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There was that stupid white light again. The one that wasn't a light - what was it? Connor couldn't remember. Everything was a blur. There'd been teeth and screaming in his nightmares, and there'd been the sound of Abby's voice and feet crashing through leaves. Where was that now? Where was he? Why couldn't he remember that damn white light- thing- whatever it was?

He blinked several times. The white remained. There was no sound - and Connor slowly realized he couldn't feel anything.

He sat up.

Well, he tried to. He couldn't move. He was totally and completely immobilized. Oh god, what if there'd been some sort of venom in that bite? What if he was going to spend his entire life completely paralyzed? He'd never be able to chase Rex around the flat again - he'd never be able to chase anything anywhere ever again.

"Oh, god.." he moaned, wishing he could close his eyes. But he felt like if he closed them he wouldn't want to open them again.


"Connor?!" and THEN there was pain and feeling and he jerked upwards as something fell onto his legs.

He missed the numbness.

"You're awake, thank god," wait, Cutter was here?

He tried to open his mouth but there was something around it. He frowned. "Is he pulling faces at us?"

"No, it's the mask-" then there were fingers in his vision and against his chin, and he gasped in a deep breath, coughing loudly. "-there we go."

"A-Abby!" there was his first word, choking and stumbling out of his mouth.

"Oh, don't say hi to me."

"N-Nick," he wheezed, squinting as his vision flickered, and then they swam into view. Abby was to his left, leaning on the side of the bed to look at him. "Hi," he coughed, and she smiled.

"Save your breath," she told him, signaling to someone outside. There were footsteps, and he blinked as his vision started to expand and the colours began to drain, flipping from black and white to negative and then back again. He concentrated on Abby's face as she glanced worriedly at him. "Connor?" he couldn't catch his breath.

"Put the mask back on," someone, he assumed a nurse, ordered. He flinched as it slipped over his face. "and leave it on this time."

There were footsteps out the room, and Connor could see Abby looking to Nick over the bed, and then there were more footsteps and the door shutting, and then there was just Abby.

He couldn't move his hands or his head and he tried in vain to communicate with his eyes but he wasn't sure she was getting the message. Her hands were clasping his and her face was pale, and she couldn't stop looking at the mask and the tubes coming out of his arms.

He smiled under the mask and then looked back to her, gesturing writing on his hand. She ducked out of his line of sight and he could hear her rummaging around in her bag, and then passed him a biro and a notepad. He struggled to write with it, and there were a lot of parts where the writing was excessively dark and also light where he'd lost his grip on the pen momentarily.

"Does this mean I can move back in to the flat?" she read out loud, smiling, and looked to him. "Of course." Abby's thumb rubbed against the back of his hand. He reached out for the paper again and she handed him the pen, watching him as he struggled to write with it.

"How long have you been out? The doctors had a bad time with you – you went into a coma for a while, and we had to analyse the blood-work. The poison was rare, so it took us a while to make an antidote..Connor, it's September."

"Mffpth?" Connor's eyes widened, and he scrawled on the paper. She laughed loudly.

"I've missed the new series of Torchwood.., Con, I recorded it for you..Stephen tried to tell me not to, but I did." He scrawled on the paper again. "Stephen? Well..when you were um, out, he sort of tried to talk to me..about the whole giant-centipede-venom-induced-hallucinations thing. But I couldn't..I never left your side for the first week, Con, but they made me leave – and then you went into a coma, and I came back, and Stephen dragged me out..he tried telling me that you weren't going to make it, that I should be rational-" there were tears welling up in her eyes. "Stephen wanted me to be with him, because he'd finally made his mind up to get out of the ARC – get a normal job, get settled down – but I didn't believe him, because I know he wants this job more than anything – way more than me – so really he just wanted me to sleep with him." her eyes pooled into disgust, and he squeezed her hand. "So I said no. I told him to leave me alone – to leave you alone – and I ..I told him I loved you, Con." her voice faltered, and she looked away. He squeezed her hand, hard, and she closed her eyes for a long minute and then looked back.

"Connor," she murmured, looking as scared as she did when she kicked that velociraptor in the head. She smiled, looking as amused as when she saw Nick and Stephen covered in paint. Her eyes flickered from his face to her hands. "I need to know. You said said you," she blinked several times. "You said you loved me, back in the forest..I need to know if it was true."

He looked at her with wide eyes. "I want it to be said by someone who doesn't think they're dying at the time!" she said exasperatedly, and he tightened his grip on her hands. "Please, just say it, or don't say it. I'm tired of wondering and waiting and feeling uncomfortable."

"Mffphh!" he meant to say he loved her but the oxygen mask was in the way. "Mpppfh!"

She smiled broadly and looked like she was trying not to laugh.

"Okay," she squeezed his hand. "One squeeze for no, two for yes."

He breathed deeply for a few minutes, not taking his eyes off of her before gently squeezing her hand once, and then as she met his eyes quietly with the same fear in her eyes, twice.

She smiled, and it was slightly wobbly, before leaning over to kiss his forehead.

"We're gonna be fine, Con. We shouldn't be scared of those monsters. They should be scared of us."
He tried to laugh and ended up wheezing, and scrawled on the paper.

"Does this mean I have to go to the gym with you?"

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