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Chapter 6 Visitors

"Mimi?" Mimi noticed Joe standing there, blinking at her.

"J-Joe?!" Mimi gasped. "What in the world are you doing there?! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She shouted and pointed at him, while catching her breath.

"S-Sorry Mimi…I didn't mean to…" He laughed nervously. "Here let me give you a hand." He said and held out his hand for her to help her up. Mimi reached for it, but stopped when she heard someone shouting.

"No! Don't touch him!" Someone was yelling, running towards them. Mimi squinted to try and see who it was that was shouting. She saw a small frame running towards them. When the figure came closer, Mimi saw that it was a small boy, with dark brown hair; he looked like a normal young boy except for the fact that he was holding some sort of large sword like stick that was more than half his size. He pointed the weapon's blade at Joe and gave a serious look.

"Hey wait! What do you think you're doing?!" Mimi shouted towards the boy. "That's my friend--." Mimi tried to say, but then heard a low cackling coming from…Joe! "J-Joe?" Mimi stared at him. His glasses glinted in the moonlight as he chuckled, much louder now as he rose his head to the sky and laughed out loud, in an insane sort of way. His eyes bulging and saliva coming out of his mouth. Mimi backed away a bit, still staring at the strange sight. The little boy waved his sword around in the air and a sort of glowing blue symbol formed in the air in front of Joe. The boy recited some words that Mimi couldn't hear, but something told her she wouldn't understand them even if she could hear them. A blue beam came from the symbol in the air and stabbed Joe's chest. Suddenly there was a horrendous looking creature in front of Mimi. Mimi was frozen with fear as she stared at the thing…its hollow yellow eyes looking straight at the little boy. Its body was hunched over, and its pasty gray skin had dark gluey holes in it. It had a huge smile on its face, revealing its rotting fangs. But the weirdest thing of all was that it was crying. Crying inky black tears that streamed down its hideous face. Mimi thought it almost looked in pain. The young boy's face faltered a bit, looking as if he would say something to the creature…but he didn't. Instead he sighed sharply, and in one swift motion, swiped his blade through the monster's chest, splitting the monster in half, leaving a black inky mess on the cemented walkway. There were small traces of red among the remains of the creature. It was blood. Human blood.


"So who are you?" Patomon asked Kari.

"Oh, well my name's Kari." Kari smiled politely. "It's nice to meet you." Patomon looked at her strangely, and then his eyes went wide.

"A human! You're a human!" He gasped.

"Um yeah…?"

"W-What are you doing here?!" Patomon asked. "How'd you get here?!"

"Well that guy, T.K. brought me here." Kari explained, and then Patomon's eyes bugged out.

"T.K. did? That must mean…" Patomon started a serious expression on his face. "That you're his bride!" He finished a big smile on his face, as Kari's jaw dropped.

"W-what did you say? Bride?" Kari gasped. "I'm sorry I think you're mistaken…I'm not—."

"No, no, there's no need to be shy!" Patomon giggled. "Come, come! Everyone will be so excited to meet you!" Kari tried to stop the little creature from pushing her along and looked to Gatomon for assistance. However the little cat was still partly in a daze, staring into Kari's eyes as if she had found something she waited her whole life to find.


"So Yolei," T.K. addressed the violet haired girl, "What were you doing there? Before…I mean did you see anything strange…?"

"Well actually my parents own the store down the street so I was heading there from a friend's house." She explained, "So then I heard this weird sound, like a banshee or something, I mean it totally wasn't human, so I went to see what it was, and then I saw you being attacked by it T.K." She continued. "Of course I wasn't just going to stand there and let that…thing, whatever it was, attack you, so I tried to fend it off, but all I had was a backpack, which obviously wouldn't do anything to a monster, or anybody for that matter. I mean maybe if I actually had books in it, it would actually hurt somebody, like my biology book, that could probably take out a few bad guys…" She finished, considering her biology book theory. T.K. and Ken just blinked, not really knowing what to say.

"I just found the both of you on the ground when I got there." Ken told T.K.

"Wait so that mashin! You didn't kill it Ken?!" T.K. asked his friend in frenzy.

"Ah I did, but it was already half dead when I found it, so it wasn't much of a challenge…" Ken responded.

"How is that possible? I barely did any damage on it…was there someone else?" T.K. asked as he and Ken pondered this, while Yolei stared at both of them, clearly confused and lost as to what the two guys were talking about.


"W-What…just happened?" Mimi asked, still staring at the inky mess on the cement.

"Mimi Tachikawa?" The young boy asked her.

"Uh…y-yeah. Um, what exactly is going on here? And who was that, and who are you?" Mimi rambled on, in confusion.

"W-Wait a second…please." The boy said, overwhelmed by the strawberry blonde's questioning. "All your questions will be answered in time, but first we have to get out of here. More of them will probably show up soon." He finished and starting walking.

