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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. She stroke her hair behind her ear, a useless thing to do, for it sprung back to its original place straight away. She hated it when her hair was soaked. Kakashi had organized a sparring, for which she hated him enormously. How did he –in heavens sake- get the idea of a sparring, when it rained, and was a SUNDAY. God, she was boiling mad. She had come anyways, but still, he should know better. And he probably did. The thing that truly made her go mad in a killing way, was the fact that he came in late. Which was no surprise, really. And there she sat, on a soaked tree, with her soaked hair, glancing at Kakashi every now and then with a devilish look. He responded by forming a crinkle with his right eye. Naruto and Sasuke were sparring close by. She had refused to, which wasn't a surprise either. 'So Sakura,' he tried to make conversation, trying to sit next to her. She took opportunity to give him another mean look, and pushed him away. 'You mad?' he asked. 'You bet,' she said. 'So sorry' 'You don't mean it' 'Can say it anyways.' She gave an unladylike snort as an answer. 'Glad you came, though.' he spoke. She didn't respond, wondering why he was glad. 'Why?' she asked eventually. 'Well, never too bad to spend some quality time with your teacher, not?' She knew a lot of nice answers to that, but didn't want to give him the satisfaction of an answer, though. His lazy glare found its place back in his eye, and she watched him reaching for his IchaIchabooks. 'Why, Kakashi-sensei, why, do you read porn in public?' she asked him for the zillionth time. 'Oh Sakura, when will you understand that it is so much more than just 'porn'?' he smiled underneath his mask. 'What? It can get worse than just porn?' she wondered aloud. He grinned and started reading. Somewhere in the woods she heard Naruto yelling something like 'DON'T, YOU DUMBASS' at Sasuke, and boredness struck her. Kakashi had in the meanwhile taken seat next to her. She slowly leaned backwards, trying to see the book. Backwards, backwards, and she saw a picture with, 'SAKURA!'. He yelled to her surprise. She fell. He caught her with one hand, and held the book with the other. 'Yes?' she asked, in an awkward position. 'I know what you're trying to do.' 'Oh?' Sakura looked down, and saw somewhere, meters lower, Naruto and Sasuke staring up. 'You guys ok?' Naruto asked. 'Fine,' Sakura grunted, though happy with the distraction. She still hung with her back almost at the same level as the tree. Her head was directed at Kakashi's but, not such a bad sight. 'You enjoying the view?' Kakashi asked, trying to keep his eye serious, but Sakura saw the smile behind his mask. 'What makes you think that?' she asked, feeling her head turn a tomato-ish red. 'Your stare' 'Well, I can't get up,' 'You mean you need me to help you up?' 'That would be sort of nice' she responded impatiently. He carefully put his IchIcha on the tree to make his other hand free, and reached to help her up. She quickly got up and snatched the book away, opening it on a random page. Kakashi didn't do anything to stop her. He watched her eyes grow big. 'OMG!' she yelled. Kakashi's grin grew bigger. 'Is this even, like, possible?' 'It definitely is,' he said after a glance in the book, still grinning. Her mouth fell open. 'KAKASHI-SENSEI! That's so..' 'Glad to teach you stuff once more, Sakura' he spoke. His eye was a crinkle again. She mumbled something along the lines of 'pervert'. He reached to take his book, she was too startled to move. He took hike, responding to Sasuke and Naruto's war sounds. She got down as well.


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