A/N: Part Two...(plays Taps)

Sasuke stood silently near the crown of the tree, watching the large gathering of people slowly split into smaller and smaller groups as they drifted away from the Memorial Clearing and headed back to the main roads and streets of Konoha. As the numbers dwindled, Sasuke carefully made his way down the tree's trunk until he was crouched in one of the lowest branches. Finally, when even Naruto had left the small clearing with the Hyuuga girl at his side Sasuke dared approach the Memorial Stone; staring at the newest engraving. Haruno Sakura.

"Figured you'd show up." Sasuke glanced to his right to see the speaker slowly walking up to him; formal Hokage robes draped over one arm and the hat in hand. Sasuke merely turned his attention back to the stone and the offerings placed before it. Flowers, surprising not sakura blossoms but purple foxgloves, some dango and tempura, incense…Sasuke shook his head to distract himself and glanced again to his right. "Tch…When did you become Hokage, dobe?"

Naruto smiled slightly and shrugged. "'Bout three months ago. You had just killed that pedophile of a snake and were looking for Itachi in Swamp Country. Tried to send you an invite to the ceremony but you kept putting my messengers in the hospital." The blonde pouted for a moment before grinning amiably at his former teammate who raised an eyebrow, slightly surprised at the depth of Naruto's information.

"What did you do, send stalkers after me?" Sasuke grumbled after a moment.

Naruto let out a bark of laughter before shaking his head. "Iie; just used my allies. Toads prefer living in swamps, so I just had Gamakichi ask his lesser brethren in the area. Besides, we were busy mopping up after Akatsuki."

Sasuke grunted and absently noticed the changes in his friend's appearance. "Trying to set new styles dobe," he asked sardonically, referring to the rusty reddish streaks mixed amongst the drooping blonde spikes. Naruto looked faintly shocked before shaking his head.

"'Course you haven't heard…Nah. After effects of merging the Kyuubi's chakra with my own while fighting that bastard Pein. Kyuubi claimed that if he had to go, he'd damn well leave a mark. So here I stand with red streaks, slit pupils, thickened whisker scars and fangs." Naruto bared his teeth in a mock snarl and Sasuke finally did notice the elongated carnassials the Hokage was sporting, almost an inch in length.

The raven haired teen shook his head for a moment before opening his mouth, only for Naruto to speak again. "Oh! Thanks for the head. Had a nice bounty on it."

Sasuke smirked faintly. "Turns out Kumo's ANBU didn't have any information on Itachi's whereabouts."

Naruto nodded sagely. "Information on Itachi. Right."

"Hn." Sasuke retreated back to the familiarity of his trademark response, unsure of what to say.

Naruto nodded absently in response before letting out a whooshing sigh. "I really have to get back to the Tower before the paperwork becomes sentient enough to attack my clone."

The former jinchuuriki turned to leave only to be stopped by Sasuke laconic comment. "What, no attempts to keep me here?" Sasuke watched as Naruto shrugged his shoulders, tucking his free hand into his pants pocket.

"The way I see it, you'll come back here after Itachi's dead. Clan to revive and all that, yeah?" Naruto casually tossed his head back, turning slightly to grin at Sasuke again. "By the way….I heard that weasel hunting's been real good in Iwa. That or, Nami. You might try your luck there."

Sasuke's lips twitched into a slight smirk, filing the information away. "Right. How d'you know I'll come back?"

"You came back for her." And with that simple remark, the Rokudaime Hokage left the Memorial Clearing; waving for his ANBU guards to follow him back to the tower.

Sasuke merely turned back to the memorial and bowed his head for a moment before crouching to brush the fresh flecks of black marble away from her name. Reaching into his hip pouch, he withdrew his offering before placing it next to the poisonous foxgloves that someone else, probably the Yamanaka, had brought. Standing swiftly, the last Uchiha bowed his head once more before leaping back into the trees, already planning to take the fastest route to Iwa. Behind him, a single Uchiha patch fluttered in the breeze as it brushed against the poisonous flowers that lay beside it.

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