"I don't know Bella... she's awfully young, I mean... she's physically what? Fifteen?"

"Seventeen Edward."

"That's young! Think about it. Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton. All seventeen right when you moved to Forks. So young. So naive."

"Edward? You're frozen at seventeen."

"But I'm actually one hundred and-"

"So? We're talking physical. Anyway, Nessie's mental cpacities are technically above ours. Now, realistically, we're probably the same. But...quantitatively..."

Bella and Edward were arguing in the living room, their hushed voices not carrying far enough that Nessie could hear. Their worries made me chuckle. I was sitting on the porch step, the sun was low and an opaque orange in the sky. Nessie had told me to wait until seven o'clock exactly to pick her up... Alice's orders.

"Bella, she's half human. She's..."

"Edward. Honestly. I was seventeen when I met you. I was seventeen when I knew I wanted to stay with you for eternity. And I was seventeen when I committed myself to you, no matter what happened, no matter how dangerous the road ahead might have been," Bella spoke passionately, and I could almost see the feirce look on her face. The same look Nessie could imitate thoughtlessly.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?!" He hissed. "Bella, she's so young. She doesn't know what she's doing."

"Edward, calm down, okay? It's Jacob. Jacob. Do you honestly think I'd be so cavalier about this is she was going out with some random guy? It's only Jake. Okay? I think we're lucky, all things considered, that she doesn't want a random guy. Our teenage girl is as abnormal as I was," she teased. Edward didn't relax. I glanced at my watch. 6:46. I rolled my eyes, stood, and rang the doorbell. Edward was there in an instant.

"Jacob," was Edward's abrupt greeting, holding the door open for me. I walked in politely. I had gotten my hair cut properly that day just for this occasion, I wore a dark blue dress shirt and a lighter tie. My jeans were dark and had no tace of a rip, a rare occurence around me.

Bella was behind him in an instant, her beautiful face wary and tentative.

"Jake!" She smiled, almost looking as if she were trying too hard. She came over and gave me a quick hug. I crinkled my nose at the foul scent, but I had become mostly desensensitized by this point.

"Bella, love? Could you...leave us for a moment?" Edward asked, staring me down.

"Um. Sure," Bella said quietly. "Be nice," She breathed in his ear, obviously hoping I wouldn't hear. "I'll go check on the girls." She said to me, and left the room in a flash. I heard her greet Alice and Nessie, but then turned my attention to the vampire standing in front of me.

He pressed his fingers on the bridge of his nose, and I knew him well enough that this was his way of calming himself.

"Jacob?" He asked, his voice low.

"Edward." I said in response.

"She means more to me than my own life. I need to know she'll be safe with you."

"You're forgetting I love her too. Maybe more than you do." I answered.

He looked at me eyes fierce, that even I couldn't dispute his raging protective instinct for his daughter. But I couldn't help to smile faintly, remembering...

Edward growled. "What?" I asked, innocently, "does this conversation not feel familir to you too?"

He sighed heavily. "I'm trying to remember a time when you weren't trying to steal one of my girls away from me," he said, but there was a teasing edge to his tone now.

"Have her home by twelve?" I asked.

"Try ten."

I sighed. "I'll take what I can get."

He looked at me full-on now. "Jake. I'm very serious at the moment. Renesmee is special. She means the world to both Bella and myself. And I feel, as her father, I should tell you: If you hurt her, I will hunt you down." He said, the threat darkening his voice. I had no doubt he meant it, and I shrank a little at the voice. I recovered quickly.

"Edward. You can see into my mind. If I had any intention of..." I swallowed, "hurting...her. You would be the first to know. I promise you. She will be back by ten o'clock on the dime."

He sighed once more. "Fine," he sighed, resigned. The girls were upstairs, and I could hear Nessie's melodic voice. I felt myself compelled to run up the stairs, to hold her in my arms, finally safe. So temping. How easy would it be... It's a good thing she didn't inherit her mother's grace, or else temptation might become a nessesity.

Edward sat gracefully on the couch, and nodded towards the door. It wasn't like him. He usually spung to his feet the moment Bella walked through a door... a subconscious politeness. It almost looked as if he needed to sit, in order to take in what was coming.

Bella opened the door and waltzed in gracefully first. The look in her eyes was cautious as she glanced at Edward and I. Then she looked at Edward with reserve. Almost as if to warn him, to keep him calm. I looked at them curiously, but couldn't keep my focus. The strings were pulling me, tighter and tighter, straining more and more, wanting to run towards Nessie. She walked through the door then, with a different and imperfect grace than Bella's. Definitely preferable.

Her long bronze hair cascaded down her back in big ringlets, held away from her perfect face by a headband. Her hair poured down her shoulders perfectly, hitting just above her hips. Her eyes were accentuated perfectly, their brown colour deepened by her makeup. Her lips were a cherry-red, alluring. He wore a black dress, simple, the top lower-cut than Nessie normally would wear. He skirt flared out a little, cutting off just above her knees. She wor matching black heels, two inches I guessed. Deathtraps. Looking at her now, it was undeniable she was Bella's daughter. Although Edward's perfection adorned her small frame, she had the same form as her mother, the same shy expression. Her modest expression searched for approval, and I grinned at her. She smiled back, her perfect teeth fitting her face perfectly. She rushed to me now, throwing her arms around my shoulders. I hugged her for a moment, and then let her go reluctantly. No need to make this harder for Edward than it had to be. I glanced at him again, Bella was sitting with him now, squeezing his hand. He looked only at Renesmee now, a deep sadness in his eyes. I somehow knew that his eyes would be flooding now if he was capable. Bella watched her daughter aswell, a deep adoration in her eyes.

"Well, erm, I guess we'd better get going then... if we're to be back by ten," I said awkwardly.

"Ten?" Bella smirked, and glanced at Edward. He looked at her calmly.

"I thought it would be best if we took this slower. I mean she's only-"

"Okay!" She interupted him, and walked towards us. Edward in tow. He walked to Renesmee, and kissed her cheek.

"Have fun sweetheart," he said earnestly. "You have your phone?" He asked suddenly. Renesmee nodded quickly, and smiled up at her father.

Bella smiled, watching the two of them, and then took her turn kissing Nessie's cheek. "You have a good time. Behave," she teased, "and no horror movies. I don't want my daughter's innocence corrupted, right Jake?" She smirked. I laughed aloud at the memory of that disastrous movie night. Renesmee rolled her eyes, used to our inside jokes.

Bella then walked over to me, pulling her arms around my shoulders again, slowly. She stood on her tip toes, and whispered low in my ear, "Eleven thirty."

"If she can stay up that long," I agreed. It was no secret that Renesmee wasn't exaclty a party animal.

"Make sure she doesn't fall over or anything. Oh, and no breaking her hand Jake, I mean it." This provoked another growl from Edward, Bella and I giggled.

"Oh enough humour at my expense guys! Can we just go Jacob? Please?" Renesmee said desperatly. Edward's gaze flickered to Bella, and the two of them began laughing hysterically. Renesmee glared at them, confused, and then turned and stalked out the door. This sent the two into a whole other round of hysterics.

I looked at the both of them for a moment, and then shook my head. "Bye," I said, and ran out to catch Nessie. I walked into the night, knowing she was waiting in the volvo for me. It was the most inconspicuous car the Cullens had for us to use.

Edward and Bella's laughter faded a little from inside the house.

"Now what?" Edward asked.

"Now? We wait." Bella responded.

I chuckled.