Can't touch this

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Title: Can't touch this

Summary: When Tony Stark comes back alive from Afghanistan, his world spins only around his new love. Can Pepper resist to his new habits? Or she'll just quit?

Rating: T

This is my first fan-fic story so please be good with me. English is not my primary language but I'll try to make it a good story.

The flashbacks are in italics. And Jarvis dialogue is in bold.

It's been three weeks since the highly controversed press conference when Tony Stark announced his new position. In which he was Iron Man. But he was convinced that in all this time, his beloved assistant, Pepper Potts didn't said a word to him. And that's why he was almost all the time in his workshop improving his suit.

″Show me the specs to the Mark III.″

As you want, sir.″

″We need to improve the left repulsor.″

Of course sir, estimated time to finish, 4 h.″

″So, you'll handle it. I think I'm going to see how's Pepper.″

The broken glass stood there on the floor of the workshop from almost a month and he thought that he had many bruises from the glass on his hands and feet.

″Jarvis, clean up this mess, will you?″

Yes, Tony, just go and let me handle it.″

The mansion was pretty the same and he didn't worried to much about the hole in the roof of his living room. 'I'll send someone, someday.' His bedroom was in a total mess. Since he didn't bring girls there anymore, he thought he could let the bed like that at all time. The master bathroom was fine. He didn't went to much in there just for the human needs and in the mornings when he took a shower. And now was the perfect time for one. The cold water hit his back and he shivered at the touch of it.

The cold shower was a benefit after all those nights spent in his workshop, full of oil and grease on his hands and clothes. Now he was looking pretty much the same as he did 5 months ago when he was the playboy Tony Stark. When he chose his underwear he was sure that the read boxers will do it. The Armani suit was just cleaned up last week and he thought he'll surprise his assistant going at the company. Which, normally he didn't do at all time. The silver tie was at her place and he was ready to go. The keys at the Audi were somewhere in the house he thought.

″Jarvis, where are my keys?″

In your bathroom, sir.″

″Bathroom you say. How the hell did they went there?″

I think the last time you've been actually drunk, they were placed there by your own hands.″

″Thank you Jarvis, for reminding me of that.″

You're welcome, sir.″

Once the keys were in his hand, he went down to the garage and brought his Audi R8 to it's speed limit down on the highway. It was a hot day of July and the sun was burning into his eyes. The road to his company was blocked by some cars placed in somewhat position that he couldn't pass through them. When he realised that there was a kind of protest he opened his door and went outside.

″I'm sorry, can you take your car out of my way?″ he asked politely.

″Hey, dude, he's Tony Stark. Iron Man himself. But without the suit. Where's your suit, Stark?″

″In a safe place, now can you just?″

″Oh yeah. For Iron Man yes.″

″Thank you.″

With that said, he was once again in his car speeding down the road to the parking, beneath the company building. The man who was checking the parking tickets took his sunglasses off when he saw Tony.

″Goodmorning Mr. Stark.″

″Goodmorning, whoever you are.″

He parked his car on it's usual place and then rushed up to the stairs. The stairs took him in the main hall. He didn't come to the company since the press conference and he was sure that the workers won't talk with him. But he was wrong.

″Goodmorning Mr. Stark.″ from everywhere.

He didn't respond them with a goodmorning, but he shook his head. 'I need to go to the office, see where's Pepper.' He said to himself while shaking his head once again. The office was at the top floor. The elavator took him in 10 seconds there and he was surprised to see no one at that floor. Instead of asking someone why he was alone there, he went to Pepper's office.

You're all I have too, you know.″

She wasn't there.


He went straight to his office and he took the phone to call the main floor.

″Stark Industries, with what can I help you?″

″Tony Stark.″

″Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Stark. I didn't know that this was you.″

″Where's Miss Potts?″

″She left an hour ago. She told me that she has something to do at her apartment and then she'll go to your mansion.″

″Did she mentioned when?″

″No, sir.″


″You're welcome Mr. Stark.″

With that said, he rushed himself out of the building and went straight home. He made a new record, while driving with almost 350 km/h. Her car wasn't there. 'Good. I can phone to a flower shop to get her something nice.'

″Athens Flower Garden, can I help you with something?″

″Yeah, I'd like a nice rose bouquet with a note on it.″

″What is your name sir?″

″Tony Stark.″

″Oh my dear God, Iron Man himself?″

″Yeah, himself. Point Dume, Malibu.″

″The flowers will arive in a half an hour.″


″You're welcome Mr. Stark.″

″Jarvis, let me know when Pepper decides to come in.″

Your orders, sir.″

After ten minutes, Jarvis's voice sounded in the whole mansion.

