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A/N: Anddd, the long awaited sequel of You Got Love!

Alright, so it's not exactly long awaited, but yes, it is a sequel. Okay, so this isn't a first chapter, but it's a prologue-ish thing. And me and my brother finally came up with a title, which is what you see up there, Unread Messages. :P Haha, I told you we were trying to go through something like that. I think it's cute, and it's going to be fitting to the story. :)

Anywayy, this chapter is like the intro. It kind of gets you up to speed, because I know I promise you an epilogue to YGL!, and this is what you got instead. Okay, as for where the first chapter picks up, I'm not telling, you'll just have to guess. ;)

Now, I'm just going to tell you that this is at least a few months after YGL! left of, so keep that in mind when you read this.

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To: Playingthekeys

From: Ringingbells

Subject: God, I already miss you.


Things here are pretty good, thanks for asking. Alice is getting bigger and bigger, and of course she made buying maternity clothes some big deal, like it was the most important part. Carlisle is taking care of her personally, so I doubt there's any way this baby won't be absolutely fine. So far, so good.

School's starting back up over here, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this year with all that's going on. Jake and Leah sent me pictures from the wedding yesterday - I'll send you some over.

In other news, the Terrible Twosome Twins strike again! Vicki and James are coming to visit soon, along with your cousin Emmett! I missed him, so it's amazing that he's coming over. I think he's staying the year to help out with the baby and smoothing things out, etc.

Plus, Aunt Irina and Uncle Laurent seem to have trouble settling down. Charlie says they're going through a rough patch, and how long Victoria and James stay this time is undecided so far. I'm betting on at least a couple months, but I guess it's not so bad. I hope they like me just as much even when you're not here.

As for Jasper, he's not sure how to react. Maria is so angry. I think the whole town heard when she had her freak out, and of course that directly affected Alice. I think Jasper is trying to figure things out, but news is that he's finally breaking things off with Maria, as he should. He needs to figure things out, because Alice wants this baby to have a father, and there's a lot of growing up that needs to happen - unfortunately, on both sides.

As for baby names, she has no clue. I think it's time to crack open the baby books.

How are you, though? How's Dartmouth? Are you settling in alright?

I miss you.

To: Ringingbells

From: Playingthekeys

Subject: No Subject

Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?

A/N: Oh, yeah, it's short. Done on purpose, though.

And, that last line was supposed to be set up to leave you hanging. :P Now, what's going through Edward's mind or anything like that is something you'll have to wait for, plus Bella's reaction. And a lot of people asked me what happened to Jasper and Alice, and their relationship is a biiig part of the sequel, so don't worry.

And, you know I just couldn't leave the Triple T twins out of the story, could I? I love them waaay too much.

OHHH. And in your reviews, I'd love you forever if you give me a suggestion for Alice's baby's name, and why you like the name. Maybe one for both genders, because I am at a complete loss. I know the baby's gender, just not what to name it. :P

Right, and in case you were wondering, Edward is off to college (haha, Dartmouth, I'm a smartie), and Bella is on her senior year of high school. Alice dropped out because of the baby (that's touched on later, the why's and when's). OKAY, so now we're setting this up for a story!

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