Music plays.

Female Voice: Always be careful of the past, Ben Gates.

Shows young Ben flipping a chest open, then flashes to older Ben looking inside the same chest- finding a Japanese soldier's uniform and a Japanese type 26 pistol.

Female Voice: It keeps no secrets.

Walt Disney logo appears, followed by Jerry Brukheimer's.

Ben: I don't see how I could help you. I'm not an expert on World War II.

Shows a brown-skinned, black-haired woman standing up, and handing Ben a card. Flashes suddenly to the hand and the card extended.

Woman: Your grandfather's cousin. He might have collaborated with the Japanese, Ben. Just think, wouldn't that be treason, betrayal of his own country?

Ben, Abby, Riley, Patrick and Emily conduct a meeting in Patrick's living room.

Riley: (incredulous)Wait a second… Ben, are you telling me, that we are going to the Philippines?

Abby: (turning to face Ben)Ben, how could you help? You don't know much about this.

Ben: I have to set things right.

Scene of Abby, Riley and Ben all run in different directions in a crowd of Filipino people.

Abby: (looking around, and realizing she lost Ben and Riley, and noticing a couple of men running towards her with guns) Ben. What did you get us into now?

Riley typing in his computer quickly, sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop.

Riley: (muttering to himself) Why can't they just provide a map and x-marks-the-spot?

Someone puts a hand on Riley's shoulder, and Riley looks up.

Flashes to scene where Ben picks up his phone.

Riley:(through the phone, frantic) Ben!? Ben I- (line is cut suddenly)

Ben: (screaming into the phone) Riley? Riley! (he hangs up to dial another number when the phone rings, he answers)

Male voice: You are going to find it for us. Find the gold, Ben Gates. Find it.

Shot aimed straight at the sun, and pans down to a shot of Ben, Riley and Abby standing in front of a cliff wall.

Riley: Is this it?

Ben: Let's find out.

Flashes to a scene of the forest, with Abby shouting at Ben, holding her arm.

Abby: This is all wrong Ben, and you know it!

Ben: I'm doing the best I can!

Shows Riley, Ben and Abby staring down into the barrel of a sub-machine gun.

Riley: Dude! (backing away slowly) That thing's huge!

Male voice: Shut up, and keep moving.

A flash of Abby and Ben arguing.

Abby: The treasure isn't worth this, Ben! Don't do this. (tears, mud and grime streaked face of Abby closed up, voice pleading)

Ben: (Abby's face in Ben's hands, and they stare into each other's eyes)I have to set things right, Abby. I'm sorry.

Scene fades out into darkness. A single gunshot can be heard fired.

(Various action scenes: Ben dangling over a cliff with only a rope; Riley clutching a gun; Abby reaching down from grab someone's hand; a car chase; Riley and Abby struggling in water while Ben swims towards them; Riley, Ben and Abby running through the sidewalk followed by armed people shooting at them; a rope breaks and Riley, Ben, Abby reaching up to catch the rope and falling)

National Treasure: The Tiger's Gold

(credits and stuff)


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