Mechanical hearts

Chapter 1: Missing part

Otaru, my golden prince, rode his white horse through the vast green fields, towards the tower I was kept on. I could see his hero face determined to save me, his beautiful pink princess, trapped in the castle's higher tower of evil Fausto, the tyrant that wants to marry me by force. But I love my dearest white prince, coming for my rescue in this fullmoon night. He slays the gate's guards with his sword and fierce courage and enters the castle. There he is, fighting the mighty dragon, castle keeper and ugly beast! Otaru also slays the dragon, his eyes upon the window of my tower. Fausto comes to kill him but my Otaru defeats him easily. I hear a bang on the door and it flies open with his kick, letting me see my saviour, my hero. "Otaru…" I call him, dreamily. "Cherry…" He comes to me and holds me in his strong arms. "Otaru…" I whisper, my lips close to his. "Cherry…" He calls again closing his eyes to kiss me…

"Ah snap out of it." Bloodberry's voice came interrupting as so her punch on Cherry's head.

"Heeeeeeeeeey! I was day dreaming!" Cherry complained yelling at the red haired marionette, scratching the back of her head which had just been hit. "You'll pay for this." She mumbled, glaring at her tall friend.

"Oh! Welcome home Otaru!" Lime greeted lively as the young boy walked through the door, head down, taking his shoes off not saying a word. "Is something wrong?" Lime asked, the other two turned their attention in Otaru's sad expression.

"Hello girls." He sighed. "It's nothing, I'll be fine." He made an effort to smile back at the three, but soon the smile vanished and he walked to the bathroom. "I'm going to take a bath." And with that, he slid the door close behind him.

"Otaru doesn't look fine." Lime said, her eyes on the bathroom's door.

"Wonder if something happened today at his work…" Cherry looked around at the other two marionettes.

"Maybe he's getting tired of you always on top of him." Bloodberry looked at Cherry.

"Hey! Otaru loves me!" She replied angrily, showing her fist.

Tired… of Cherry? Of us? Of me? Lime thought silently. She looked again at the bathroom's door.

Night had fallen soon enough. After dinner, Otaru came outside to sit on the wooden porch of their house drinking tea, followed minutes later by Lime, who sat next to him, legs pending.

"Otaru…" She called, looking down at her feet, avoiding looking directly at him.

"Yes?" He blinked at her.

"Are you tired of us?" Lime asked, her fingers making round movements on the wooden floor.

"What?" Otaru widened his eyes, and placed his teacup down next to him. "Why are you asking that? I will never get tired of you… three, you three." He quickly completed, blushing slightly. He looked closely at Lime, wondering if he had done something that would have caused Lime to think like that. They, the marionettes, were his family, his life, he didn't want to lose them, and he would die if he lost them.

"It's because when you got home today. You looked so sad and then Bloodberry said you were just tired of Cherry, but if you're tired of Cherry and you like us all the same then you must be tired of me and Bloodberry too." Lime looked up at him, her dark green eyes watering. It broke his heart.

"Lime…" Otaru lifted his hand to touch her hair, fixing her fringe of her eyes. His heart beat fast, he could feel it almost hitting his chest to come out. "I will never get tired of you." He said, but then, his head fell down again sighing. "The landlord came to me today. I don't pay the bills of the house for three months because I just don't have the money to give him. He said to find a way to pay quickly or we'll have to leave." Otaru looked serious, eyes looking in the distance blankly, thinking about his problems. Lime opened her mouth in shock.

"Otaru…" Lime called, her hand slipped to his. "We'll find a way!"

"What is this that's going on here?" They heard a gasp coming from the door. Cherry stood there, glaring at Lime for being hand in hand with Otaru. "I want his hand too!" And with that, she sat on the other side of Otaru and reaching for his hand she lifted it to her cheek and caressed it, smiling.

"Don't tell them." He quickly whispered to Lime who nodded but looked worriedly at him. Seconds later, Bloodberry came outside too and hugged Otaru from the back. They stood there, the four of him, outside in the night, talking as things were perfect, and they were, that moment they were.

"CHERRYYYYYY!! BLOODBEEEERRYYYY!!" Lime called from the living room the next morning, her screams piercing through the other two marionettes' ears as they jumped out of their beds.

"This better be important Lime." Bloodberry growled reaching her with sleeping eyes almost closing.

"Otaru is missing! He's not here!" Lime said in panic.

"So? He probably went to work already. It's early but sometimes he does that." Cherry comforted her.

"No…" The dark blue-haired marionette shook her head. "I was waiting for him to wake up but I never heard him, so I got up thinking he had fallen asleep but he wasn't there on the bed and it was undone. The window is opened, look!" She pointed at the burst opened window. "And his room is in a mess." They looked around, the bed sheets were scattered around the floor, his closet had its doors broken, his clothes all around and his work tools were still there. Lime couldn't believe he was gone. The idea of living without him scared her. He always took care of them and them of him. Not having Otaru there was a missing part of her being.

