Hey I've thought of another story idea … yey

Hey I've thought of another story idea … yey! I've decided to start writing it before I forgot it! Don't worry to the other people who have started reading my other story, I'm still continuing it. And to the people who are reading this one it may take me longer to update because I want to finish the other one!! Okay hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 the punishment.

Kagome sighed as she walked down the halls of her all girls' school, she hated it here. As she said to Sango before, it was a lesbian breeding ground. All the teachers were women, who were perverts; she swore that some of them had mustaches. Kagome walked to the office smiling to herself, she had been just called down there. She was smiling because it was probably her last day here. She was pretty sure she was either going to juvy or she got expelled. Kagome really couldn't care less what happened.

Kagome sat down in the secretary's office and waited to be called in. She smiled at the secretary, and she smiled back really nervous. Kagome sat there for about ten minutes before the secretary led her into the principal's office, but she stayed an arms length away from her. Kagome sighed, was everyone afraid that she was going to break their arms now? She stepped into the principal's office, and was surprised.

Sitting there was the principal and Kagome's mother (she wasn't surprised about those two), but then beside her mother was the principal from the all boys school a couple blocks away. "Please sit down", both the principals said together. Kagome sat down in the open chair and lounged there like nothing was wrong. She waited for one of the principals to talk first. It was Kagome's principal Kaede, (not sure if that's how you spell her name. if not I'll fix it later), who spoke first, "Kagome we are very disappointed by your actions, you have been in minor fights all the time, but we didn't see the need to do anything drastic because you are such a good student. But now you have just gone too far, you broke both of girl's arms, fractured a few ribs, fractured another one of her legs, and then you repeatedly kicked until she was screaming bloody murder and coughing up blood. This violet behavior cannot be tolerated and you must be punished this time".

"We decided not to send you to the juvenile delinquents hall because, such a promising young student going to waste there. I am hesitant to expel you because all the other schools you would go to wouldn't give you as good of academic education, but it is clear that you cannot remain in this school". Kagome looked at her blankly not really caring that she was being expelled; she was kind of hoping she would get to go to juvy, it sounded more interesting to go there instead of just being expelled.

Then the principal from the all boys school started talking, Kagome was wondering why he was here. "But in stead of sending you to one of those pubic schools, I've formed another plan. I've talked to the student council and they've agreed to it, there is only one other school that will give you the education you require, and is exactly the same as this one. You have a choice to either be expelled… or you can attend the all boys' school".

Kagome was shocked, she wasn't expecting this, she thought about it for a moment, and she would be with all boys, no prissy little girls pissing her off. And maybe there would be hot boys, oh this idea was sounding better and better as she thought it through. Everyone looked at her anxiously waiting for her answer. A sly smile popped up on her face, "Yes, I'll do it", then another idea popped up in her head, "Wait, I don't have to pretend to be a boy, like in that horrible movie She's the Man, right?" All the teachers just scoffed, "No you will be able to keep your gender. But you are expected to be mature about it, you are not aloud canoodling with boys (Kagome stifled a laugh about how he said canoodling), if you are caught doing so you will be kicked out of the school". The principal droned on and on about the rules, "You have a choice to wear your girl's uniform or the boys' typical uniform". Kagome laughed, "Oh I'll take the boys uniform, I've been trying to get rid of that slutty outfit for ever". Kaede frowned at Kagome as she said slutty outfit. They continued on talking it through, Kagome was to go and pack. She was starting the school tomorrow.

Once they got out of the room, Kagome's mom grabbed her arm. "Kagome your behavior absolutely unacceptable, your being kicked out of the school and it's only halfway through September. We'll talk about your punishment later!" Kagome groaned she thought she was getting off scot free, she thought her only punishment would be going to a boy's school, which wasn't really a punishment in her mind. Kagome walked into her room and saw Sango stranding there looking at her anxiously, "What happened?" Kagome let a lecherous smile pop onto her face, "I'm being sent to an all boys school". Sango gasped at her, "You almost kill someone and they reward you!" Kagome smiled at her friend. "Well I think I'm going to go beat someone to a bloody pulp and hope I'll be sent there to". Kagome laughed at her friend, "No since your marks are bad I think they just throw you into juvy. So don't beat anyone up, I don't think my poor Sango here could handle being gang raped". Sango laughed but then a scowl appeared on her face, "Will we still be able to hang out?" Kagome shrugged, "I'll call you if I'm aloud to and we'll figure everything out".

