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Ch: 3

"...You've be kidding me?" Kichi was right now standing with her new companions just outside of the airport gate as she stared at the large plane that would be taking all the Shaman to America. Least to say, the young Dark Shaman did not like how the plane was painted. Yoh on the other hand grinned excitedly. "Nope! That's the plane that'll be taking us to America. Pretty cool, huh?" Trey smirked & shook his head. "Dude, cool isn't the word I'd use to describe that plane. Plus,
I'm still trying to get over the fact of what it does to us in the end." Len merely sneered slightly & rolled his eyes. "Oh quit your bellyaching. Both you & that little girl need to get over it about our mode of transportation & DEAL with it cause that's where we'll be for the next twelve hours."

This bit of info from Len just now made her right eye twitch a bit. "...Twelve hours? You're joking, right?" When she saw Yoh shake his head while still grinning & Trey his while he looked a bit grin since he was gonna be really bored on the trip, the girl grew the slightest bit pale. "Twelve hours?! I can't fly for twelve hours! You're insane!" Len glanced over at the panicky girl whose voice ended up getting just the slightest bit high pitched & smirked. "What's wrong little girl? Is the big, bad Dark Shaman afraid of flying?" Len was taunting her now & the tone of his voice proved that clearly. Kichi's silvery blue eyes widened at this & she took a slight step back out of surprise. "N-No! O-Of course not! I-I'm not afraid of anything!" The very slight stutter in her voice only caused Len's taunting smirk to grow.

Before he got the chance to further his taunting, everyone was told that they needed to board the plane so that they could get a move on to their destination. Needless to say, the flying was exciting to Yoh, boring to Trey & he was also complaining about being hungry, & Ryu was yet again sound asleep. Len was indifferent about the plane ride, but Kichi was the one that was trying to keep calm while she gripped the arm rests so tightly that you'd think she was gonna tear them right on off. "Dude, I'm so hungry! When are we gonna get something to eat?!" Just then the intercom came on & Goldva spoke. "This is where you'll be getting off. You have two months to find your way to Dobi Village or you'll not be partisipating in the Tournament. Please grab all of your belongings & prepare for the plane to disappear. Have a nice trip."

"Wait, what does he mean by-" Before Kichi could finish, the plane suddenly vanished from around them & everyone was now free falling. Both Trey & Kichi were screaming as they fell while Yoh seemed to enjoy it & Len just had his eyes closed & arms crossed. "Oh will you both just SHUT UP!! All we need to do is combine our Furyoku to cushion our fall!" Trey remembered that from last time & nodded his head as did Yoh. The young girl did as well, but then glanced over & saw Ryu actually still asleep. She freaked out slightly in annoyance & threw her sandal at him, nailing the oldest of the Shaman group in the head. "Wake up you idiot!" Ryu quickly woke up & noticed her was falling & that it wasn't just a dream. All four of them quickly combined their Furyoku while Yoh had an arm wrapped around Anna's waist to hold her close.

When they touched ground, a large billow of dust was formed as was a crater. The group managed to climb out of it & Anna brushed herself off just like Trey & Len did. "Hmph. Way to use your Furyoku Vapor Brains." Yoh sighed to himself at this, but then smiled a bit as he stared at her while the others looked annoyed...Well, all but Ryu anyways. He was scared of the great Anna's fury. Kichi was actually about to take some frustration out on the older girl, but Trey ended up quickly restraining her from behind as she now struggled to get free of his grip. "Gah! Let me go! She has no idea who she's calling that!" Ryu quickly tried to help out in the restraining when Trey was starting to have some trouble. "Please calm down Miss Kichi. Boss Anna is not a girl you want to tangle with & I would rather you keep that cute face."

The young girl shot a glare up at Ryu & suddenly slammed her heel down on top of his foot causing him to immediately release her & grip his foot in pain. Trey sweatdropped at this but managed to keep his hold on the smaller girl. "Man, calm down, alright? There's no sense in any of us arguing or getting into a fight." Len just crossed his arms & narrowed his eyes at him. "You're one to talk Blue Boy." Trey shot a glare at Len & released Kichi from his hold. "What was that Sharky?" Len's eye twitched slightly at this, but then smirked. "You heard me Blue Boy." Trey finally snapped & was about to hit him, but Yoh & Kichi restrained him now. "Jeez, didn't you JUST get through telling me that there was no sense in this?!" Yoh flinched slightly as he was hit in the face but managed to keep his hold on Trey. "Yeah! Calm down Trey. We're all friends here!"

Trey finally managed to calm himself down & he glanced away from Len stubbornly while the Tao just closed his eyes & chuckled at how immature Trey was acting yet again. Yoh sighed to himself & scratched the back of his head at how his two best friends were acting, but then smiled in a laid-back fashion. "Come on you guys. We better get moving now. We only have two months to find Dobi Village again & since it's been a year, I doubt any of us remember where it is." Trey finally gave in & nodded his head. "Yeah, ok dude. The sooner we get there the better. I just hope we don't run into any trouble like we did last time." With that said, the group headed off.

Kichi stayed standing there as she watched them walking off as her silvery blue eyes narrowed fiercely. Cerebus glanced at his human & released a soft growl. "They don't suspect any thing Princess." "Those fools all believe that you're really their friend." "Too bad they aren't smart enough to see your true intentions." The young girl smirked slightly, but then disappeared a few seconds later. "...They all want to be Shaman King & they all have their dreams...I, on the other hand, have a deep ambition & I won't stop till it's been seen through...I will become the next Shaman King & then I can restore my Clan...They'll run this world just like they were meant to do."

Kichi was in her own little world at the moment, but was soon snapped out of it when Yoh & Trey yelled out to her. "Come on Kichi! We have to get moving!" "Yeah dude, so hurry it up!" The young Shaman sneered slightly to herself, but then ran off after the others as she suddenly put on a small smile. She would keep up this facade for the time being, but they will eventually find out the hard way that she is not at all what she seems to be.

To be Continued.

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