Royai 100 Themes:

A.N. – This is my first written Royai fanfiction for the 100 themes challenge. I'm only going to be doing 25 or so that interest me. They will be a mixture of manga and anime and will not be introduced in any sort of order. Some will be long as hell, some will be as short as Ed.

Have fun reading, and enjoy.

Oh, and disclaimer crap blahblahblah not mine.

Royai 100 Themes:

51; Embrace from the Back.

Side pairing: EdWin.

Watch out for: Cursing, and spoilers from Volume 15.


"… He HATES drinking it, but loves cookies. So, if you give him milk and cookies, he'll spazz out and probably explode! Al and I pulled that on him when he was seven. He didn't come out of his room for three days."

"Really, now… Well, lt., we'll have to go to the market and-"


The blue-eyed girl laughed at the two as the male leaned on a tree in a pout, and the female shook her head. Winry placed her hands on her hips and leaned a little forward, asking, "But Ms. Riza, you know he can be a brat - why not punish him for it?" A devious grin appeared. "You know you want to."

Hawkeye's hazel orbs watched Winry and she rolled them, a small smile appearing on her face. She couldn't help herself. "Actually, I don't want to. I find no enjoyment in torturing children. Besides, I don't need to. He behaves well around me."

Of course, there always had to be someone that begged to differ. "But not around me," Roy uttered from his tree position, his face gazing sideways in a pissy sort of way. The onyx-eyed man felt his lieutenant and her female companion's eyes go to him, but the snicker that followed was definitely Winry's. "It's true. It's always 'NEWSFLASH: Colonel Mustang is an asshole', or 'Screw you, Colonel McFlamey-Ass!' or even the oh-so mature and original 'JERK!'" A heavy sigh came from him as Mustang ran a hand through his raven hair. "He needs a good slapping… or a burning." To the latter, he smirked in glee.

"Colonel," Riza intervened in a less than pleased voice, "threatening to slap or burn a 16 year old boy is not mature - or legal. He's a child, and your height jokes tend to provoke everything he says to you. So, naturally, you deserve it." Why, oh why did people just like Roy surround Riza? It got annoying sometimes, how he tried acting innocent when half the time it's his fault in the first place.

Roy's jaw merely dropped. "Who's side are you on?" to which he got only a smirk.

The Rockbell child laughed harder. They really did bicker like an old married couple.

"Anyway," Winry said back on subject as their worries of her becoming involved in any evil plots, "I'll be careful, okay? Thanks for worrying, though. Ed doesn't even care." This caused the two adults to gaze in a confused way at the teen. Crossing her arms, she huffed and closed her eyes with a frown. "He just cares about whatever gets him closer to his goal. I mean, that's good and all, but the occasional call won't hurt, will it? I happen to care about him." A dismal sigh escaped her lips. "He just refuses to accept that someone cares."

Hawkeye frowned. "No, it wouldn't hurt to call." Riza sighed heavily and shrugged, her eyes flashing to Roy for a moment before gazing back to Winry. "I understand your frustrations, but you have to realize something. Edward does care; Alphonse does too. But they're both busy, and they don't want you getting hurt. Being in contact with you often could be a lead directly to you, for the ones following them."

Roy picked up where she left off. "They just don't know how to show it. That's how men are - I was like that when I was their age." He sighed and rubbed his neck.

'Was'? You still are that way, Riza thought.

Rockbell's eyes watched the two of them for a moment. "… You're right." It didn't take long before she smiled, her eyes twinkling again with that same cheerful attitude. "You're right! Haha! I don't know what I'm doing, moping here!" With a large grin, she bonked herself on the head, nodded to the two of them in thanks, and spoke. "You two are staying for dinner, right? Or the night - you can, I can make room!" she insisted.

Roy glanced to Riza before looking to the girl. "We can't," he replied with a small shrug. "We have to get back to Central ASAP. But rest assured, we'll be fine. Besides," he smirked and rubbed his chin, as a star appeared off to the side, "it'd be weird, having to share a bed with my lieutenant. The pleasantries of the experience would surely outweigh the awkwardness, wouldn't you agree. Hawkeye?" Roy dared a glance to his stupefied lieutenant.

Hawkeye frowned. How dare he make such a crude joke in front of a teenager? And with that she swiftly kicked him in the shin (ignoring the grunt that came afterward) before finishing what he was going to say. "We do have to return. But we'll call sometime, to check in. How's that sound? And, when we do," a smile appeared, "we'll have Edward and Alphonse around to talk to you. We'll make them talk." Playfully, Riza closed one eye, taking a glance back to Roy with a small sigh. "No fire."



Once again, the two made Winry laugh. She twirled around from the direction she headed, ponytail whirling, and she spoke.

"Alright. I'll see you two later! Bye!" Cheerfully, the child waved to the two, getting a wave from Hawkeye and a nod from Roy. Then she turned and started to jog back to her house – it was stew night, anyway.

As Riza watched Winry, her arm dropped to her side, but she couldn't take her eyes off the teenager. She was so happy; Ed didn't know just how much he made her smile, even without being there. But, she noticed something else. She had noticed long ago that the two of them shared similarities, but there was one big different: Winry wore clothes that openly revealed her back. Riza could never do that, not even now. No distorted markings, no ugly scars… nothing, just the way it should have been for her.

How selfish of me, she thought bitterly. Jealousy wouldn't get her her teenage years back.

A small frown came to Riza's face from the melancholic memories. Who would want to see a hideous marking on a female's back? The burn didn't help either, but she had to get it on there. It was as if her father made her request Mustang to burn her back. It was like destiny had decided that she had to get the tattoo burned. At first, it seemed like the best thing to do and she hardly gave a damn. As she aged, however, she began to regret it. She was a woman after all.

The thing was, the main part of hating her back wasn't coming from the pain, or the fact that she had to bear it. No, Riza knew how much it tore him apart, as much as it did her, and that only weighed more on the burdens she already bore. She softly sighed.

Hawkeye watched as Winry waved from the porch, then disappeared into the house. She was thankful that Winry wasn't crying, and that she was happy (or could at least mask happiness) but slight jealousy had still enveloped her mind. Happiness seemed to be the one thing that Riza's past wouldn't allow. Her hazel orbs trailed to the ground in thought. What if she hadn't done it? Hawkeye didn't hear Mustang approaching. Was it a mistake to… Her thoughts were cut off soon after they began.

Two arms, which wrapped themselves around her, interrupted her thoughts. One arm rested below her breasts and the other near her collarbone to ensure she could not escape. Riza was soon forced to lean back slightly in a sudden embrace, her back resting on her colonel's chest. She felt his chin lean on the top of her head, and a small sigh came from him. Her eyes were against the sky now, and despite her uneven lean, she felt comforted.

"You're foolish," he uttered.

Hazel hues blinked in confusion thrice. Was he psychic? Could he read her mind all the time?

After giving his two-bit words of comfort some thought, her head leaned down some, a grateful smile (as well as a pink tint to her cheeks) making its entrance on her young face. She too sighed and closed her eyes. Who needed a pure back to be beautiful or happy? Her eyes opened and gazed up at him, noting that he didn't move from his spot of resting against her pate, and his eyes eventually trailed down to meet hers.

After a moment of quiet, she murmured, "I know."