Sango helped Kagome pack up, then gave her a hug, "I'll miss you, you were the best roommate ever! Who knows who I'll be stuck with now, probably some nose picking geek!" Kagome laughed, "It's okay, you'll just have to be strong." Kagome led Sango out to where her mom was waiting and gave her another hug, "Bye, I'll try and call you when I get there". Kagome got in the car and started listening to her, IPod. She had Slipknot blaring when her mom yelled at her, "Can you turn that fucking death music down?! I'm trying to talk to you!" Kagome groaned turning down her music and got ready for yelling, by the time Kagome got to the school, she was grounded for a month, she wasn't aloud to leave her dorm, and her mom took all her CD's though Kagome was thankful that she forgot to take her IPod.

Her mom drove off and left Kagome standing there. Kagome looked around and pulled her hood op over her face. At the moment Kagome looked pretty sexless. She was wearing baggy jeans with skater shoes. She was also wearing a black baggy hoody so you couldn't tell she had breasts. Her hood covered most of her face in shadows so no one could really tell that she was a girl. She had been told by the principal that the boys hadn't been informed that there would be a girl staying in their school, so she decided to make sure no one could tell she was a girl as she walked to her room. "108, 109, 110… 111", she mumbled to herself as she found her room. She put the key that the principal had given her in the door, and turned it.

She expected a bigger mess when she got in; she was also informed that she would have a roommate, a boy roommate. It was cleaner than she couldn't hoped it to be, there was some clothes strewn around and an open pizza box lying on the ground, and some garbage but other than that it was pretty clean. Kagome heard the shower going in the bathroom that was attached to their rooms. She assumed that, the person in the shower was her roommate. Kagome wondered if he knew that his roommate was a girl. The principal had told her that her roommate was a womanizer, so he she had to be careful. The only other room that had room was with a boy who hated any girl that moved, so the principal thought it was better to chance womanizing than murdering.

Kagome put her duffle bag on her bed, she pulled her IPod out and started blasting slipknot it her ears. She knew that it could be heard if someone came into the room. Kagome turned around and saw her roommate standing there, dripping wet, naked. Kagome screeched and turned way. She pulled out her earphones so she could hear him if he said anything. "Oh sorry man", her roommate said and step back into the washroom. Kagome realized that he didn't know she was a girl. Her roommate appeared out of the washroom but this time in a towel.

"Sorry, I didn't realize I had a roommate, I knew it was going to happen sometime but I didn't know you were here, sorry", he said and rooted through his clothes and pulled on some boxers. Kagome nodded and just looked at him. He looked back at her, "Oh the names Miroku, yours?... and can you take off that hood your creeping me out, I cant even say your face". Kagome sighed but took of her hood, Miroku's mouth fell open as he saw the beautiful girl standing in front of him. "What are you doing here? Are you my new roommate?" he asked to startled to make any moves on her.

"Ya, I got kicked out of my old one and they didn't want to send me to a crappy old public school so they sent my here", Kagome smiled at him, "Oh and my names Kagome". She held out her hand for him to shake but instead he grabbed it and kissed it, "Kagome?" Miroku asked with his eyes sparkling, "Would you do me the honor of baring my children?" Kagome just looked at him she wasn't very startled because she was expecting something like thing then she thought of something funny. "Sorry Miroku can't, I'm already baring someone else's child", Kagome said sweetly, and started rubbing her stomach.

