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The fire red sunset slowly sank into the horizon, Rosette Christopher tightly gripped her Dammed companion close, pulling his warm body close. Tears streamed down her face, her heart filled with fear. Chrono comforting her, lovingly, as he felt her grasp getting less and less tight. A slight tear ran down Chrono's cheek as he knew his time had come as well. He rested his head against hers, feeling the life drain away from both of them.

The only noise they heard was the "Tick, Tick, Tick, of their lives, coming to an end. Finally, the end was here.

Rosette felt the sensation of consciousness once again. She opened her crystal blue eyes, to a scene of pure white. It looked as if she was flying through a sea of clouds. Fluffy, white, soft plush. In shock She looked, her skin, was the same creamy color as she had it. Her hair, still golden as the sun, she touched it, it was still soft as silk. Yet, as she looked down, her clothes had changed. Her clothes had changed from the undershirt from her uniform, to a pure, snow white Gown. It had little straps, lace around the collar, flaring at the bottom, fitting her beautifully. She was taken back, aghast at the sight. "Am I dreaming?" She questioned herself quizzically.

The flying stopped, she had reached a platform, laced in clouds. She began to walk forward, looking around still in denial. The clouds almost made up a room, they also let in peaks of what looked like sunlight, lighting the little landing.

Suddenly it hit her, "The clock?!" she thought frantically, gripping at her chest. What would usually land in her hands was absent, no clock, no Chrono. She began to panic, and run forward. "Help me!" she called out, running forward, her panic growing more and more intense. Suddenly, she stopped. She was shocked at what she had seen. There, standing in front of her was Satella.

Miss Harvenheit , was standing in front of a golden gate. She too was in a gown, yet it was golden, over white like Rosette's. She still had her beautiful features, Her shining gorgeous red hair, spilling over her shoulder, her giant chest, spilling from her gown, and her insane beautiful looks, Nothing was touched.

"Guten Tag, disgusting girl." She greeted, winking and smirking . Rosette became infuriated, even death hadn't changed her.

Rosette stopped herself, was she? Was she really dead?!

"Satella?!" She exclaimed, rushing to her., hugging her tightly. "Rosette, hello. It's nice to see you again." Satella said coolly. Rosette looked up innocently, her anger had been killed by fear. "Where are we?" she then asked, a little regret in her voice. Satella laughed, "For a sister I thought you'd know!"

Rosette watched her, concern filling her eyes. "Welcome to Heaven!" Satella blurted out, extending her arms happily. Rosette's eyes widened, "I'm…?" She started.

"Yes, you are dead." Satella said boldly.

Rosette's eyes bulged, as they welled with tears. She looked around, she really was dead, it was all over. She then felt a tap on her shoulder.

She whipped around, her eyes then met Steiner.

"Welcome miss Rosette!" he said happily. His familiar, warm wrinkled face was spread into a welcoming smile, his eyes shined with happiness.

Rosette then began to tear up. "Your all here." she said happily, looking at them with hope.

"but!" she barked, launching up, "Where's Chrono?!"

Both Satella and Steiner looked sadly at each other. "We do not know." Satella replied.

"He must be forsaken!" Rosette yelled, rushing to the golden gates. "I won't go without him." she then yelled, griping the golden bars.

Steiner walked towards her, placing his hand on her shoulder "Miss, you must go."

Rosette whipped her head back, her eyes filled with fresh tears, "Who says!" she barked, letting go of the doors., sitting on the floor ground, pouting. Satella averted her eyes sadly. Steiner then opened the gates , and walked in silently. Both girls watched him walk. Once he was gone, Rosette looked back at Satella. "So, have you been inside?" she asked.

"yes, and it is beautiful, everyone is there, even my sister is there."

"you don't miss earth?" Rosette asked quizzically, Chrono on her mind the entire time.

"No, I shall never miss that place of demons."


It was dark, the only thing visible to the eye was a red glow. It was hot, noisy, and a horror feeling. Chrono opened his blood red eyes. He knew his fate already, he was home. He was in hell.

He, (who was floating through the miasma) then plummeted, to the hard rocks at the bottom.

He then raised himself up, cowering at what site he saw. It was a demon, sat in a high chair, fire surrounding him dramatically. His top hat pulled over his eyes, his legs crossed, gazing away. Chrono was breathless.

"Hello Chrono, welcome home." The demon replied.

Chrono recognized him right away, his vision was clear, he could tell that hat from anywhere, memoires flooded him sadly. "You!" he barked, hopping to his feet.

"Yes?" the demon replied.

"You aided us, against the fight with Aion!" Chrono stated, breathless. The demon got up, still holding his hat, hiding his face. He stood before Chrono, extending a hand, memories of his Rosette flooded t him.

"Where is Rosette?" Chrono asked, sadly. "Where do you think demon?" the other demon stated.

