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-Chapter 10-
-Mikan's P.O.V-

"YOU'RE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!?" Anna and Nonoko squealed. I just nodded. "WHEN!?" they yelled in unison. I smiled. They'd kill her when they found out when it would be. Natsume and I wanted it to be a private wedding with just them, but they knew they wouldn't be able to keep it secret. One word that spilled ALL the beans. Koko.

"Sorry you two, but with you two were on your honeymoons and I could not ruin for you so..."


"In two days." the room went the 'twins' stared at her wide eyed. They were never this loud since they found out I was still alive. Actually they were...screaming for a whole different reason...I have to laugh at the reason. It is one of my most precious memories. Not theirs though.

The day after Mikan came back

Knock knock. -Door Creaks Open-

"Natsume?" a sweet/sympathetic Anna's voice called. "I brought you some food. Nonoko and I thought you might want some." Quiet...

"Natsume?" Nonoko also called opening the door to the dark room also called. Nonoko switched on the light next to her to show a room full of nothing. Anna and Nonoko looked at each other worried, then searched the apartment, coming up with nothing.

"Noko! What if he committed suicide already!?" A scared Anna asked looking over at the blue haired girl. Nonoko shook her head. Not believing that he would do that. Natsume was the type to live through things that caused him and others pain for mental torture to himself. She even told Anna that, and that's what they believed.

The lights flickered off suddenly. "Nonoko? Wh-What happened to the lights?" Anna asked with fear embedded into her voice.

Nonoko invisibly shook her head. "I don't know maybe we should leave." she said acting strong in this situation when she really was not. They both turned around and before they reached the door...bang! It closed shut.

"Nonoko please say that didn't happen." Anna said attaching herself to Nonoko's arm.

"Th-th-that...didn't (gulp) happen. Eh-he."

Then someone with ghostly moaning said..."Anna. Nonoko. I see you." Then the voice gave a creepy laugh. They both huddled together shaking. "Anna. Nonoko. You let me die. Thou shall be punished."

"We didn't do anything to you!! We don't know who you are! Leave us alone!!" Anna was able to squeak out.

"You know very well who I am. I was one of your more precious friends once. Then you let me die. Now like Natsume, you shall die also." The voice laughed out creepily, making Anna and Nonoko shake even more.

"M-Mikan? No. No no. She...she wouldn't do this to us!"

"Would I?" It asked. "BOO!!" the lights turned on again quickly showing Mikan. Then they screamed thinking it was her ghost out to kill them. "You guys can calm down now. I'm not dead." They kept scream. "Guys be quiet." More screaming. "SHUT UP!!" they stopped.

"Mikan? Oh My God! You're really alive and not a ghost!"

"Hmp. Yea."

"Where's Natsume?"

"Over there trying not to lose it." she said pointing over to where the light switch was, Natsume was sitting on the couch next to a little girl that look like him who was laughing her head off.

End Flashback
-My P.O.V-

"Why wouldn't you tell us-
"About your most precious day to-
"Come! Mikan! We would have-
"Skipped our Honeymoons just to get-
"Ready for this big day! Your the one who-
"Deserves it-

Mikan sweat dropped at their 'twin' telepathy kind of speech. It never ceased to amaze her! The twins ended up shopping for a dress with her, and with their fashion sense they knew what would be good on her. What freaked her out the most though was that they knew her size without telling them.

After many dresses, they were about to give up, non of them looked good or fit right. Then they found this sleeveless pure white dress... "Oh My God Mikan! It's perfect on you!" Anna yelled clapping her hands together squealing along side Nonoko who did the same thing.

"Now, for a few more accessories." Anna said going around the shop for the perfect, jewelry.

-Two Days Later-June 26th-

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride. Although you two already have a kid and one on the way." The priest said whispering the last part, closing the book and leaving. Mikan giggled hearing what he said while Natsume just smirked. He looked down at her and kissed me full on the lips.

"Natsume you dog! French kiss her! Squeeze her ass! LIVE PORN!! HOLY SHIT!!" Koko yelled from next to Natsume with his suit on fire. Everyone laughed at Koko's misery some even said 'HA! serves you right!"

Anna gasped running up to him with a bucket of alice water, putting him out. Koko panted looking at the girl in front of him. "Thanks Anna." he said.