"More of whom?" Mimi asked, following the little boy, who stopped and turned around. "Oh and could you at least tell me your name?"

"My name is Cody." He stated, "And I mean more of the mashin. Now come on, there isn't much time."


"Che…stupid human." A human looking creature, wearing a long gray coat and a black hat, muttered, and then licked some blood off of his hand as he walked out of the airport. He took out a cell phone and dialed a number.

"Yes?" A man's voice said on the other end.

"Sir, I'm on her trail. I'll probably be back before tomorrow with the girl." The grey coated creature replied.

"Hm, good…our little Matthew won't be back until much later. Oh goody I can hardly wait!" The man on the other end said, in a sinisterly eager tone, like he was enjoying this all too much. Then his voice turned serious on his last words. "Listen…you better not mess up, or you know what'll happen to you don't you…Luo?" The voice was so icy it sent shivers down Luo's spine.

"Y-yes sir!" Luo responded, trying to sound tough, but failing. The other man, sighed as if it was already hopeless, and then hung up.


"Um excuse me...Cody was it? Well I don't mean to be rude or anything, but where in the world are you taking me?!" Mimi whined. "Hello? Cody?" She tried poking the little boy's shoulder, but he just ignored her, and kept walking. Then he suddenly stopped, looked around swiftly and got out his weapon, swinging it in the air. It formed a glowing circular symbol in the sky, which dissolved, and then there was a door in its place. A big platinum door with detailed engravings and symbols similar to the ones Cody's weapon formed, were decorated all over the door. Cody twisted the chrome door knob, which Mimi thought looked ancient, as if it hadn't been turned in ages. Surprisingly it opened quite easily, and on the other end was a large room. Mimi blinked in amazement.

"Well…go on…" Cody said, waiting for Mimi to go through the door first.

"B-But…what is…where is…I really just don't know what's going on here! So if you could just explain first…" Mimi tried to say.

"As I said before, we don't have much time…please enter." Cody replied curtly. Mimi gave him a confused look, but when through the door anyway. When she entered, she stepped onto a shining white marble floor. The room had high ceilings, but no windows. Everything around was white, the walls, the furniture, which were a grand fireplace, a couch, and a simple coffee table with a ceramic vase on top holding a single white rose.

"…You really need to get a new interior designer, Cody." Mimi stated.

"This is not my home…" Cody sighed. "This is—well never mind…it's not important right now. Firstly…that creature before, it wasn't your friend…well it was his body, but it wasn't his soul."

"W-What do you mean?" Mimi asked, wearing a confused expression.

"A mashin took over his soul." Cody replied.

"…A what?"


"So that's everything." T.K. finished explaining the whole situation to Yolei, who just sat there speechless.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to tell her everything?" Ken whispered to T.K.

"Sure. I mean it's not like she's a blood sucking mashin, so it's all good." T.K. smiled.

"But…mashin don't suck blood." Ken sweat dropped.

"Anyways…um are you ok Yolei?" T.K. noticed Yolei rifling around in her back pack in desperation. She finally stopped after she fished a small book out of her bag.

"This manga! Your whole story…it's exactly the same as the one in this manga!" Yolei exclaimed. T.K. and Ken both just blinked. "See, the main character is a charming teen angel, who has to find this human girl as his first mission, but he finds the wrong girl by accident and he finds out the real truth behind it all!"

"T-That's exactly the same!" T.K. gasped as he went over to Yolei to look at the manga.

"Charming?" Ken sweat dropped again. "Anyways…do they say who the girl the angel is looking for actually is?"

"We're actually depending on manga to find the girl?" T.K. asked.

"Well it's all we got, and it's surprisingly accurate to our situation, so we might get some clues." Ken explained.

"…I guess you're right. So? What does it say Yolei?"

"Hm well do you have a brother?" Yolei asked.

"Yeah…I do…why? What does it say about my brother?" T.K. asked. Yolei handed him the book. After reading, T.K. dropped the book and bolted out the door.

"Hey! T.K. where are you going?" Ken shouted, but T.K. already raced out the front door. Ken picked up the manga and read it as well. "Damn it…ok um Yolei, just stay here. Don't leave this apartment, whatever happens. Okay?"

"Why? What happened? What's wrong?" Yolei asked in a frenzy.

"I can't explain it right now--." Ken was interrupted by a piercing mashin scream from outside. "Never mind it's too dangerous to stay here alone, you better come with me." He decided. At that, they both left the apartment to see a huge chrome and black carriage parked outside with two monstrous looking red-eyed black horses attached. A tall good looking man dressed in full black hopped out of the carriage, running a hand through his blonde hair.

"Matt…" T.K. gasped.

"…I told the idiot I hate this thing it attracts too much attention… I should have taken my motorcycle." Matt sighed. "See? Now you already found me…T.K."


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