Chrono sighed, then looked down, he was in his true form, horns and all. His heat ached. "Heaven." he whispered to himself, looking down shamefully.

"Chrono." The demon called, his voice boomed. Chrono looked up. The demon took Chrono's chin, Chrono flinched a bit. "Yet Chrono, today is your lucky day." The demon stated, almost a whisper. Chrono began to shake, he was afraid.

The demon changed Chrono back to his other, normal form, the one he was most happy in. The one he and Rosette knew. He glanced at himself, happiness filed his heart, he began to cry. He glanced up at the powerful being, "Thank you." he managed to mutter. The demon smiled. "You've done your time in hell, you are forsaken."

With that Chrono fell backwards. Everything was black after that.

Once he awoke, he felt as if he was flying. His little body was being carried quickly. This time when he opened his blood red eyes, he was met with the light, happy vision of fluffy clouds and the shining gold. He looked at himself, same olive skin, fangs, purple hair,(still braided) and no horns. Yet once he looked down, he notched that his garments were not the scarlet color he was used to, but a black suite, with white collar. Even his headband was black, the dots in the center were a snow white. His bow that held his braid together had turned a snow white. Chrono knew immediately, he was in heaven. Happiness rushed through his heart.


"Chrono! I won't go without you!" Rosette yelled, holding her fists out. "Will you quit that?!" Satella barked. "oh be quite! I will find Chrono no matter what!" Rosette barked, walking towards the end of the platform. "What are you going to do jump to hell?" Satella sneered, placing her hands on her hips, throwing her head up arrogantly.

"You know what you need to remove the stick from your as-" Rosette barked, turning her back to the platform, where she landed.

"ROSETTE!" a familiar voice screamed out. Rosette's heart skipped a beat, "That voice!" she thought happily, as she whipped around. She then was slammed into by something, something tough, heavy and hard. It was the best feeling of pain she had ever felt.

Rosette's eyes filled with tears, as they streamed down her face, Chrono too, was in the same state. They both embraced, crying. Again Rosette felt the warmth of his embrace, his presence, his love.

"Chrono?!" Satella said, filled with shock. Chrono looked up from his embrace, "Oh hello Miss Satella!" Chrono said smiling. Satella almost broke into tears. "how?" she asked. Chrono smiled, "I've done my time, connections in the demon world." he replied. Satella staggered, "We'll, should we go in now?" she asked, pointing towards the gate.

Chrono and Rosette looked at each other for a moment, then back at Satella. "You go ahead, we'll be there soon." Chrono said happily. Satella nodded, and pushed the gates open, she was then engulfed in a white light, which disappeared as quickly as it came.

"Rosette, you look beautiful." Chrono said, blushing. Rosette smiled, "your not too shabby looking yourself!" Her and Chrono laughed.

"Chrono this is so, unreal, how are you even here? Not that I'm not happy, but how?"

Chrono smirked, "I have done my time in hell."

Rosette then wrapped her arms around him, and they fell onto the fluffy ground, laughing. Both laying, looking at each other, lovingly, Rosette was blushing, so was Chrono. Chrono then reached over, grabbing her hand, giving it a light squeeze. Rosette then began to cry.

"It all felt like it was ending Chrono, and it did. It's over, our lives, over." She then collapsed into sobs. "Rosette!" Chrono cooed, hugging her tighter. She fell into his arms.

Chrono glanced at her, his heart melted at her sight. He had to make her stop crying, and realize the truth of eternal happiness.

Chrono leaned down, putting his arm around her. "Our lives are not over, Rosette, they've just begun." Chrono whispered in her ear, then moving down for a kiss, his lips pressed against hers.

Rosette stopped crying suddenly, blushing wildly, as Chrono was kissing her.

Once both released, both still blushing, Chrono smiled wildly, Rosette giggled. "Rosette?" Chrono asked.

Rosette giggled once again, "What is it Chrono?" She asked playfully.

"Rosette, I Love you, and now, were in here! Here in Heaven, and…" he started

"And?! Spit it out already?!" Rosette joked, she was blushing too.

Chrono blushed madly. "Would you spend eternity with me? He asked. Rosette then tackled her romantic companion, smooshing him to the ground. "Aha Rosette! Your squishing me!" he called.

Rosette laughed, "I Love you too Chrono, and yes, of corse, I thought you'd never ask!" She joked.

"We'll aha,-" Chrono said a swear drop forming over his head. Rosette, (who was sitting on top of Chrono's chest) leaned over, kissing him passionately, under the white clouds of heaven,

"Should we head in?" Chrono asked. Rosette nodded, taking his hand. Both approached the gates, Chrono gave her hand a little squeeze, as both pushed open the golden gates, walking into the blinding white light, engulfing Sister Rosette Christopher, and her Demon companion Chrono, Hand in hand.

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