Hey everyone, this is my first Takari fanfic! I got inspiration for this idea while on vacation, so hopefully you like it!

Chapter 1 Transfer student

Dark indigo and maroon clouds filled the azure sky of a world unlike our own. In this world, it was always chilly, but there was never snow, only coldness. From the people, the air, everywhere you look and feel there would only be coldness. In a tall, mysterious building, that seemed to be owned by someone wealthy, a meeting was taking place. A creature that had the appearance of a male human was sitting on an oversized, charcoal colored chair. He had his legs up on a frosty glass table that was in front of him.

"So," The man said as he smoothed back his icy silver hair. "Do you understand your job?" He asked a younger creature that also had the appearance of a male human.

"Yes I do, master." The younger one said, as he bowed, and exited the room.

Meanwhile, on earth, on a bright and sunny day in Japan, a 15-year-old Kari was walking into her classroom. When she opened the door, Kari's good friend, Yolei rushed towards her.

"Guess what, Kari?!" Yolei gasped, while hyper ventilating.

"Good morning to you too, Yolei." Kari sighed.

"There's a new transfer student!" Yolei squealed, ignoring Kari completely.

"What's the big deal? We get transfer students all the time." Kari stated, matter-of-factly, clearly not understanding Yolei's enthusiasm.

"Yeah, but this time I heard that he was super cute! You see, Yuriko told Ashley, who told Sachiko who told Maki, who told Lena that she heard that Jeanne told Raine, that she saw him waking into our school!"

"Well that's official." Kari said sarcastically. "So, did you finish last night's math homework?"

"Kari, how can you talk about school at a time like this?!" Yolei exclaimed, excitedly, and ran to her seat.

"Well we are in school…" Kari mumbled, and headed over to her seat as well, just as the teacher walked in.

"Ok, class I have an announcement to make." The teacher, Mr.Matsumoto explained. Just as Mr.Matsumoto was about to explain in further detail, the ever tardy Davis dashed into the classroom.

"Yes, I made it in time! Well of course I did, because that's how the D-man rolls." Davis explained, in an attempt to act cool.

"Actually Mr.Motomiya you are 5.3 minutes late." The teacher told Davis, making the class chuckle, while Davis got embarrassed and ran to his seat.

"Anyways, as I was saying, we will be having a new student in our class." Mr. Matsumoto told the class, while gesturing the new student to come inside the classroom. "This is Takeru Takaishi; I hope you will make him feel welcome. He comes from…umm I don't really have that information, so if you will, Mr.Takaishi"

"Hi everyone, my name is Takeru Takaishi, but everyone can just call me T.K." the young blonde smiled, making all the girls, except for Kari blush in a fan girl way.

"Ok, thanks you very much Mr.Takaishi. You can take the seat next to Ms.Kamiya." T.K. nodded and walked over to the seat next to Kari.

"OMG, he's coming over here! What should I do?!" Yolei panicked.

"Calm down, Yolei." Kari whispered to her frenzied friend, as T.K. sat down.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm Kari." Kari smiled, warmly. T.K. just stared at Kari for a moment, then quickly turned around and reached into his backpack. "Umm…is everything ok?" Kari asked, confused at the new student's strange actions. T.K. didn't listen to her and kept searching in his bag, until he finally took out a small piece of golden paper. He glanced at the paper, then at Kari, then at the paper again. He continued with this process for about a minute, until he finally put the paper down, stood up and shouted, "You're the one!" as he pointed to Kari. Everyone stared at T.K. including the teacher.

"Ummm…excuse me?" Kari asked, hopelessly confused.

"Oh, never mind!" T.K. exclaimed and sat back in his chair, acting like nothing ever happened. That was only the beginning of the strangeness, during the whole class, T.K. kept staring at Kari. When Kari glanced in T.K's direction and noticed he was staring, he kept staring for a couple of minutes, until he realized he was looking at her. He then usually gave a charming smile, or rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. This lasted throughout the morning classes, until lunch, when Kari was relieved of T.K's presence, or so she thought. When Kari and Yolei sat down to eat lunch, T.K. came up to their table.

"Hey, is it ok if I sit here?" T.K. asked, with a genuine smile on his face.

"Of course you can!" Yolei burst out, without giving it a second thought. T.K. seemed unfazed by the purple haired girl's eagerness, and sat down across the table from Yolei and Kari. Kari gave the blonde transfer student a shifty look, which he seemed to not take notice of.

"Hmm…what is this guy's deal?" Kari thought to herself.

After lunch, Kari and her friends said goodbye, and went their separate ways. As Kari was walking, she couldn't help, but wonder about the strange transfer student. While lost in her thoughts she accidentally bumped into someone who was walking in front of her.

"I'm sorry; I wasn't looking where I was going." Kari apologized, but then looked up at the person she knocked into and realized it was none other then T.K.

"Oh, sorry it was my bad." T.K. replied, with that same authentic smile he always made. "Oh, wait it's you!" he exclaimed realizing who he was talking to.

"Umm, is there a problem?" Kari asked, still puzzled by his reactions.

"Huh? Oh there's no problem…by the way, may I ask how old you are?"

"Umm, I'm 15."

"Are you serious? You're so young! What the heck was he thinking?" T.K. exclaimed.

"Umm, excuse me?"

"Well, he always did have strange taste." T.K. continued, completely ignoring Kari's confusion.

"…I'll be going then." Kari said, trying to escape this clearly insane person.

"No, wait! I need-" T.K. called to her, but Kari had already run away. T.K. was about to follow her, but he suddenly felt a strange presence behind him. He quickly turned around to find a boy around T.K.'s age panting for his life. The dark haired boy had bruises all over his body and his clothes were torn. T.K. looked at the boy, and immediately recognized who he was.



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