I got this idea from a Growing Pains episode so the idea of Jett's neglect wasn't mine

I got this idea of Jett's neglect from a Growing Pains episode.

Neglect and New Neighbors

The doors were shoved open by the students begging for dear life to get out of the brick building compiled of lockers, teachers, and homework. We met the bottom of the stone steps and I stopped, turning to him. I had to smile as he put his arms around my waist. "It's been one long week-"

"Two long weeks-"


I cut him off, "Schedules."

"Tests," he interjected.




"And organizing."

I cocked my head to the side. "It's what a class president does."

"And rehearsing is what I do."

I smirked a little. I knew he would overlook my smirking at his job as a superhero wearing leather tights and being lifted up by bungee cords.

He cleared his throat and brought a smile back to his face. "Well now that's all over isn't it?"

I returned his smile. "Yeah… I guess it is." He lowered his head a little and I rose to my toes slightly to meet his lips half way. Then the sound of that annoyingly familiar voice caught my ears and by his sigh and the act of him pulling away, it caught Jett's too. We turned to the agent in the tacky work suit and I rolled my eyes. "Hey, Jettster!" Plunkett patted Jett on the back. "Hey Jett, afternoon Little Woman." I forced a small smirk and he turned his attention to a less than enthusiastic Jett. "Hey Plunkett."

"Great news Jett!"

"Oh yeah? Great! Call me later. Bye Plunkett!" He grabbed my hand and tried to speed walk away from the LA native. I couldn't help yelping a little as he popped up in front of us. We stopped and Jett turned to me. "K…"

"Handle your business Silverstone." He smiled a little at me and turned back to the vulture with the receding hairline.

"New season, big roles, more money, Jettster." He put his arm around my boyfriend and held his hand out in front of them. "Picture it my friend. I can make it happen."

They walked ahead of me, leaving me with a weekend that felt just as empty as my week had, only without the intrusions of tests, studying, and organizing.


I walked into the ever so familiar convenient store and was welcomed by the ding of the overhanging bell and the warm greeting of the friend behind the counter as he wiped off the top. "Hey JB," I replied.

"How can I help you?" JB asked in his "I'm trying to be professional so that my father doesn't think I'm becoming a normal teenager" voice.

"Just hear for some milk Mr. Halliburton," I replied before going to the refrigerator hidden behind the small aisles. I slid open the Plexiglas door and took the cold gallon, going back up to the counter. I propped it on the counter and shoved my hand in my pocket, pulling out the green.

"I thought you and Jett had plans."

"Oh, you mean Mr. Jackson and I? Well according to Plunkett, something of more importance's come up."

"Oh." He handed my change and the wrapped plastic bag with the cool carton of milk inside.

"So what are you and Holly up to?"

"We were just going to go see a movie, but hey, you can come along if you want."

"That's okay, JB."

"It's all right. At least I've seen Holly everyday this week in places besides the other side of the hall."

I shrugged in agreement. "What else do I have doing on a Friday night? You sure Holly won't mind?"

"When your girlfriend starts complaining that she loves you but is sick of seeing your face, it's at least time for a group outing."

I smiled a little more and thanked him before hearing the closing of the store door and the chime of the bell behind me.

How low have I sunk? In my head there were thoughts about how evil the world is to keep us apart like this, wishing there were more hours in a day so that I can have at least an hour alone without parents, directors, or school requirements to hound down each one of us. I've even sunk so low as to be a third wheel on my friends' dates. You're a sad one Kayla West.

I'm a little like this pebble I've been kicking around for the last block. I'm just being led around for the benefits of someone else. Well, there's always that dream of breaking away and joining a chain gang.

I kick the pebble and watch it roam free down the street without the bondage of my foot kicking it along.

My eyes are still glued to my feet as the shuffle along. I'm stopped when I step on the pebble that just came roaming back to me. My brows wrinkle and look up ahead of me to whoever led it back.

"Lose something?" Long arms stuck in pockets of dark jeans meet me and I look up from them to the white T-shirt and blue stripped flannel covering the stranger. My eyes move up to his face and the hazel eyes adorning it with a look of careless cockiness.

When I'm done eyeing his features it dawns on me that he's just looking at me while I'm…staring at him.

"I'm uh…just helping it- along." Now wait for him to say something. He ran his hand through his dark James Dean reminiscent hair.

"Yeah, well, I guess some things do need that little push." That was fast. He talks fast. Uh…

"You really believe that?"

"From…personal experience. I'd like to think I know that." There was a short silence that happened while I'd dazed. Thinking of the stone. My head shot up when I noticed his hand held out to me. "Vaughn Trager."

I took it and replied with the name that I assume you all know by now. "Kayla West." I looked over at the two commercial vans marked "Ryder" in the driveway of the next house over.

I nodded in understanding. "I take it you're being led."

"Like a good sheep should be."

"You don't seem too broken up about it," I noted.

"Well, if everyone in this small town wedged in the middle of North Carolina's like you, then I don't see why I would be."

"Unfortunately, I just happen to be an original, but welcome to Wilsted, Vaughn Trager." He grinned and our hands fell back to our sides. "I'll see you around, Kayla West." A successful first meeting and I eventually stopped talking to myself in the process.


On the oversized movie screen of the small theater, they watched as John Cusack went on about this "mystery girl" he met several years ago and until this day had no yearning to meet again. Kayla looked over to the couple and cringed, even the oddest of couples grew mushy and hopeful over the romanticized comedy. So much for JB's plan of there being no third wheels when your girlfriend begins to loathe you. She looked back up as "Sarah" ripped open the several wrapped and sized boxes to find her engagement ring. "The Wilsted Cineplex is mocking me. Wonderful."

She reached for the bag of the popcorn cup and found an empty holder on the seat. "Great…" She carefully rescued the cup from between the two, who had wedged themselves together, musing, like the rest of the audience at the scene. "I'll go get more popcorn…" She walked to the end of the carpeted movie aisle and gratefully flung the two metal doors open, leaving "Serendipity" far behind.

Kayla approached the counter and waited in line for her turn, eyeing posters for "The Closet" behind glass cases. Looking down at the bucket like all good victims of serendipity should, she asked for the popcorn and tapped her fingers on the marble counter. "$3.50 refill, sheep." She looked up at the voice, confused by what he had called her, and smiled a little at the dark hair boy in front of her whose muscled arms stuck out slightly from the rolled up sleeves of his long sleeved dress shirt. It sat casually messy without the tie the assistant manager on the other side of the room wore so neatly. Vaughn Trager, self-proclaimed sheep, had somehow reminded me of one Mr. John Cusack.


That character's personalities are a bit off, but I haven't really been interested much in watching reruns of FJJ. If ne has ne idea of when the new season's starting, please let me know. Anyway, more to come by the weekend. You've read, now feel free to review.