Edward Mason was getting ready for the school. He quickly put on his plain white t-shirt, jeans, black boots, and black leather jacket. He brushed his teeth which were turning yellow from all the smoking he did. He looked into the mirror and dabbed some grease into his hand and smoothed it into his hair, after smoothing it he combed it so the grease was all through out his hair. Lastly he grabbed his pack of ciggies and went into the kitchen.

Edward opened the fridge and pulled out the jar of milk and took a long refreshing drink. He turned around and saw his mother Esme passed out on the kitchen table with a bottle of vodka in her hand. Edward rolled his eyes. His mother was the sweetest woman, but whenever she was fighting with his father Carlisle or when she was stressed about money, she drank excessive amount of alcohol. Before he left he grabbed his cigs and put them in his jacket pocket. He kissed his mother goodbye on the forehead and headed out. He had no idea where his dad was. He was probably working in the low paying factory job he had, it was the only job he ever kept. His father was once a doctor but he too, just like his mother had a drinking problem, and often times he would come to work drunk or hung over.

Carlisle wasn't really Edward's father. Esme married him when Edward was 10 years old after Edward's real father died. She has been married to him for 7 years. Edward never thought that his mother and step father really loved each other since they always argued and never bothered to have other children. Edward thought the whole reason she married Carlisle in the first place was because at the time, he had a bunch of money and wanted to get out of the hell hole they use to live like, but at the time Esme didn't know that Carlisle had a drinking problem just like her, and it turns out that they got back to living how they use to, at the north side of the tracks where all the poor people lived.

Edward walked out to his motorcyle, he saved money ever since he was 5 because his mother said it would be useful. Boy was she right. He kicked turned on his motorcylcle and kicked on the gas driving to school. When he got to Forks High School he saw his other Greaser friends on the side of a brick wall smoking. Both the Greasers and the Soc's went to the same school because it was such a small town. Even though the Greaers in the school wern't the most popular, Edward and his two friends Emmett and Jasper were the most popular out of all the Greasers that went to his school. They were known as 'The Vampires' because they had very attractive features but had eyes cold stares and were scary looking.

"Hey man." Edward said approaching Jasper who was just pointlessly hitting on a Soc. Edward rolled his eyes, he knew that she would never even give Jasper the time of day.

"Hey Daddy-O what's shakin'?"

"Not much, my mom was passed out on the kitchen table again."

"Oh I'm sorry man. Hey, how did it go with you and Jessica yesterday?"

Edward smirked. "Well I borrowed Carlisle's car and me and her had some Back Seat Bingo."

Jasper playfully punched Edward in the shoulder. Edward looked at Emmett who was unusually quiet. "What's up with you?"

Emmett didn't answer. Instead he pointed. Jasper and Edward turned to where he was pointing and saw the most popular girls at the whole school. There stood Isabella Swan, Rosalie Hale, and Alice Daniels. Emmett had the hots for Rosalie Hale. She was blond and the most beautiful Doll in school. But she was cold, shallow and mean, and all she cared about was how she looked. Jasper had the hots for Alice, she was probably the nicest out of the three, but wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with a Greaser. She was very skinny and short and had black hair that framed around her face. And last but not least, Edward had the hots for Isabella. She had long auburn hair and the most beautiful brown eyes. She was very smart and her dad was the chief of police. It was ironic how he had the hots for the gal that her Father hated so much because he was always busting Edward for getting in trouble.

They all just continued to stare. They were both just baby drooling over some sweet candy. Then suddenly Edward saw Alice point towards them. Bella and Rosalie turned around and just rolled their eyes and sneered. Even though Edward knew it was stupid, he started to walk towards them. "Edward, man what are you doing?" Emmett asked grabbing onto his shoulder to stop him.

"I'm going to go talk to them since none of you sissy's are going to." I tried to walk off but Emmett held me there.

"What are you going to do a thing like that for?" Emmett asked. " You can't just go walk up to the most popular girls and school and go talk to them!"

"Why? So what if they're rich, it doesn't mean I don't gots the right to talk to them. Come on, you should come. If their boyfriends see us hitting on them, don't you think they will want a fight?"

Emmett's eyes lit up. He was always up for a fight. "Okay, I'm in." He turned toward Jasper. "You in Jasper." he nodded.

We all started walking towards the most popular girls in school. Edwards heart started beating a little faster. He had to admit, he was nervous. But he didn't care. All he cared about was talking to Isabella Swan. When they got up to them, the girls turned around and glared at them.

"What do you want you filthy Greasers?" Rosalie asked putting her hand on her hip rather then the other one that was holding her school books.