She'll be here in 45 minutes.″

″Thank you Jarvis.″

You're welcome sir.″

The flowers arrived at time. They were a nice white rose bouquet, of course, with the note on it. Tony. He shook his head while reading his name. It sounded weird. 'I think I'll put them in her office.' he said to himself. With all of that done, he just waited Pepper to arrive, waiting for her in the bedroom. When Jarvis announced him that her car was just passing the main gate he started to breathe hard. 'What if she doesn't like them?' The questions started to hit his head so heavily that he tried to focus on somthing else. His bed. He needed to make his bed. 'God, if she'll enter here, she'll see what a mess.' And he took a pillow from the floor and put her on the bed, gentle. In 5 minutes all the room was fully arranged and all the things were in their places. Jarvis announced him once again that she was in her way to her office. 'She doesn't say a word to me. Not even now, after 3 fuckin' weeks.'

Sir, your heart pulse is raising, are you okay?″

″Shut it Jarvis.″

Pepper Potts was at her office in her boss's mansion. She never thought that life would be so hard especially when your boss announces in the front of America that he is Iron Man. She was too busy to notice the bouquet of roses on her desk. Without wanting it, she got up to reach at her purse when she suddenly saw the flowers. 'God!' She reached out and grabbed them. They were so beautiful. She wondered who put them here. When her hand found a note, she picked up and saw something that was incredibly wrong. 'Tony.' Pepper put them down when she saw his name on them. But still holding that note. She couldn't believe that after three weeks he incredibly remembered of her. Suddenly, she felt some hands on her waist and she turned to face her boss.

″Do you like them?″

″God, Tony, you scared me.″

″You still didn't answered.″

″Yes, I like them. But why did you bought them?″

″For you. I think it was obvious.″

His hands were still holding her waist. She could feel his fingers on her back.

″Why are you avoiding me?″

He pulled her closer to him.

″I... I don't.″

Now he was so close to her that she thought this was innapropriate and dangerous for both of them. But she let him hold her that way. She could feel his scent. His perfume. He wanted her and all of the protection walls which she carefully constructed over the years were now falling down.

″Tony... I...″

She constantly rememberer her that she was in love with him. But when she was there, in his arms nothing was quite the same. His arms were so strong and she couldn't resist him. He dressed like that especially for her she thought. But still, she couldn't. She didn't want to be one of that girls. A one night stand and nothing more in his memory. For him, it wasn't that way. If he could gave her more, and if she'd let him.

His lips an inch of hers. His hands slowly moving on her back. She gasped when his fingers

touched her neck.

If I were Iron Man, I'd have this girlfriend who knew my true identity...″

He leaned forward and touched her neck with his lips and goatee. The sensation which this gave her was speechless. Without thinking, she pushed him aside.

She'd be a wreck.″

″Tony, I... I can't do this.″

He looked at her dissapointed and he slammed the door into the wall. He didn't look back to see her face. He just went to his room, took a bottle of scotch and went to his bed. Ravashing all the sheets and then he took off his tie and he throw it on the floor. Pepper was terrified. She was sorry for saying that and as soon she saw him slamming the door and ran off there, she want to take it back. All that she said to him. When she realized what she did, she went straight to his room.

The door was locked.

″Jarvis, open the door.″

Yes, Miss Potts.″

When she opened the door, she saw something... a hurt man. He was crying. He had tears in his eyes. Pepper could see in his eyes that he was begging her. He was more than alone. He didn't look at her. He ignored her. He took another bottle of scotch and in a moment the bottle was in the air and then slammed into the wall. All the alcohol was on the wall and on the floor.

″Tony, I'm so sorry. I didn't...″

In a moment Tony was in his feet and he stood in her front. He sobbed. He looked desperate.

″Let's get this cleaned.″

Tony said nothing. He just followed her into the bathroom and she washed his face and then she helped him get into new clothes. Clean ones. And then she made his bed and cleaned the floor like it was new. Then, she took him in his bed.

″You need to rest.″

And then she turned to leave. He instantly catch her hand and she turned back to him.

Suddenly he was more helpless than ever.

″Don't leave me.″

″I'm sorry Tony but it's already 11 p.m and I need to get something done.″

″It can wait till tomorrow. I need you, can't you see?″

He was bleeding inside. His heart was no longer useful. He thought he'll die. Then without a word she closed the door and then she closed the lights. His heart was now functioning again. And the next moment she was in his bed. Pepper felt his warm and his hand grabbing her waist taking her closer to him.

They went asleep in each others arms. When Tony woke up he was alone. Another tear came from his eyes.

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