This is going to be a series of Maiko-related oneshots. They take place either between episodes or scenes. I'm starting with "The Storm" from the first season, and probably ending with the series finale.

I came up with this idea last night before I fell asleep whilst creating possible Maiko scenarios for things in between chapters. Then I was like "I KNOW! WHY DON'T I MAKE A STORY FOR THIS!" and here's the end result. No, I don't have much of a life. I even posted this today cause I'm feeling especially fan fictious today (that, and I can't really watch tv cause our satellite isn't working DX)

This will (hopefully) not come between me and writing "Finer Feelings"

This takes place in Zuko's flashbacks immediatly before he attended that fateful war meeting.

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The title of this series came from the song "I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie

Prince Zuko wondered through the halls of the palace, looking for someone. He'd never admit he was looking for her, but in all reality he was. He still had a while before the war meeting started, and wanted to find something to occupy his time. He rounded a corner and heard chatter coming from outside followed by giggling. He looked out onto the courtyard and found her, sitting with his sister and Ty Lee, looking unfazed by their discussion.

Unfortunately for Zuko, his sister was the first one to notice him. "Do you mind? It's not nice to stare, Zuko."

Zuko rolled his eyes. "I was just walking by. I wasn't staring."

He shifted his gaze to Mai, the quiet girl he held a certain liking to for the past few years. It started out with the two being on the receiving end of one of his sister's pranks. To each other's surprise, they got along extremely well. After that, they started talking more often, and would sometimes hang out if Azula wasn't around. She wasn't like the other girls. She was quiet and reserved, but had her own opinion on things. She wasn't giggly and flirty with him either. She was honest and sarcastic, and she just had this certain air about her. It also helped that she was pretty.

Mai noticed his gaze upon her in particular, and gave him a barely visible smile. Unfortunately, Azula noticed his gaze too.

"Really? How come you've been gawking at Mai for the last five minutes then?" Azula asked crossing her arms.

A blush crept onto Zuko's cheeks. "I wasn't gawking at her!" he lied. It was obvious to anyone who had seen the two together that they both liked each other. Unfortunately, they were either too stubborn or too shy to do anything about it.

"Whatever." Azula knew she'd won. It was then she noticed that her brother was dressed in armor. "Why are you all dressed up? Aren't you a little too old to be playing pretend?"

"I'm not playing pretend. I'm going to the war meeting this afternoon."

Azula's face dropped. "What?" How come she hadn't been invited to attend?

Seeing that he beat Azula to this, a smile became apparent on his face. Azula clenched her fists. "I'm going to ask Dad if you're actually allowed to go." She marched off leaving a confused Ty Lee.

After a moment of awkward silence between the three a thought came to Ty Lee. "I'm going to go check up on Azula. Behave you two."

Mai rolled her eyes as Zuko watched the girl skip off. He then walked over to Mai who was sitting against the apple tree, and sat down next to her.

"War meeting, huh?" she asked.

Zuko smiled. "Yeah. My Dad never actually said I could go, but I'm sure he won't mind. If I'm going to become Firelord one day, I need to know these things, right?"

Mai realized the flaw in his plan. "Don't you think the Firelord is going to be angry when Azula tells him you're going?"

Zuko smiled wider. "He's going to be making preparations for the meeting all day. There's no way Azula can tell him."

Mai laughed softly. It was barely audible. It was a rare sight to see the stoic girl even crack a smile, let alone laugh. "Azula is so peeved."

Zuko chuckled too. It was weird, how the two could bring out the best in each other. They sat there and talked for a while, discussing events that occurred since they last talked, which wasn't too long ago.

"So, what were you doing parading around the palace in your fancy armor?" Mai questioned. It was odd. He honestly didn't need his suit on until an hour before the meeting. Plus, he didn't normally stray far from his room or the training area.

"I heard Azula was having you and Ty Lee over so I wanted to come and say hi. I haven't seen you in a while," Zuko said sheepishly as a blush slowly crept onto his face. He also wanted to show off to Mai how mature and official he was for going to the war meeting, but he figured he'd leave that part out.

Mai raised her eyebrows. "Zuko, it's only been a week." She could feel the heat slowly rising to her cheeks too. Blushing was a common thing that occurred frequently between the two.

Zuko rubbed the back of his head as he tried to explain himself. "Yeah…well…we really didn't get to talk much last time…" he stopped there after he realized how stupid he sounded.

Mai could feel the uneasiness in the air as she tried to change the subject. "So, now that all-powerful Prince Zuko is going to the war meeting, you're not going to forget us little people are you?"

He felt a wave of confidence flood over him. "All-powerful Prince Zuko". He liked the sound of that. He laughed a little. Then he realized, "I have to get ready for the meeting!" He sat straight up. He must've lost track of time. He looked over at Mai, who was looking down at the grass by her feet. She didn't want him to leave.

He stood up, offering her his hand to help her up, which she accepted. She felt her heart jump as his hand wrapped around hers. He watched her as she brushed the grass from her clothes. He didn't want to leave either, but he had to leave if he wanted to attend this meeting. "I guess I'll see you later?"

Mai sighed. "Yeah, I guess."

Zuko still felt that confidence in him. Thoughts were creeping into his mind. He thought about how beautiful she was and how much he really liked her. He had often thought about kissing her many different times, under many different circumstances, but was too afraid to. He certainly thought about kissing her now. He thought about how romantic it would be if he swept her up in his arms and placed a long passionate kiss on her extremely kissable lips, returning to her after the war meeting, where he would have made an amazing strategy to take out the evil earthbender battalion, and continue courting her.

Instead, though more confidence still abounded in the young man than normal, he crashed his lips down onto a shocked Mai, who almost fell backwards from the surprise and the force of the attack. He left his arms at his side unsure of what to do with them. His cheeks were a deep red as he separated from the girl. He looked into her wide, confused eyes for a second before darting off to prepare for the meeting, leaving Mai blushing furiously as she stood there blinking. Her mind trying to process what just happened.

Unfortunately for Zuko, that confidence remained with him during the meeting, where his sudden outburst would result in his banishment from the Firenation and from his developing relationship with a certain young girl.

So there's the first one. Yes, Zuko likes showing off to Mai, and yes he thinks girly romantic thoughts.

There's probably only going to be one more from the first season, since I can't imagine Zuko really thinking about Mai much, with Avatar capturing shennanigans going on and dealing with Zhao!his odd-sideburned rival.

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