Hey ya'll this is a crossover fic. I don't expect any of you to have read the book I'm crossing over with so I will try to be as detailed as possible. The book is called "the number of the beast" by Robert Heinlein. Now I will be posting this as an M rateing because he is a bit…mature. In his world (or at least the world in writing in) they are very advanced with genetics. Incest is a norm because the geans allow it. Please do not flame me about it, it is his rules. Also in his world people live much longer then our lifespan. The average life is as far as I can tell about 300 years and some. They have the ability to surgically alter a person's body so that they can he 275 years old and look 40 but with the health of an 18 year old. So if anything like that comes up do not flame because I just told you about it.

Now in the book I am going off of the main characters have a time machine, they are running from this race of people that are trying to kill them for knowing too much. These people are referred to as black hats, they are an alien race that look very different from humans but have the technology to deskize themselves. So this fic will be starting with them but we will get to harry and Hermione soon. Probably the 3rd chapter.

Now on to my writing style. I am telling you this now! I CAN NOT WRITE WELL. I can't spell very well either but I want to get this out of my head. Maybe one day I might go back to this and rewrite it but no guarantees. Also I do get typos and sometimes I miss them so if you come across a weird word think of something that looks like it, that's probably what I'm going for.

Now I will be starting with harry right after Sirius died, not because I want to go through all of the angst and everything but because I do not like book 6 or 7. So harry is 15 and will be 16 in July and Hermione is 16 going on 17.

As for Hermione's age, one; she is older than harry and Ron by about a year. Her birthday is in September after school starts so she didn't receive her Hogwarts letter until she was almost 12. Two she will act more mature because she went through a whole school year using the time turner remember, so in my mind she is probably closer to 18. Now in my fic there will be no weak Hermione strong harry or super strong harry and Hermione. I will try to explain more when it happens but I cannot give away my plot too much lol. They will be strong but only because they had the time to learn and train.

I may or may not stay true to the number of the beast I haven't decided yet, for those of you that have read the book(and the others that go along with it) I am thinking that Hilda and crew will have already met Lazarus and everything that happened in the books did in face already happen. Those who do not know the books don't worry about it, I just don't want to deal with any side stories because I haven't read the other books that go with it for a while now and so I'm just going to go with what I remember and know. I just finished reading number of the beast so most of the non HP side of the fic will be baised off of it. Sorry about the long AN but I thought I would spell out this stuff here. On with the show!


Hilda Jake Deety and Zeb were sitting around a table chatting quietly when Deety gasped. Jake frowned at being interrupted but stopped talking and sighed.

"What is it Deety?"

Deety grinned and looked excited, "Pop, we never did finish exploring those fictional book universes'. We should take a vacation and go."

"But what about the kid's sweetheart?" Zeb asked, "And I don't think it's too safe."

"Hush Zebbie, You know as well as I do that the kids would be fine. This isn't the first time nor would it be the last that we went on a small trip. It's not too dangerous with your special power telling us to scram and I would like to see OZ again for a bit."

Zeb and Jake shared a mutual glance of exasperation. "It's up to you Jake. I wouldn't mind seeing some more and gay can get us out of anywhere before we have a chance to make our peace."

"It is not up to pop and you know it Zeb! If you don't want to go say so but this is a voluntary decision and we all have a vote." Deety stated.

Zeb turned to Hilda, "I'm for it captain."

Hilda then looked at her husband, "Well Jake dear?" Jake nodded once. "Very well crew, prepare for launch in 10 minutes. I expect this to only last a few hours a day at the most so just the basic supplies. Meet at gay when ready."


Hilda looked up as Deety joined her in gay. Deety smiled then looked at the roof and said, "Good morning, gay."

"Howdy Deety."

"The boys should be along soon aunt sharpie." Deety reported as she got in position.

"Very well. Deety jobs are the same as last time, your second. Zeb will pilot and Jacob will be in charge of rotations. You have com unless I say otherwise. "

"Yes caption" Deety said as Zeb joined them. "Zeb you will pilot today."

"Okay." Zeb smiled. He leaned in and gave a kiss to Deety and Hilda then got into the pilot seat. Just as Zeb finished strapping down Joke showed up with his and Zeb's sword from that long ago day at snug harbor right after the weddings.

"Oh Jake, why do you have you sword?"

"I figured it would only be proper, the five of us exploring again."(AN FYI Gay the ship is the fifth person)

"I'm glad you thought of them dear." Hilda leaned in to give Jake a through kissing. "Report Readiness!"

"Starboard door sealed irrelevant gear ready."

"Portside door sealed, seatbelts fastened, all systems normal."

"Good, let's go to the first rotation past oz. At will chief pilot."

"Aye aye captain. Gay deceiver OZ. Execute."

AN: there is the first chapter. Small but I liked it. Now I don't think I will get Hilda and Co. correct. I love reading about them but I don't think I can write them very well. That last part from "Report Readiness" and on was copied from the book. Lol. Hope you liked it. I think they will actually be getting to the HP universe next chapter. I did a spell check, so if you find any misspelled words it's not my fault.