A/N: This is set on page 605 (I think) of Blade of Fire (I don't have my copy right now, I typed this scene up for future ficcing.) And the first paragraph is quoted directly from that. And my GOD, I love Sharley and Mekhmet! I cannot wait for Last Battle... it was released last month (I think) but it's still not available here ARG and my library doesn't even have a pre-hold page for it /

See, I think this is how this scene should have gone XD Not that I didn't ABSOLUTELY love it... this was my favourite scene in the whole damn series.

Warning: Slash. This means homosexuality! Yaoi! Gay guys! Hooray!

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stuart Hill. I love him.


"Mekhmet! Listen to me - it's Sharley. She's trying to use you to kill me. But you can fight her! Come towards my voice!" He leaned from his saddle and slipped inside the striking circle of the sword. He had bare seconds of safety, and moving quickly, he cupped his friend's face in his hands. "Please, Mekhmet, come back to me! You made me the warrior I am; you gave my life meaning. Please come back to me!"

Searching his dear friend's face desperately, Sharley was horrified to see no trace of Mekhmet left there, only the abominable rage Medea had made of him. Pushed to desperation, Sharley used the few seconds available to press hard, desperate lips to Mekhmet's. He could hear the gasps of the army behind them and found himself not caring, as Mekhmet froze absolutely still. Choosing to take this as a good thing, he stepped closer, wrapping his arms tenderly around his friend. He drew back when Mekhmet began to shake violently, suddenly afraid. The army of allies behind them were talking loudly among themselves, but he ignored them, focusing entirely on Mekhmet. There was a horrible shuddering moment, when Mekhmet seemed truly lost to the evil forever, and then he threw Medea off all at once, eyes snapping back to the front, an evil wind emanating from him. Mekhmet's eyes met Sharley's, so filled with fire and love, and then he kissed Sharley fiercely, wrapping strong arms around the smaller boy. Sharley returned the kiss, overjoyed by everything, needing nothing more in the world than Mekhmet, the person who meant most to him out of anyone.

Eventually, seemingly at the same moment, both boys remembered their rather large audience and looked over sheepishly. Maggiore had evidently fainted, and a few people were apparently trying to revive him. The rest were just staring, shellshocked. And then Queen Ketshaka gave a booming cry, and clapped her huge hands together. She was followed by a growing number of people, until the entire army were applauding and cheering wildly. Sharley gave a sheepish grin, looking at Mekhmet, who still held him close, and was met with an identical grin. For the first time in what felt like forever, the war just didn't seem important. Suddenly, the world was perfect.