Unwanted Attraction

Summary: Imprinting can do wonders. And the day he imprinted, Sam swore to hate himself forever.

He never wanted to lie to her, but for the moment, he just couldn't tell her the truth about imprinting.

"It's just not meant to be, Leah."

His sweet, deep voice rang inside her ears, hurting her more than he would ever know. She refused to look at him. She didn't want to feel and hear her already-broken heart shatter once more.

Leah Clearwater felt afraid. She knew that if she looked into his piercing blue eyes she wouldn't see the love that used to be there – the love that was still present in hers. Looking into his eyes would give her the truth and she never wanted to know the truth, ever.

"My cousin, Sam? Of all the people you could've picked, you just happen to suddenly fall in love with my favorite cousin." Her throat was sore, her lips dried, and her voice weak and defeated.

He sighed and took a step closer to her. The moon was exceptionally close towards the Earth, its light artfully shining above them. They looked as if they were shooting a scene from a movie and he couldn't help but think how beautiful Leah looked right then.

"I never meant to hurt you, Leah. You know that." She took a step back, away from him, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

And he hated himself for thinking at that very moment how much more beautiful Emily Young would be under the moonlight.