"What could have happened?" Bloodberry widened her eyes.

"Last night…" Lime started. "He told me he didn't pay the rent for three months and the landlord came to threaten him. OTARU WAS KIDNAPPED!" Lime shrieked in shock. The other two looked worried at each other.

"We have to do something. Hey why didn't he tell us anything about that?" Cherry asked frowning an eyebrow.

"That doesn't matter right now, what are we waiting for?" Bloodberry tightened her gloves. "Let's find this landlord."

"Let's!" Cherry stretched her arm above her head but stopped. "Where do we start? I don't know where this landlord person lives."

"We should ask Hanagata!" Lime suggested.

"WHAT?!" Hanagata screamed in disbelief. "My Otaru was kidnapped by his landlord?"

"We didn't say that, we said we think he was." Cherry closed her eyes as she spoke.

"WHAT?!" Hanagata screamed again. "You think my Otaru was kidnapped by his landlord?!"

"You see, wait. First of all, he's OUR Otaru, not yours. And second…" Bloodberry gripped his clothes by the neck and lifted him close to her face. "Stop repeating things and help us. Tell us where this landlord lives."

"I don't know. I think he lives in the main avenue, next to the market because I've seen Otaru talking to him once there. But I'm not certain, his name is Yamato Kenshin please put me down." Hanada pleaded shrieking. Bloodberry sighed and dropped him to the floor, making him fall on his back. "Why didn't him come to me, I could have lent him the money!" He said scratching his back from the fall.

"Maybe because he thinks you're a leach and doesn't want anything to do with you." Bloodberry replied, shaking her hands on one another.

"Come on! You know Otaru doesn't think like that!" Hanagata cried.

"Thank you for the information, we'll be going now." Lime informed as they turned their back at him and walked away.

"Wait! Wait!" Hanada ran after them.

"What now?" Cherry sighed, turning around.

"Let me go with you! I'll help you save him and then he can see how strong and brave I am and fall for me!" Hanagata dreamed.

"Not a chance." Cherry turned and walked away.

"You'll see, you useless robots!" He said glaring at the three in the distance.

Reaching the market place, the three marionettes stopped in the middle of the main square, looking around at all the men gathered there, busy buying fruit and meat, the noise around made the streets full of life. What made it difficult was the series of look-alike houses around the square.

"How do we find him?" Lime asked looking amazed at everything.

"Please, you surprise me." Cherry closed her eyes talking superior. She put her hand next to her eyes and pressed it. A blue screen appeared in her right eyes, scanning every house around. White small letters kept appearing from the bottom and up as the information gathered in the screen. "Wait…" She said. "Wait…" Again. "HA! Mr. Yamato Kenshin lives right there!" She pointed in front of them to a house equally white and two stored up like the others next to it. "Let's go!" They all ran towards the place Cherry pointed. In a blink, Bloodberry kicked the door open with all her might, making a cloud of dust appear where it stood seconds before. As the dust faded, an old curved man with a pair of round glasses hanging in the very end of his nose stood there blinking at the marionettes.

"Very well, where's Otaru?" Bloodberry walked to him glaring.

"Hum… Bloodberry easy, he's an old man!" Cherry smiled embarrassed.

"I don't care! Where is him?" The red haired asked again getting down at the old man's eye level."

"Who?" A very faint voice asked coming from the man's mouth.

"You know who! Don't make a fool out of me you monster! Where's Otaru?" Bloodberry growled.

"I don't know anything about an Otaru…" The man said, shaking in fear, his eyes barely seeing three unfocused silhouettes.

"Bloodberry I don't think he knows…" Cherry whispered.

"Aren't you Mr. Yamato Kenshin?" Lime asked finally.

"No… I'm Mr. Hanuka." The man replied in a shaking voice. "Mr. Yamato lives next door."

"Oh… Oh!" Bloodberry blushed. "I'm so sorry Mr. Hanuka! I'll fix the door for you! We're so sorry! Please forgive the intrusion, we thought you were Mr. Yamato."

"It's alright…" The old man coughed.

The three marionettes laughed nervously and started heading for the exit. Bloodberry lifted the door she had kicked off and placed it on the door frame where it stood crooked and half broken in two.

"Cherry this was your fault!" Bloodberry complained.

"Sorry, I must have been nervous!" Cherry explained smiling in embarrassment.

"Look!" Lime exclaimed pointing to some guy that had just left the house next door, glanced at them and started running away for his life. "It's him!"

With that, the three started running away after the bold man. Bloodberry jumped to the roofs to follow, Lime went between the people along with Cherry.

-End of chapter 1

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