Author: Sparta

Title: Children of the Hellmouth

Pairings: Xander & Dean (main) I'll list the rest as they come up.

Rating: R or the equivalent

Crossovers: Buffy & Supernatural (Main) more to come and will list as they come up

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning, Gene splicing, Idiots playing god

Series:When the Hunters become the hunted - We'll make a man out of you

Chapters: 9/?

Completed: No

Summery: When clearing out the Initiative base Xander & the BPRD come across something that will not only affect them but many others.

Chapter Summery: Xander get word from Gabriel that some old friends of his need help.

Authors Note:

It's been some time since I watched the cartoon for this and read the comics so I'll apologies a bit now, I'm taking the basic idea from the Gargoyles cartoon and I'm changing it a bit. Demona never betrayed her clan or Goliath, when the spell was cast all Gargoyles where affected not just Goliath's clan, Angela Goliath and Demona's daughter was in the castle with them when the curse was cast.

Written in stone

Xander was sat against on of the back wall of the shooting range as he watched Jack and Dean as they practiced and John passed judgment even flirting now and again with Jack. Enjoying the view of the three men as they started to relax finally, especially John now that the BPRD was celebrating 1 year in business it had finally sunk in that he no longer was alone in his fight.

With this weight gone he'd become close with Sam and Dean mending the burnt bridges and making new ones with his daughter Raven, he was now a father and not a hunter retiring from the battle only to take up the fight when his prey is ready John had lightened up and got a sense of humour finally.

"Xander" yelled Owen from the gangway above them.


"Teaboy say's you got a Vid call in the boardroom, direct from Sunnydale"

"Ok Owen tell him I'm on my way up" yelled Xander as he took his leave and met House in the boardroom.

"Hey Gabe how's Sunnydale life treating you?" asked Xander with a smile

/It's never boring kid, I've just got word from an old contact of mine that some old friends of mine need help. Goliath was the leader of a Ancient race that human named Gargoyles, cursed to fly by night but turn to stone by day they were betrayed over 1,000 years ago and cursed to sleep forever.

But a multimillionaire tycoon found a loop hole to the curse and woke them only to betray them too. He's recently gone under and his collection separated but before he went under he re-cursed them.

I received word from a contact in the art world that they have been sold off in stone form and are heading you way. Goliath is not quick to trust Kid but he trust's our bloodline, there's five males, two females and a dog like creature.

They are a proud race that are loyal to the core but this world has been unkind to them, they are only dangerous when turned on help them Xander. Find them and lift the curse they will be grateful.

Well got to go got a vamp nest to clear King says to tell you he's succeeded in pissing Deadboy off at your level, Van Helsing out/

Xander laughed as he finished the call and headed out to bug Ianto for some coffee and information.


A few day later Xander had dressed himself smartly in a suit that screamed come fuck me and had headed with Ianto to the home of the guy who'd bought them. He wasn't much older then Xander and Ianto and defiantly swung their way, Xander had gotten between Ianto and him more then once.

As much as Jack would have loved it Xander didn't think this guy would play nice, Xander recognised the demon mark on his neck.

"Be careful Yan, don't drink or eat anything that he gives you" said Xander as Ianto looked at him.

"the mark on his neck, it's a mark of youth. Remember Vampire myth?" asked Xander as Ianto nodded

"that one belongs to Countess Elisabeth Bathory, a sixteenth century Hungarian noblewoman who was reputed to have tortured and murdered 650 virgins, bathing in their blood in order to preserve her youth. Rumoured to have been turned by the true Dracula, even Spike and Angel are afraid of her.

She gifts young men eternal youth all they have to do is supply the virgins for her. We may not be but he will have quite a few trick up his sleeves I can understand why she would have the statues" said Xander as Ianto nodded.

Just as Xander said the guy offered them two things of wine, Xander put his goblet down as did Ianto as he pulled out a blue liquid and poured in to the goblet watching as it fizzed and bubbled.

"Nice to see the good lady Elisabeth Bathory has stood up to the test of time" said Xander as the guy chocked on his drink.

"Oh such beauty, such passion, such rage, tell me your name child and how you stand before me with such sprit and knowledge of my race and yet I sense no fear off you?" said an angelic female voice, Xander turned to Ianto a switched to welsh

"don't let her siren song fool you, remember Jack and your lover for him the whole time. Don't let her make you forget" said Xander as he turned back to their host.

"I do not speak to ghosts unless I know them buy name and call then friend" said Xander as a beautiful woman dressed in blood red robes appeared before them.

"so a Vampire who's body is one place but her soul haunts this place?" said Xander as she walked round him

"this place is built from the ruins of my castle and of the home of the ones you seek" said the woman as she stroked Xander's face causing him to growl.

"My name is Alexander Harris, Xander to those I care for but most call me the Sunnydale or BPRD White Knight" growled Xander coldly as she chuckled.

"you are quite the legend among our kind, I must say I'm honoured to meet the one even Dayagon fears" said Countess Bathory as she bowed.

"I must say that I know who he is though he goes by Drake now, I haven't had the pleasure yet. I must admit that out of all the vamps I've met that have reached your age you are still very pleasing to look at, Sunnydale vamps were goons so not very pleasing" laughed Xander who had distracted them both while Ianto had been texting Dean and Jack.

Countess Elisabeth Bathory and her young friend where taken by surprised when her face met Dean's gun butt.

"My man bitch" he growl as he shot her body with rock salt shell and heard her screech.

"her body's not on the grounds her sprit was contained to this place due to the blood she spilled, she did something stupid though each of our new friends are mounted on stones from their own castle. The legend say they will wake when the castle rises above the clouds but it doesn't say the whole castle?

We will send them back to Sunnydale and Gabe can cope with them" said Xander as Jack and Dean nodded before removing them and leaving Xander and Dean to purify the building and deal with the brat that had summoned her.