Title: My Sister

Author: Ansleyrocks

Disclaimer: I do not own Wolf Lake I am just borrowing the ideas please do not sue me!

Added Note: Takes place during the last episode.

Summary: Sequel to My Protection. She was scared and he was the one person she could turn to for help.

He sighed when he heard the porch door slide closed knowing that she was home, he didn't think she would return after Kanin set her free. "Sir, she's back." The guard grunted.

"I know that." He snarled his yellow eyes glaring at the wolf in front of him. "Just make sure she stays here." He ground out. He hated holding her hostage but it was necessary to keep them safe, to keep her safe.

He heard a branch on the forest floor outside his home snap with his sharp senses and his glass paused halfway to his lips. He breathed deeply and her scent washed over him. "Sophia!" He shouted startling the rest of the house as he dropped his glass and took off running. At the wood line of his property he saw her slender form, the sound of her raging heart as it slammed in her chest sharp in his ears.

"Sophia." He grabbed her as she shakily walked to him.

"Help me." She sobbed not looking at him as she fell into his arms. "Tyler, help me." She sobbed into his shoulder.

"Sophia what is it?" He asked inhaling again his inhuman nose picking up a wide range of scents; her father, Sherman, that human girl she hung out with, some human male and…Luke. "What did Luke do?" He growled tilting her pale face up to look at him, her golden eyes flashed at him and he gasped.

"Tyler. I'm scared." She whispered crystal tears falling out the corners of her glowing wolven eyes.

"Sophia come inside." He said his arm shepherding her into his large home. He glanced up and saw Ruby worriedly looking down at them as they made their way up the stairs. "It will be alright." He soothed listening as her heart rate slowed to an almost normal rate.

Sophia clung to his side as they sat on one of his cream couches his thugs racing around to get her a glass of water and anything else she might need knowing that she was their boss's charge. "Sophia can you tell me what happened?" He asked watching as her new wolf eyes landed on him.

"I was out on a date with Scott." She said wiping at her cheeks. "And…" Tyler held up a hand looking confused.

"Who the hell is Scott?" He growled.

"He is a boy I know at school. He asked me out awhile back and I said yes a few days ago." She said staring at him with her large eyes her face the picture of innocence.

"Let me guess, human." Tyler said and she nodded. "Knew I smelled a human male on you." He growled his wolf starting to claw its way to the surface snarling at the thought of a human male touching its adopted pup.

"God not you too." She groaned.

"Continue." Tyler said ignoring her comment.

"Then after we had pizza the two of us were walking when we kissed and the out of nowhere Luke's car came screeching our way and he got out of his car and…" Sophia's eyes glowed brighter as a soft growl escaped her slender throat. "He tried to drag me away with him when Scott grabbed him. Luke threw Scott into the street and I just snapped!" She suddenly sobbed the tears splashing down her pale cheeks. Tyler patted her back slowly realizing what had happened.

Luke had been spying on the couple and when the human kissed her he reacted. It was what he would have done if he had seen a male kiss Ruby and he was not sure he liked this latest development in Luke's relationship with Sophia. "Then you ran here?" Tyler asked and she shook her head.

"No first I threw Luke onto his car." She mumbled looking down at her lap. Tyler paused, a grin slowly forming on his face barely containing his amusement.

"Come again."

"I said no first I threw Luke onto his car." This time Tyler couldn't stop the laugh from escaping him as he fell back against the couch, twisting from side to side at the image of the little pup in front of him throwing a full grown male onto his car.

"Stop laughing it isn't funny." She sobbed.

"I'm sorry Sophia it's just that kid had it coming." Tyler said. He had heard form Sophia about the rave incident after he found her in her house staring aimlessly in front of her on one of his nightly checks. He had wanted to rip the teen alpha's throat out and drain him dry but Sophia told him to let it go and he did so, reluctantly. "So I take it that is how the glowing eyes happened?" He asked and she nodded.

"Tyler I think I am changing." She whispered.

"I know you are I have known since I found you at Nancy's." He said startling the young girl.

"How?" She asked, "I didn't even have the dizzy spells yet."

"Did you ever wonder how I found you exactly?" He asked and she nodded cuddling up into his side. It was obvious that the two had sat like that often from their relaxed manner. "Well after I smelled the fear I felt you fluttering around in my head, begging someone to come and find you. Only a wolf can do that Sophia." Tyler said brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

"But I'm scared I don't know if I want to change." She grumbled her lower lip sticking out.