Edward flinched a little at her harsh words but kept his cool tough composure. "We just came to talk. You don't have a problem with that, do you girls?" he asked mostly to Isabella. He noticed her wearing a navy blue poodle skirt with a white blouse. Her hair was up into a ponytail that had beautiful curls in it. The ponytail was wrapped up in a matching blue scarf. Edward gulped. He always loved it when Isabella wore blue, it made her look so beautiful.

"Of course we do you filthy Grease!" Rosalie said breaking through Edward's thought. "Now what do you want?"

"Oh really Rose, don't be so rude." Alice said stepping away to put some space between the boys. It was obvious she was afraid of them.

"Yes Rose, calm down." Bella's beautiful voice said. Even though her tone sounded kind, her nose was kind of scrunched up like she smelled something really bad. She looked up at me and pierced her lips. "Was there something you needed?" she asked Edward in a curt tone.

Edward's heart race when she spoke to him. "I...uh-"

"Babe!" Edward heard. Isabella turned around and there was her boyfriend mike Newton. Him and his friends came towards them with their kaki pants and polo shirts. Edward rolled his eyes. When Mike reached her he put his arms around Isabella's weist which made Edward have a twinge of jealousy.

"Whatcha doing talking to my girl Grease?" he asked Edward.

"Yeah what are you Greasers doing here?" asked Rosalie's boyfriend Royce.

"Are you trying to get your ass kicked?" asked Alice's boyfriend James.

Edward got closer to Mike. "Sure, we can take you anytime, any place." Mike let go of Isabella and stepped around her pushing Edward. "Bring it on Grease."

Edward pushed Mike back. They started grabbing at each other and punching each other. Before they could really start the fight, Edward felt Isabella trying to pry them apart. "STOP IT!" she yelled.

Mike let go of Edward and stepped back. Edward did the same. "It's alright babe, I had him."

"No! Stop it! I hate fights. Let's just go to class okay?" Mike nodded and put his left arm on Isabella's weist and him and the other Socs left the Greasers alone.

"Wow that worked out real well" Emmett said, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

"Shut up Emmett. Come on let's get to class."

The day went by super slow for Edward. He was going to try again. He was for once excited to get to Biology, since it was the only class he had with Isabella. He rushed to class so he could talk to her before he started. He knew that she would be there early since she was a strait A student.

When he got there, there she was sitting next to Angela Webber. He walked up to her, doing the best tough strut he could do. She was burying her face into a book like always. When he got up to her he lowered his head down to hers, leaning against the table. "Whatcha readin'?" Edward asked.

Isabella looked up and scrunched her nose. "Wuthering Heights." she said in a low tone so no one could hear her talking to a Greaser.

"Oh I see. So... you want to catch a flick at the drive in this weekend?"

"Sorry I'm busy." she turned the page.

Edward's eyebrows furrowed. "Doing what?"

"If you must know, Grease, I am going to the bowling ally with Mike, Alice, Rosalie, James, and Royce."

"Well would next weekend be alright?" Edward asked. He hated how desperate he sounded.

She slammed her book down and looked at Edward which made his heart stop for a fraction of a second. "You know very well Grease that I have a boyfriend. And even if I didn't, why would I go out with you? I know you only want one thing and I will not stoop to that level. Why don't you just go out with a Greaser girl like you're suppose to and leave me alone? Go out with Jessica Stanly, Lauren Mallory, or Tanya Samuel's. Anyone of them would be fine. Just leave me alone."

Edward stared at her with a blank expression. He couldn't believe that she cared so much about their social classes. She might as well have drived a stake through his heart.

"Class, please take your seats." said the Biology teacher.

Edward took the seat behind Isabella. He decided to mess with her. It was his form of flirting, and it worked with all the girls he's ever been with. They get upset at first, but he would sweet talk his way out of it, and later knock boots in the back of his step dad's care. He leaned across the table and started swinging her ponytail with his hand. She turned around and glared at him. He just smiled back innocently.

She turned back around trying to listen to the teacher. He leaned across the table and started swinging her ponytail again. She turned around again and whispered "Stop it!" it sounded like a hiss.

He leaned in more and whispered. "Lighten up baby, I'm just messin' with you?" Isabella rolled her eyes but didn't respond.

"As I was saying Mr. Mason." the teacher said, noticing he was leaning across the table. "That all the gentlemen are going to pick a name out of this bowl. That person will be your lab partner. You will work on a science project of your choice. It will be do in one month."

Edward waited patiently for the teacher to come by. Please be Isabella, please be Isabella. When the teacher finally got to him, he took a deep breath and pulled one out. He slowly opened the paper and looked down. He smiled the biggest smile he had smiled in a long time. Right there in black and white read: Isabella Swan."