A/N: Obviously contains Breaking Dawn spoilers

A/N: Obviously contains Breaking Dawn spoilers. Renesmee has grown to be about 16 human age. This is my first attempt at humor, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from twilight. How depressing.

Bella's POV

Trouble with Renesmee

I ran, my hand locked in Edward's, towards our cottage, set deep in the beautiful forest. The burning sensation in my throat had been muted from the 2-day hunting trip, nevertheless, it was still there. But when I looked sideways at my husband, taking in his forever perfect features, my mind was distracted.

Edward turned to look at me. "Is Nessie staying at Mom's place tonight?"

I smiled, understanding what he was getting at. "Yep. We have the cottage all to ourselves, for the whole night."

Edward's even breaths faltered and he slowed our pace down when we reached the front door of our adorable home. He leaned in and I pulled him closer to me, sniffing in his amazing scent. He kissed me enthusiastically and I responded in a similar way while we stumbled towards our bedroom, shattering some of the walls and furniture in the process.

Edward pulled off my silky dress while I ripped off his shirt and we fell back onto our king-sized bed.

Then someone squealed.

I jumped back against the wall with inhuman speed and lowered into my defensive crouch, to see that Edward was standing against the wardrobe with a look of pure shock on his face. His mouth was moving soundlessly and I looked back at the bed to see who had caused him to behave like this. Two figures slowly sat up, wrapped in blankets, one ruffling his shaggy hair, the other pulling the sheets tighter over her revealed body with a look of panic and embarrassment on her face.

"Mom? Dad?" she whispered hoarsely. I stood up slowly, my face showing the terrible anger I now felt. The boy huddled closer to the girl as I stepped towards the bed.

"Um, we thought you were coming back tomorrow..." Jacob attempted lamely.

"Get out of my house." I muttered with my eyes shut as I attempted to control my temper. "Now!"

Jacob leapt off the bed and scampered out the door while I opened my eyes to stare at daughter's guilty face.


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