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Absolutely numb, Brianna and I stopped for coffee in the local, and nearby cafe, thankful for the heat they had running, and steaming hot liquid clutched between our hands. My sister, an exact replica of my mother sat across from me, occasionally blowing onto her cup, trying not to burn her mouth.

She had flowing platinum blonde hair that went about eight inches past her shoulders, curling severely at the ends. Under her side bangs were vibrant green eyes with pale freckles on even skin. Her frame was of an endomorph's, so it was tiny just as my mother.

Anyone who looked at her would immediately assume Mary Sue, which in some ways, she was. That did get on my nerves, like most things do, but she was my sister and I had to love her. After all, Brie was the only one who could attempt to understand my moods, my sarcasm, and my spite I had for everyone.

Now that it was December again, the blonde was tiptoeing around the subject, avoiding it at all costs. I couldn't blame her though, I tend to get very emotional and very physical when it's this time of year and I am forced to speak.

Outside, the snow was falling, distracting me from our conversation once again, and I merely watched the people rush to their cars when they left the strip.

"Shane!" I snapped my head towards Brianna, scowling. I didn't like her calling me that. Anyone but her could call me that. I replied in a waspish tone, annoyance clearly visible.

"Let's go." Her reply was curt, but I followed without a word. She knew I wasn't going to elaborate on why we no longer lived in the West, but now in the Eastern part of town, and why my mood was much worse than what it was a few years ago.

Generally, I prodded and pried into my sister's life when I could, but now wasn't the time. We were running like idiots, trying to get home before the frost nipped our noses any further. Finally reaching the two block park from our new house, we paused to catch our breath.

Before my sister left, I tried to be chipper though it usually turned sarcastic and rude, but as much as I don't want to admit it, everything was getting worse. No one could provide any explanation for my recent behaviour.

"You're nervous aren't you?" Wincing, I cursed as loudly as I could in a whisper Brie couldn't hear, and turned away shamefully. Damn that blonde to hell with her insight. Not even two hours of seeing me and she had figured out my mood swings and why. Grunting in response, I tugged her sleeve, leading her to our quaint, but spacey house.


I so called it. Brianna had no clue what Mom was doing, nor did she know that we were getting a new dad. But, if I had to choose one comment that blew her fuse, it would be that Mom was having a boy. Brie didn't mind boys, in fact, she loved them. Though, when your younger brother is murdered when you're still a child, and never talking about said brother for twelve years, it's hard to accept another one in the family.

Rowan was adopted yes, but he was still family despite the blood difference. He still held the same amount of chemicals and organs as we did, and breathed the same air, and loved the same parents we did. I didn't care for what gender the child was going to be, as I knew I would move out within a year or two, and that god forsaken vermin would never know me.

Brie on the other hand did care, and tried to talk to me about it. Like every other time, I shut out her whines and rants and merely lied on my bed. Brianna was my escape, my link to reality, but her voice was shrill as my Mother's when upset and airy as mine when she had had enough.

Finally, after three long, painful hours, Brie had silenced and fell beside me on my bed, refusing to get ready for dinner with the Captain. Prodding her side, I stared at her, waiting for some sort of response.

Receiving a mute threat from her green orbs, I sighed to myself, getting up. I knew the drill of dinner with Brian, and I knew which accident to cause this time. He was most certainly not moving in with us. So help me non-existent God, I will make sure of that.