Warning: Extreme angst and self-hatred ahead. Proceed with caution.

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Demyx hates Organization XIII. He hates hates hates hates them, hates them so much it'll drive him insane with hatred. All of them; with their piercing gazes and angered faces as they brake him little by little, crack by crack.

He knows they hate everything about him too; his laughter hurts their ears, but not as much as his music does; and his peaceful demeanor and dislike of violence makes him almost useless to them. Water is pretty much the stupidest element ever, because all you need is a garden hose and you're set, and it's not like he's even that good at controlling it. His battle cry is the dumbest thing they've ever heard; just who is supposed to be intimidated by "Dance, Water, Dance!" anyways, a 2 year old with hydrophobia? His hair style is retarded, and his entire rocker lifestyle pretty much screams "In my past life, I was a drug addict," to the rest of them.

Don't they even realize it; how his smile gets smaller and smaller with every insult, that his music isn't as loud and vibrant as it used to be; that the Hall of Empty Melodies is finally living up to it's name because he no longer plays his sitar outside of the safety of his bedroom? Are they so oblivious that they can't hear his laugh become harder, less jovial, and that his music is starting to be downright depressing?

Obviously they are, because it's only getting worse. The massive loss at Castle Oblivion means more missions for the remaining members, and when he has trouble carrying his now-anvil sized load it's only a mark of his incompetence, even though his eyes are more tired then ever and it's being clear he doesn't sleep enough anymore, if he even does at all.

But, to tell the truth, Demyx can't blame the others for this anymore. Because, even though he hates them with his entire being, with the whole heart he's not sure he has anymore, there is one thing he hates even more now.


Sorry if that was too depressing, but my muses told me I had to write this. Not that I blame them.

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