"No prob!-" she was cut off with Koko's lips crashing on to her's. Everyone aw'ed. It was the perfect day so far...

"Natsume I'm glade we're finally back together." Mikan said her arm wrapping itself around his own.

"I'm glade to have you back, too. Mikan." Natsume said smiling looking down at her. Mikan blushed as they kissed again. Her arms wrapped around his neck and jumped up wrapping around his waist. The crowd cheered as Koko was once again willing to shout LIVE PORN! Though this time he knew he wouldn't get out live, the second time.

Finally they pulled back and Natsume noticed what Mikan did. "Save it for the honeymoon. You'll need it." he said smirking.


"Hm... Natsume." Mikan moaned clutching onto the bed sheets throwing her head back into the pillows.

"Mikan." Natsume panted back. They were finally on their honeymoon and everything was going just fine, just as they wanted it. But everyone knows nothing can go according to plan.


The lights switched on. "Mommy Daddy! Mitzuki great Spy!! Say Cheese!" she yelled coming in with a bang holding up a video camera to her parents, who were ehem kinda ...busy

"MITZUKI!!" They yelled thankful the blanket was covering them. Wasn't Hotaru supposed to... oh shit. Mitzuki blinked innocently and smiled.

-Years Later-

"Natsume! Get your ass back here!" Mikan yelled as her husband tried running into the bathroom to avoid a mans worst nightmare next to having his balls kicked. Changing a stinky diaper.

"NO WAY!" He yelled back. "I had to do this so many times already! Mikan! Out of all of our kids you know fully well Dai, is the stinkiest! Why make me do it!?"

Mikan sighed. She should have known better. Mikan brought Dai over to the changing table, having no choice but to do it herself. "There it's done! You can come out now." Mikan yelled at Natsume, hiding the stinky diaper behind her back.

The bathroom door squeaked open and Natsume popped out just enough, for Mikan to smirk and hit the target dead on. "Oh Shit!" Natsume yelled wiping the diaper off him hoping it didn't get in his eyes... or mouth.

Mikan laughed and so did the fully grown 10 year old Mitzuki who was TRYING to do her homework on the couch, but everyone knew. The life with the Hyuugas as people say, no one could be around them for so long and take anything seriously. Mitzuki defiantly had her fathers attitude when it came to school, but outside of everything she was just like Mikan.

Over the seven years, Mikan gave birth to a healthy baby named Sora, meaning sky, he had the wind alice as they found out after a few years. Sora had his fathers eyes but Mikan's hair and attitude fully. He was now seven and was the elder brother to fraternal twins Haru and Hiya. Now four, Haru first born, and male had Mikan's eyes but Natsume's hair, Hiya was the same, but attitude wise was...indescribable.

Haru was very serious about everything but, was very clumsy. Hiya was very very nice and and smart. They say it was karma that made them that way. Then finally one year old Sora. He was always laughing, even at things not even funny. Very much like Mikan, but could easily get into trouble without even trying.

Natsume wiped off his shitty face, note it was literal, When Mikan was pregnant with Haru and Hiya. They both knew they couldn't live in the apartment any more so they bought a house. Six bed three, one half bath, a large kitchen, a large living room and back yard. They needed it.

Four kids including themselves and one or more on the way. Yes, ladies, and gentlemen if there are any out there. Mikan was six months pregnant with another kid.

"You're a cruel woman Mikan." Natsume said coming out with a towel wiping his face.

Mikan smiled "I know. You're the one who chose to marry me and live the rest of your life with me though. So who's fault is it?" Mikan ask placing her hands at her hips.

"Tch. Come on you know you love me." Natsume said pouting.

"Yea, I'll agree to that." She said walking up to him hugging him despite the little room she had, her belly got in the way. Natsume smirked at his wife, trying to hug him. He leaned in a little so she could. Mikan smiled again.

They finally have a life together, many pains, many glorious days, many emotions have been explored throughout all this. The way they ended up they were happy about. And both come to think at some point, it was all because of one night, That Night.

THERE! ALL DONE!! Also note don't leave a three year old with Hotaru when she has a video camera all set and ready for...ehem...action. Sorry it's short. But that was all the ideas I had in me.