a shield.

"Go." Deputy Mark Bucciner's voice crackled through.

"Central platform, elevator, just lowered. They may be getting support soon."

"Understood. Tony spied a door to the right opening up and returning fire as well."

Parnickey saw a small movement in the elevated platform on the far side of the room. He fired off two quick shots and ducked back down, not having the time to confirm a hit or miss before a rain of bullets hailed down at his vacated spot.

"How's your ammo?" Bucciner's voice came across the radio.

"Ten left. On my last mag."


"I've used his three clips."

"Roger that."

A set of sharp cracks behind Parnickey drew his attention, causing him to instinctively turn around. A smile of relief flittered across his face as he saw two officers poking in and out from each side of the main entrance shooting into the building. A few short seconds later two metal entry shields came through the entrance. The shields were literally jammed side-by-side and angled slightly upward, creating an impressive metal wall as the two officers behind them made their way forward.

When the two shielded officers made their way to Parnickey they dropped the shields to reveal two paramedics almost literally on top of them.

"He's been hit on his right abdominal side. Through and through." Parnickey told the paramedics as they began working on his partner.

"What's the situation Tom?" One of the officers asked as he took up a covering position on the left, his entry shield out.

"We've got an unknown amount of bad guys. At least two on higher ground on the raised platform to the left and right. Central lift went down a few seconds ago, possibly to get more support. Door to the right of the room has unknown bad guys in it too. We have at least one victim in a stairwell somewhere." Parnickey responded as he accepted two magazines from the other officer, nodding his head in thanks. "Just you two?"

"Marie and five others are circling the building trying to find another way in. Justin and three others are about to…" The officer began before a hail of gun fire erupted from the main entrance as another wall of three metal entry shields moved into the room.

The new arrivals moved further into the room before splitting off to the right side and taking cover.

"Marie here. Building is sealed except for main entrance…" Deputy Marie Hannan announced over the radio before a column of smoke poured out from the shaft in the room.

"Cover smoke! Shit, we're dealing with professionals here!" The voice of Deputy Tony Lee shouted through the radio.

Before anyone could respond a tornado of ammunition and a thundering of what sounded like a squad of machine guns broke free from the middle of the smoke.


The moment the helicopter touched down Casey and Sarah were out with their rifles up and quickly marching towards the winery with three other agents behind them. Navigating between the dozen or so police cars the agents silently made their way to the left side of the building. They stopped at a blank side of the building and Casey and Sarah stepped aside as two agents moved up.

As the two agents attached a strand of explosive cabling in the shape of a tall rectangle, two large black SUVs skidded to a stop about twenty feet away. Casey walked up to them as the agents in the cars came out and headed to the rear of the vehicles and began to outfit themselves.

"I want one sniper on the south western side looking into the main entrance. One at each of the other three sides with thermals to provide body movement intell. Rest of you with me." Casey ordered.

When Casey and the remaining three men walked back to Sarah he saw that she was now surrounded by a group of local Sheriff Deputies. She looked up at them as she took her hand off her radio. "I've just informed the locals of our plan. They're keeping fire clear to this side of the building. They did warn that there's one shooter at high elevation on this side on a platform further back."

Casey grabbed his radio, "Thermal on west and south side. Do you see a body on an elevated platform?"

"West-eyes. Approximately five to eight feet from your location on your left. Target is on a nine to ten foot raiser. I also see four targets further north."

"North-eyes. I have eyes on two raised bodies. West's target is three to five feet from your wall. East side target is flush to east wall and on nine to ten foot raiser. There are six targets spread across north side.."

"Roger that." Casey responded, "East-eyes, anything to report?"

"East-eyes. I have large heat grouping about five feet from middle. Looks like four to five men."

"Locals?" Casey asked.

"Negative. Locals are further South in two groups."

"Roger. Keep us posted. All agents switch to local channel for team communication." Casey said as he switched his radio to the local Sheriff department's CB channel.

