A collection of drabbles and short-stories all revolving around the theme of friendship.

Chapter Prompt: Wet

Timeframe: Post KHII

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, that right belongs to Square Enix and Disney

Of Sunny Days and Sundaes

Water Fight

Destiny Islands was, in Sora's opinion, the best place to hold a water fight. After all, none of the other worlds he'd been to had as much water (except, of course, for Atlantica, but that didn't count because it was completely water, and you can't have a water fight under water), and even the ones that did have some water weren't nearly as clean or cool as the ocean that separated the chain of islands that made up Destiny Islands.

And so, on a particularly hot day only a week after he'd returned home, Sora decided that he was going to have a water fight. And not just any water fight, but the Super Ultimate Supreme Awesomely-Amazing Water Fight that he and Riku had designed (and named) when they were 8 and 9 year olds bored out of their wits.

"Are you serious?" Was the first thing Riku had said after Sora had loudly and boldly proclaimed that they should hold a Super Ultimate Supreme Awesomely-Amazing Water Fight, partially from surprise that Sora even remembered them (he hadn't, until that moment), but mostly because he was too tired and hot to even get up off the sand.

"Aw, c'mon Riku," Sora urged, poking his friend in the shoulder, "it'll be fun! What about you, Kairi, you gonna chicken out like Riku?"

"Of course not, a water fight sounds really good now." She said, sitting up from her spot in the sand and poking Riku's other shoulder to get him to join them.

"Do you remember what you're getting into, Kairi? This isn't just a normal water fight, you know."

"Yeah I remember, it's kinda hard to forget Sora almost drowning me last time."

"Hey, that was an accident!"

"Sora, how was it an accident when you intentionally jumped on me from behind and pushed me face first into the ocean?"


"It's okay, I forgive you. Now c'mon, if Riku won't join the water fight of his own free will, then we'll just have to make him!"


"Good idea; I'll take the legs, you grab his arms." Sora said, and the two younger teens half carried half dragged Riku down the beach, before tossing him into the water. As he struggled to raise his head back up to breath, Sora and Kairi jumped in and continued pushing him back under, until…

"Alright, alright already!" He managed to yell as he shoved his friends off. "I'll fight with you guys, just stop drowning me!"

"Excellent!" Sora attempted to jump in the water, but his wet, heavy clothes weighed him down. "Although, it looks like we'll have to make due without the water gu- Ah Kairi, what was that?"

"Payback for almost killing me 4 years ago!"

"I thought I was forgiven!"

"Not quite!" Kairi laughed, and soon enough her laughter had spread to Sora, and, surprisingly enough, Riku as well.

There fight didn't end until a few hours later, by which time they were soaked to the bone, had prune-y skin, and were to sore to keep going. Using their remaining strength they supported each other back to the sand and lay in the fading sun, hoping to use the last of it's rays to dry off before their moms killed them.

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