Sorry it took so long for me to update this fic, I got this idea while on the subway to school one morning at 6:50 am while watching the snow fall outside. This time it's Organization 13, or at least part of it.

Timeframe: I'm not sure if this exists in the game's timeline, if it did it would take place while Re:CoM was happening, or just after.

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Snow Day

"Kingdom Heartsss, it's ssso freakin' cold out here Demyx, how could you be enjoying this?!" Axel exclaimed, wrapping his arms around his body to try and stop his shivers. Damn Vexen for getting himself sick in his damned lab, and damn him for causing a freakin' blizzard in the World That Never Was, and damn these freakin' stupid cloaks that were doing nothing to keep him warm!

"Oh, come on Axel, this is amazing! It never snows here, isn't it so pretty! Have some fun, will ya?" Demyx coaxed, his usual lyrical tones filled with excitement. His green eyes were practically glistening with joy, and Axel probably would've gagged if he wasn't frozen in place.

"It'ssss hard to have fun, Demyxxxx, when you're fre-ezzing, got it memorizzzed…oh, wait." Axel felt like a complete idiot for not thinking of it sooner, but was too busy being relieved by the sudden heat flowing through his veins to give it too much thought. Soon enough, a puddle of water formed under his feet, and when Demyx spotted it he nearly squealed, "Axel, you're melting the snow!"

"Who cares, it's still snowing like Xemnas is shaking dandruff out of his hair… it's not gonna go away because of me, got it memorized?"

Demyx nodded, and leaned down to scoop up a handful of the heavenly white powder. He molded it into a stable snowball, but before he could toss it at Axel, he spotted two newcomers.

"Hey Roxas, Naminé! Wow, nice cloak, Nami!" He called, and Axel looked up to the doors of the Castle That Never Was. There stood Roxas, and beside him the "witch" Naminé, dressed in a black Organization coat that looked just a little too big for her. When Axel saw the coat, a smirk appeared on his face, and he called

"Breaking the rules, are we, Roxas?"

"Shut up Axel, Naminé wanted to see the snow, that's all."

"Sure it is, lover boy." Axel grinned, Roxas became furious, and Naminé looked a little embarrassed. Seeing an opening, Demyx lobbed the snowball he'd made right at the redhead's cheek, and when it made contact he and Roxas laughed. Axel, not amused, wiped the water off his face.

"Fine then, but this means war. Don't forget, you asked for it."

At once a flurry of snowballs flew, at first from where Demyx had been mass-producing them, but soon they were flying in from everywhere, most of them missing their targets, and others making perfect contact, mussing meticulously styled hair and slipping in through the hoods of their cloaks.

It was nearly an hour later, when the panting had made it hard to keep taunting each other, and when arms ached from lobbing snow everywhere, when Demyx let himself collapsed, and Roxas followed suit. The two boys just lay there, watching the falling flakes and grey sky, while Axel joined Naminé on the Castle's front steps. The young witch had taken it upon herself to draw the fight as it happened, and Axel couldn't help but be impressed.

"Good job Naminé, this looks great. Except, you forgot one thing."

The younger girl frowned at her drawing. "What is it?"

"This." Axel smirked, shoving some snow down the back of her borrowed coat, causing Naminé to squeak and jump up. Shaking until the snow slid out of the coat, she turned on him. "Axel!"

The redhead just laughed, and Naminé, angered, smacked him in the arm with her sketchbook.

"That's it?"

"No, I have a better idea." She replied after a moment's pondering, and in her hands she collected a rather large pile of snow, all of which she unceremoniously dumped on his head. Instantly it melted, washing all of the gel out of his hair, leaving red strands hanging limply.

"Hey!" A mini snow fight broke out between the two of the them, and Roxas groaned at the noise.

"Should we go make them stop?" Demyx asked, but the younger blonde just sighed.

"I'm too tired to move, let them kill each other or something, they'll work it out."

Demyx nodded, lying back down in his place and the snow, and started making a snow angel, while in his mind he realized this was probably his best snow day ever. Well, almost, it was still missing one thing.

"Race ya inside for hot chocolate!" He exclaimed, jumping up and running back towards the castle, while Roxas, Axel, and Naminé watched.

"He does realize we can just portal inside and beat him, doesn't he?"

"Probably not, this is Demyx."


Needless to say, Demyx was baffled when, upon arriving at the Kitchen That Does Not Exist, he found Axel, Roxas, and Naminé already there waiting for him. It took only seconds for him to figure it out, though, and he could be heard muttering such things as "evil cheaters, sore losers, what are those guys, scared of some competition," as he mixed the hot chocolate, but secretly they were all thinking the same thing. Wet and tired as they all were, this was still the best day they'd had in a long time.

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