Miroku's eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open again. Kagome started laughing her head from the look on his face and pulled her hand away, "God I was just joking, you should've seen your face though". Miroku recovered and decided to grab her ass. Kagome looked at him still not shocked, and then punched him in the face, really hard, "You do that again and I'll castrate you, then no one will ever bare you children". Miroku gulped, he wasn't sure if she was joking of not. He rubbed his face where she hit him and frowned, god that girl punches hard. "So um, why do you get kicked out of your school", Miroku asked, "Smoking? Drinking? Doing drugs? … Having sex in the girls washroom?" Kagome laughed, "If I was caught for having sex in the girls washroom I don't think they would send me here". Miroku's eyebrow arched, "I didn't saw you were having sex with a guy". Kagome glared at him, "Wow you're such a pervert, but no none of those reasons are why I got sent here. A girl pissed me off, and I broke both her arms, fractured her leg and a couple of her ribs. Then I kicked her in the stomach until she started throwing up blood… sadly enough I didn't kill her". Miroku started laughing he thought it was a joke, "No seriously tell me what you did".

Kagome looked totally serious, "I did what I just told you, not even kidding, I have to take an anger management class". Miroku who realized how serious she was asked to see her schedule to make sure she wasn't lying. But there it was anger management class sixth period. Then Miroku laughed. "What?" Kagome asked him frowning. "I feel bad for you; you have anger management at the same time as Inuyasha!" Kagome stilled frowned at him, "Why is that so bad?"

"Because he hates every girl in the world, he'll probably try to kill you".

"Well if he tries to kill me I'll kill him first". Miroku had no doubt that this girl could hold her own against Inuyasha. "They were going to put me in his room instead of yours, but then they thought that they like womanizing instead of murdering." Miroku smiled at that, he was happy that Kagome was his roommate; he was going to try to win her over.

"Come on", Miroku said, "I'm going to show you around". Kagome looked at herself, "Hold on, I need to change my sweater, and I want to brush my hair. Why is it so goddamn hot in here?" Miroku just shrugged as he watched her take off her hoody. Miroku kept gaping at her rack, she was huge! Kagome looked at him, "keep your eyes to yourself Miroku if you want to keep them in your head." Miroku tore his eyes away from her. She pulled on another sweater but this time it was a zip up, and she zipped it up to just below her breasts. She quickly brushed her hair, "Okay I'm ready, let's go". Miroku nodded having a hard time keeping his eyes away from her boobs. Miroku walked into the hall with her behind him. Once they got in the hall he hooked his arm through hers, Kagome didn't really care so she didn't protest. All the boys that saw her were gaping, and Kagome was starting to get angry. "Would you please stop fucking staring at me, I'm not an alien!" she shouted at them and they looked away. They were passing by dorms when Miroku came to a sudden stop, "Hey this is Inuyasha's room, I want you to meet him, he's one of my best friends". Kagome looked at him, "I thought you said he hated anyone with breasts… wait is he gay?" Miroku laughed and shook his head, "No he's not gay and she's going to have to get used to you sooner or later."

Miroku open Inuyasha's door, and walked in with Kagome. She gasped when she saw him, he had long silver hair, and two cute puppy ears on top. He looked up when he heard them come in and scowled, "How many times do I have to tell you? STOP BRINGING YOUR FUCKING WHORES INTO MY ROOM!" Kagome scowled at him, "I'm not a fucking whore, and I live here now!" Inuyasha looked up surprised, "You live here…. And you're a girl?? Kagome smirked, "No, I'm a fucking transvestite, I'm actually a man dressed as a woman. Of course I'm a girl you idiot."

"Why the hell are you here, this is a boys school?"

Then Miroku interrupted, "She's here because she has anger management and she almost killed a girl, then got kicked out of her school, but own principal brought her here". Inuyasha glowered at both of them. "Now come on and show her around with me", Miroku said, "Since I've never been to anger management class I don't know where it is". Inuyasha groaned but stood up, and started walking Kagome and Miroku followed him. Kagome looked behind her and saw a group of boys following them and drooling after her.

