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Captain Bryan Knauer. My dad Actually, he's my step dad. A football captain of a prison. He just married my mom. How dare him! My mom never had my permission. She didn't even ask me if I wanted a new dad. And she certainly didn't ask me if I was ready for her to date.

Eleven years ago, my dad and I went for a drive. At least, that's what he called it when he told my mom. We actually went to a strip club with one of his friends. That night, everything changed. After that night, I changed. I couldn't talk to my mom. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. To everyone around, I was different.

Normally, I would carry an atmosphere that lit up everybody's mood. Then, the atmosphere that I carried made everyone nervous. That night, my mom said she lost me. Doctors said I was screwed for life. Heh, I wish the nurses were right. Not the doctors. The nurses said I wouldn't have any memory of that night eleven years ago. Boy, were they wrong. I remember that memory so well, I dream about every night. No, not dream. I have nightmares about it every night.

Eleven years ago, my real dad told my mom we were going on a tour around town. Yeah, right. I can't believe she believed him! Anyways, I got ready. It was winter and Christmas Eve! I ran over to our front door where we kept all our shoes, coats, mitts, tukes and other items of clothing.

After putting on some mitts and a winter coat, my dad and I went outside to his car. We climbed in said freezing car and I sat in the back while my dad in the front driving. Not a word was spoken during the ride so instead I gazed out the window, watching the other cars pass.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, we arrived at a noisy, rowdy and weird looking place. Little did I know back then, was that this particular club was a strip club. Dad dragged me inside to be confronted by nude women and nearly nude women. I kept close not looking at anything but the floor.

We stopped after a bit of walking and before me was a familiar face that I had hated ever since 1993. The man's name was Peter. The year before this one, I was four. And when I was four, my adopted brother got shot in the head twice and in the chest fourteen times. That's when I was told I would be a little screwy and prone to anger. Well, back to the other more important part of this story.

Peter grabbed me and started to smirk. Why? I didn't know. I still barely know. There was only one word that I can think of. Sex. My dad gave me away to his drunken friend so he could have a little fun with a stripper. Peter was drunk. Could barely stand, and had alcohol in his breath.

After Peter was done with little me, he gave me to my dad who was by then also drunk. I was crying, completely shocked, disgusted and overall terrified. Finally, we left. Peter in the passenger's seat, dad driving and me in the back rocking back and forth the scene playing over and over in my head.

By the time we were by home, my dad nearly got in 7 accidents. I screamed at my dad snapping out of my fear. The red light was shining in my face. A semi came by out of the blizzard that was surrounding us. After that, I don't remember much. Just screams, beeping, honking and a crash.

Weeks later, I woke up in a bed, in a white building, with white walls and green and blue uniformed men and women. Several machines were by me, beeping and whirring with the stupid sound they always make. Apparently I was out cold for three weeks. No one came for me. My mom was too busy probably fucking some stranger now that I think about. She and my dad were never happy since my brother died.

Lucky for me, my sister was out of town! But let's finish up what happened in the past. So I waited. For two weeks. My doctor was a guy. That was by far the worst torture anyone could ever endure. My mom didn't come till a week later. She never found out what happened. No one but my sister knows my past. Not my doctor, not my nurse, and not my psychiatrist. None of my friends found out either. But Peter and my dad were caught, and sent to prison. Shortly after I was released, the drunk driver who hit us was also sent to prison for three years. Unfortunately, my dad had connections, was released on "good behaviour," and has disappeared off the face of the Earth.

So, today is December 14. My sister is coming back into town today for a job interview. If she gets it, she'll be coming back to live with me, and my mom. Due to the last few, how should I say this? "Incidents" he won't be living with us until my mom thinks I'm ready to accept him. In case you're wondering, by him, I mean my apparent step dad. Legally, he isn't, not yet anyway but he will be, in 4 months. And in seven months, my mom will be giving birth to his kid. Lovely isn't it?

I just have to keep to my plans and that Captain won't ever come back. Getting back to my sister, she's about four hours late making me freeze my ass off in minus twenty two degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius). When I see her I'm gonna first hug because I haven't seen her in over 3 years and then push her in front of a speeding car because of how late she is.

"Hey! Shannon! Sorry to keep you waiting! My flight was a little late!"

I turned towards the voice who was calling my name. "About time," I muttered slowly walking over to her. For every step I took, she took two to get to me faster. "Hiya Brie! Tell me, was it nice and warm on your flight, or do you just hate me?" She looked at me confused. Insert dumb blonde joke here. "Anyway, let's go. I'm freezing." She smiled and nodded starting walking westward. "Uh, Brie? Our house is that way…" I stated pointing towards the East.

"Since when?" Obviously Mom kept her out of the loop too. I'm gonna have such a head ache when I get back. I just know it.

"Since Mom got pregnant and only told me about getting married two weeks ago." Brianna's reaction wasn't something I would expect. She stared at me dumbfounded, and didn't move. Maybe now wasn't the best time to mention Mom was getting married, she was pregnant, and her fiancé was coming over to dinner. "We moved for a more convenient space and distance..." That part was true, we needed another room for the baby and it's closer to the landing where we get free rides to visit the prison.