Tyler chuckled as he listened to her, "A little late for that now. If your strength and eyes are changing you have a week tops before you flip and from your scent I give you less than that." Tyler said.

"How soon?" She asked looking terrified.

"A day. Soon the cramps are going to start and then the muscle pain." Tyler said rubbing the side of her arm as she whimpered.

"Hey, hey." He said tilting her head to look at him. "You will be fine, you can do this Sophia you have nothing to be afraid of." He whispered. He let out a deep sigh rubbing his other hand over his face, "Come on you are staying here until you flip where I know you are safe and I can keep an eye on you. I will call your dad and let him know what is going on." Tyler said feeling her stiffen.

"He ah doesn't know." She said looking guilty and Tyler groaned.


"What I am scared and you know how he is! She shrieked hurting his ears.

"Alright fine I will tell him what is going on, have my head chewed off, then call Sherman and let him know you are going to flip soon." Tyler said pushing her towards the stairs. "Now come on you need rest because once you enter the next stage you won't be getting any." Tyler said showing her to the guest room down the hall from his room. "I will get you a few things to use after I call your dad and Sherman." Tyler said turning to leave. He felt a small tug on his hand and turned back to Sophia who wrapped her arms around him.

"Thank you big brother." She whispered. "I don't know what I would do without you." She said making him laugh again.

"You would have to tell your father that you are flipping." He laughed kissing the top of her head as he left the room.

"Ugh scary thought." He heard her mutter.

Ruby shook her head as she watched Tyler leave Sophia in the room. She couldn't believe it, Tyler was acting like he used to when they were teenagers. His soft cuddly side was coming out and she thought that was gone for good. It was a side that none but a few ever saw and something they never spoke of knowing that Tyler preferred to be known as the heartless feral Tyler Creed and not the fluffy teddy bear. She heard him call up the Sheriff and winced when she heard Matthew Donner's angry yells and growls at the news of his baby girls impending flip.

She walked down the stairs towards him waiting in the shadows for him to finish. "Okay see you soon." Tyler said hanging up with Sherman.

"I always thought it was some human girl." She said as he turned around.

"What?" Tyler's dark eyes narrowed at her.

"All the times you disappeared and came back smelling like another female I thought she was just some human whore you played with but Sophia Donner…"

"Ruby you know I am not sleeping with her." Tyler growled his wolf rising again hating that his mate was accusing him of sleeping with its charge.

"I know." Ruby sighed. "Now anyway, I am surprised I didn't recognize her scent." Ruby grumbled her blue eyes staring hard at him. "Why did she come running to you?" She asked.

Tyler cocked his head to the side confused, "You mean your brother and stepmother didn't tell you?"

"What?" She asked unable to fight the growing dread in her gut.

"After the Nancy incident I relieved your brother of his duties. He was not cutting it as Sophia's guardian, almost getting her killed so many times. Hell he causes most of her pain anyway. Sophia is my charge, my adopted sister if you will." Tyler said a small ghost of a smile playing on his pale pink lips.

Ruby looked down sadness suddenly chocking her like a plastic bag over the face. She didn't know how she could have been so blind so stupid to not see all that was happening around her. "Luke…"

"Causes more trouble than you realize. He always puts her in danger Ruby and I have had it. Tonight he almost exposed himself to an ungulate when he flew into a jealous rage." Tyler growled clenching his fist when he felt the first sprouting of silver hair on his wrists. "He was the reason she started to flip tonight, if she hadn't of kept her head Ruby, she could be out in the woods somewhere…" Tyler stopped closing his eyes grinding his teeth to keep the wolf inside.

Ruby could smell the wolf close to the surface and knew that the thought of Sophia out there alone scared Tyler more than he was willing to admit. "I'm glad she has you." Ruby said her soft voice reaching his sensitive ears. "She needs someone who is comfortable with their wolf who is strong to be there for her unselfishly and that is you. Matt can't do it, Sherman can't, and Luke especially can't. I'm glad." She said slowly moving towards him.

Tyler watched her wearily as she stood before him waiting for her attack, but it never came. Instead he felt the gentle brush of her red lips across his cheek as they traveled closer to his ear. "I missed you." She whispered before she turned and went upstairs leaving the stunned blonde standing there.

"Huh." He grunted shaking himself out of his daze as he heard the Sheriff's cruiser headed his way. "Here we go." He grunted. He just knew that it was going to be a long night.