"Can you guys stop following me like fucking stalkers, and go get lives", Kagome shouted back at them, but they paid no attention. Kagome was thinking of yelling for them to take a picture it lasted longer, but she was afraid they would actually take out cameras. They were still following them when they got the anger management room but the group of boys was growing. Kagome sighed thinking of finding a knife to throw at them… That should scare them away. But she gave that thought up, if she killed someone then she'd be kicked out, and probably gang banged in prison.

"This", Inuyasha gestured to the room, "Is anger management". The door was open so Kagome looked inside, and laughed. There were some chairs going in a circle, "this looks more like alcoholics anonymous than anger management". Miroku laughed too, and Inuyasha let out a small chuckle. He was starting to think he could learn to like this girl. They continued on showing Kagome were her classes were. She found out that most of her classes were with Miroku and Inuyasha. He seemed to be warming up to her already and she was pleased about that. Kagome couldn't help herself to stare at his beautiful golden eyes. When ever he caught her she'd pretend she was looking at something else.

"What room are you staying in?" Inuyasha asked her as they were walking back to their rooms. Kagome looked over at Miroku, "With the pervert over there". Inuyasha started to laugh, "A word of advice, don't fall asleep before he does, or you might wake up and not be very happy". Miroku glared at Inuyasha, "I would do no such thing!" His arm snaked around her waist and Kagome glared at him, "What did I say about castrating you?" Miroku's eyes widened and he removed his arms from her waist. Inuyasha smirked, this girl new how to handle herself. They all walked to Miroku's room and Kagome's group of stalkers groaned as she disappeared from view.

Inuyasha walked over to Miroku's bed and sat down, and Kagome went into her bag to grab the speakers for her IPod and plugged them into her IPod. Inuyasha looked at her, "What are you doing?"

"Putting on some music".

"Ah no, I don't want to listen to some girls shit". Kagome glared at him, "My music is probably better than the music that you listen to, and I was going to let you choose what you wanted to listen to but since your being an ass I get to choose". Kagome sighed and turned on slipknot, and relaxed listening to the screaming. Kagome looked up to see Miroku and Inuyasha staring at her. "What? Is it to hardcore for you?" Kagome asked teasingly. Miroku shook his head recovering before Inuyasha did, "No, it's just we've never met a girl who liked the same music as us". Kagome smiled, "Well now you have". They sat there listening to music for a while but Miroku started talking. "Why did you beat the shit out of that girl?" Kagome sighed she knew this was coming soon, "Well it was a whole bunch of little things mostly but they accumulated into a big thing. First she was always telling lies about me and saying that I was a whore and I would sneak over to this school at night then fuck every guy I saw. Then After that she decided that I was a lesbian, and that I came on to her in the showers. Then she said me and Sango were lesbian lovers." The guys stared at her, "That's it and you beat the shit out of?" Kagome shrugged "She did more things but I can't really think of them, and other than that everyone hated her and she was extremely irritating. Then she bitch slapped Sango in the ace and I got pissed off and almost killed her. She was a bitch and I still don't feel at all guilty about it. Plus if I knew beating the shit out of her would've gotten me here, I would've done it sooner. That school was a bloody mass of lesbian breeding, why else would they put everyone in slutty outfits and lock girls in the school for so long. I mean some of the teachers have mustaches and their fucking woman for god's sake".

Both Inuyasha and Miroku laughed after she finished. Kagome was definitely someone Inuyasha could get used to. By the end of the night and they had to go back to their rooms, all of them were talking like they were old friends. Inuyasha left as the bell rang and went back to his room. Kagome laid down on her bed and looked over at Miroku who was lying on his, "Can you sleep with the music on?" Miroku nodded, then started to fall asleep. Once Kagome was sure that he was asleep she went into the bathroom and changed. She realized there was no lock on the bathroom door, and she didn't trust Miroku not to peek. Kagome decided to take a shower instead and after she was finished she went to bed.


Sorry the chapters are going to be short for this story cause I don't feel like writing long ones!!

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