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Harry and Hermione led their new friends through the Three Broomsticks back to the fireplace, from there they fluid to Diagon Ally. Hermione then pointed out the shops they were going to stop by on the way to the bank. Among the list were Olivandor's wand shop, Flourish and blots, as well as a wizarding antique store. "Why are we going there Hermione?" Harry inquired.

"Because Harry, second hand stores often have books that are out of print. They might have something that could help us." Hermione replied. Harry nodded and started on his way to the bank again.

Once they got to the bank harry led them to a teller that he recognized. "Hello again sir, I was wondering if my friends and I could visit my vault?"

Griphook nodded and led them towards a cart. Once in the cart harry and Hermione told the others what to expect. Next thing they knew they were off. Along the ride Hermione explained the wizarding currency. Once Harry was done gathering money they started on their way back to the top.

"So Harry is quite rich isn't he?" Jake asked. Hilda smacked the back of his head and told him to hush.

"Yeah…my parents left everything to me when they died." Harry said with a frown.

Hermione looked around and broke the awkward situation by dragging Harry to the second hand store. After they got inside they started to look for anything that could be of use. Hermione immediately started stacking up books while harry looked through the various bins scattered throughout the room. After grabbing everything they could find of use they left and repeated the process with the rest of the stores on their list.

The last store they visited was the wand store where Harry bought the three wands needed and by Hermione's urging bought a second wand for himself. "Well guys, I have enough to treat you all to some ice-cream, shall we?" Harry pointed to the shop across from them.

After everyone was sitting enjoying their ice-cream Hermione started to outline what some of their goals were. "First we need to learn more spells. Then I was thinking that we could start to exercise...it would help us out. Also, should we bring Ronald with us?"

Harry thought for a moment, "I don't know… I mean you know how Ron deals with change. He wouldn't want to learn or anything."

"Still… I think we should ask him."

"Okay. Hilda. If we showed you where to go do you think you could give us a ride to Ron?"

"Sure. We should probably get going though."


Once they were on their way harry started to direct Zeb where to go from the front seat while Hermione sat in the back in between Hilda and Deety. Jake disappeared somewhere in the back to make room for Harry. Soon they were at the burrow and were getting out. Harry and Hermione made their way to the door with Hilda and co. taking up the rear. Ron jumped up in surprise. "Blimey guys, where'd you come from?"

"It's a long story. Care to talk a walk with us Ron?"

Ron looked between Harry and Hermione wearily then nodded and got up. Harry told Hilda to keep everyone away for a bit then led Ron and Hermione off.

"Ron this is going to be hard to believe but we have a chance to train away from danger, where we are going to go no time will pass here and so no one will get hurt. I have to take this chance Ron. But I'm not sure how long we would be gone for. Could be as little as a year or as much as 10. We want to know if you would like to join us. If you decide to join us it will not be fun and games, don't get me wrong mate we aren't going to work ourselves to death but we are going to learn and train away from the danger so that I may kill Voldermort. What do you say?"

Ron sat down hard and stared off into the distance. "Bloody hell Harry, How do you think you are going to do this? We destroyed all of the time turners remember?"

"Those friends of ours are going to help us. That ship there is a time machine. It can also go to different universes. So we are going to go to their home to train. We need your answer Ron." Hermione said pointing out Gay for Ron.

"But my family? What about them?"

"While we may be gone for a long time, to them we will have been gone for 10 seconds."

"Okay. I'm with you." Hermione smiled and helped Ron up. When they got back to the burrow harry nodded at Hilda then turned to Molly. "Hello Mrs. Weasley, we are going to show Ron and my friends here something, we will be back in a minute."

"Okay Harry dear but only take a minute, I don't want to worry about you guys out there. When you get back you must introduce me to your friends." Molly smiled.

Harry nodded and they all made their way back to Gay. Hilda turned to the three teens, "Okay, have you guys ever read the books about Wizard of OZ?"

Hermione raised her hand. Ron snorted, "Well of course you did herms." Hermione blushed and lowered her head slightly.

Hilda frowned a bit but moved on, "Well we have bathrooms in the back of our ship that isn't actually back there… when we first visited the OZ universe Glenda the Good added them for us. You three will go into one of them. That is the only way we can fit you all in the ship. I don't care which one you go in. Once you get inside you may do whatever you like, there is food or you can talk. First place we are going to go is OZ. I'm sure that Glenda would like to meet you Hermione, and we would also like to visit again. So go on back guys."

Hermione led them back to the girls' bathroom. Once they were all inside and the door closed Hermione started to look around. Spying a picnic basket she pointed it out to Ron, "There's the food Ron."

"Great I'm starved."

Harry rolled his eyes and sat down. As soon as his butt touched the floor a voice sounding like Hilda spoke around them, "We are here guys, come on out."

Once they got out and started to look around Deety opened her arms out wide, "Welcome to OZ."

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