Curse Be A Shaman

Hello everyone! I don't own Shaman King or any of the characters, but I do own the OC that's in this. I believe that you'll actually like her cause she was created right when I first started watching the anime & boy, did I have an active imagination with her & her ghostly partner. Well, enjoy!


Because the Shaman Fight had ended without there being a true Shaman King, a year has passed & the fight for the title has once again begun as there must be a Shaman King to correct the corrupted world of this time. As expected, Yoh Asakura, Trey Racer, Tao Len, Ryu, & yes, Lyserg as well are back & ready to fight for the title. Little do they know though, that many new Shaman will be entering the fight, ones that are stronger than last year's, but there is one Shaman that they must be wary of for this one is unlike any Shaman they have ever faced before.

Perched on the edge of a roof building in Tokyo, a pair of piercing silvery blue eyes were watching Yoh & his companions from a distance. As a slight breeze blew, long dark silver hair pulled up into a ponytail with a loop braid on either side of it swayed in the gentle wind as did the sleeves of their dark crimson & black hakama. Strapped to the figure's back was a scythe with a single curved crimson red blade that looked as if it was permanently stained with the blood of all its victims. A small, slender hand lifted up to the side of their face & brushed back the long, spiked bangs that was on the left side, out of their face revealing a bandaged up hand. "...So these are the Shaman that did so well in the fight last year?...I can only guess that Yoh Asakura, the one with the headphones, was the one who fought against his older brother, Hao." The voice had been young & feminine, revealing that this figure was a young girl & at a close look on her face, she looked a little bit younger than Yoh & his companions.

"That is correct Princess." "He is the vermin who defeated Lord Hao." "That low life must be punished during the Shaman fight."Three separate voices were heard, one more menacing or deeper than the last, but all three of these voices had come from the same being. Stepping into view right behind the small girl was none other than the menacing three-headed dog, Cerebus. This beast was known to all Shaman as one of the Underworld Spirits, but only a certain race of Shaman were able to possess & control such a spirit. This race were called the Dark Shamans or more specifically, the Yomi Clan.

Each one born into this Clan are born with a marking known as the Dark Shaman Curse Seal, but where it is placed varies with each one. With this mark, the wearer is unable to express any feelings towards another, but instead has to express it through fighting whether to take down your opponent without remorse, defeat them, but show mercy, or total annihilation. If they fall in love, they are unable to tell the one that they fell in love with no matter how much they wish to. Instead, the one who captured their heart unknowingly has to figure it out themselves & return that love. If the Dark Shaman does not find love & that love is returned to them though by the time they reach the age of 15, the mark consumes them completely & destroys the wearer, thus leading them to their own demise; their death.

Sadly though, this powerful & dangerous Clan had been all but wiped out because of this. Very few had ever had their love returned to them & those that had been lucky enough, was able to have their mark become just a regular birthmark somewhere on their body, though it retained its black skull & cross bones appearance, giving it almost a tattoo look to the owner of it. Now only one member of the Yomi Clan still exists & has entered the Shaman Fight in the hopes to not only become Shaman King & restore their race, but also find the one that will save them from the eminent death that slowly closes in as time passes. This sole survivor is Yomi Kichi & at the age of 13, she has but two years left in her life to find the one that will save her from the curse that has been layed upon her dying Clan.

Kichi finally gave a small sigh as she slowly rose up onto her sandal & white socked covered feet before turning around to gaze up at her partner. "Come on Cerebus. We have a bit more training to do in order to be ready for the Shaman Fight tomorrow & sadly, my time on this plane is running out." Kichi then closed her eyes gently & walked off with her loyal Underworld Spirit following close behind. Till the day comes when this young human before him draws her last breath, he will proudly & loyally fight at her side & then remain by her even after death takes her from this corrupted world of the living...Unknown to Kichi though, Cerebus prayed every night once she had fallen asleep that she would be saved from her Clan's curse & that she would meet the boy that would be able to save her before the small girl's time ran out.

To be continued:

So what do you think? If it's bad, you can say so, I guess, but if you like it & wish for me to continue, please don't hesitate with that either. I'd love lots of reviews, but I'll settle with what I can get. I still love hearing from everyone that reads my work though to know what they think of it. Also, for those who read this, this is how you pronounce the OC's name. Yomi (yoh-may) Kichi (key-chi). Hope that cleared things up for you. Till next time, later!