"Napa Valley Sheriff department. This is Agent Casey with Federal support team onsite." Casey confidently spoke into the radio as he saw one of the agents give Sarah the thumbs up.

Sarah walked up to Casey, "We ready?"

Casey leaned in slightly, invading her space a fraction, "Are you?"

Sarah brought her M4 Carbine up to her chest. With her eyes glued to Casey's she pulled the cocking mechanism back, releasing it as a round was chambered.

"All teams, plan execution in 10 seconds." Casey stated into his radio.


Parnickey fired off another three rounds at the raised platform on the far east side before feeling a burning sensation in his left shoulder while at the same time thrown down onto his back. He felt arms grab him as he was pulled closer to their shielded area. Grimacing and biting back the pain as the paramedics tried to get at his wound, he noticed that one of the officers was hunkering down. Quickly looking to the other side of the room he saw the other deputes doing the same thing.

"…7…" A female voice from the radio pulled him from his confusion.

"…8…" Parnickey twisted around, ignoring the angry demands from the paramedics to remain still.

"…9…" He looked through a slit between two barrels at the west wall.

"…10." Parnickey closed his eyes and ducked his head as a part of the wall blew inwards and straight into one of the enemy combatants, large spears of wood impaling the man.


The moment the wall blew in Casey tapped the shoulder of one of the agents who then proceeded immediately through the new opening. The agent swung left and aimed high, launched a grenade from its housing beneath his assault rifle, and continued quickly left.

Casey followed immediately, acknowledging the explosion that rocked large room as parts from the raised platform and the man on top rained down. Casey moved right, quickly locating the locations of the deputies and sending bullets ripping through the air at two enemy targets.

Sarah's hand left Casey's shoulder as he swung right. She marched through the opening and went forward squeezing off her trigger in repeated bursts as she saw movement of three bodies that did not share the colors of the Napa Valley Sheriff department.

The remaining agents single file entered the room and alternating their direction to form a two-by-two formation. Deputy Marie and her officers split into two groups, one heading toward the North side of the building and the other staying in the central area.

"North-eye. Two tangos on North wall moving to West wall. Incoming ten feet."

"Roger." Whispered, one of the two agents that had entered and moved to the North side of the building replied. The two man team stopped moving forward ducked behind a column, before appearing on the opposite side. One of the agents dropped to his knees and opened fire while the other remained standing and sent a stream of metal straight at the oncoming targets.

"Tangos down." The kneeling agent said as he moved back into stance and proceeded forth.

"North-eye, confirmed."

"East-eye. I've got movement of that large heat mass. They may be mobilizing."

"Roger." Sarah responded right before the door opened as two men stepped out, swinging their machines in an arc. Sarah and the agent following her dived behind a grouping of barrels.

In the midst of new eruption of gunfire, no one noticed the large lift arrive again with a revving SUV on it, until the passenger began unloading his weapon as well.

"Walker! They're making a run for the car!" Casey shouted as he tried to peak his head from his hiding spot.

"I see them…"

"East-eye. Large heat mass is moving out… wait, there's a real weak body reading I didn't see before. This one's fading."

"Wait. What? Repeat that again East-eye!" Sarah shouted into her radio as she poked her head up for a better view.

"One heat signature is low on heat still in this room. Looks to be fading fast. This guy is dying."

"This is dispatch. That could be our caller, Chuck Carmichael!"

Sarah's face scowled, her eyes cold and furious as she shot up from her position and unloaded a full clip at two of the men as she purposely moved forward to another hiding position. The agent shadowing her was barely able to keep up.

Then she saw him.

"Chuck…" Sarah whispered in anguish, seeing the state he was in. He was being carried like a sack of potatoes, too lifeless. It may have been the stress, it could have been the adrenaline coursing through her, or it could have been her relationship with Chuck – whatever that was, but even in his unconscious state he looked utterly in pain. Her face scrunched up, mirroring the agony in her whisper, only to curl into a ferocious snarl a second later as she looked at the man that was holding him up and holding a gun to his head.