Hello, my dear readers. What few of you remain, anyway. I wanted to let you know that I have every intention of finishing this fanfiction. But as it's been around a year since I've posted, I figured you needed to know what's been going on.

Last year, I got a new computer, and was promptly locked out of my fanfiction account, in every browser I tried, no matter what I did. Changed passwords, deleting cookies, restarts… It was a nightmare.

And then there's personal stuff going on, too. I recently lost my grandpa, and from the time he went into the hospital (the first time) I've found that I lack the ability to write. It's slowly beginning to come back. So now I think I'm ready.

Desperate and A Turn For The Worse are my last fanfictions. I will be moving to original work after that. I may come back to write a oneshot or two, but this is it for the sweeping epic novels these fics are turning into.

Thank you for your patience, and your PMs and emails. It's been a privilege to be here with you all.

Please don't review- I will replace this note with a chapter as soon as it's finished.