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I would be content to never move. Ever.

I was, at the moment, in the arms of a gorgeous and warm man, a man who had shown up on my doorstep in my time of need.

How had he done that?

"Seth?" I asked his shoulder, not wasting energy to move my head and look him in the face.

"Mmm?" He mumbled, his hand not stopping its calming strokes on my back.

"How did you get here?" I asked softly, extremely curious.
"Greg." He said. I could hear the smile in his voice.


"I don't understand," I said, now adjusting to look at him. This was of course the wrong thing to do because once I started looking at him, the rest of the world seemed to dissolve and all I saw was him. It was a while before we remembered our conversation and stopped just staring at each other in wonder.

"After you left," he said softly, both of us not wanting to think about it, "Greg showed up in town looking for anyone would could tell him why his best employee was a shell of her former self."

Greg's vacation a week ago…

I winced and looked down. I didn't want Seth to know that I was so miserable.

I felt his warm hand under my chin and felt him move my head to look at him again.

"I am sorry–" I tried to begin, but I was cut off by Seth's fingers on my lips, silencing me.

"Your reaction was perfectly normal. Some of the people on the reservation who know the truth have had similar reactions, and you didn't have the legends to prepare you like they did. It's okay," he said, smiling at the end.

I smiled back and went back to my former position, curled into his side like a cat. A cat infatuated with a large dog…

"Anyway… Greg showed up and my mom was trying to figure out how to tell him without telling him the big secret," Seth continued. "I was busy moping around."

I gave Seth a hug at this point, still feeling bad that I could not have just accepted he was a wolf-man with out a major freak out.

"So, how did you convince Greg you were a good guy and he should help you see me?" I asked, still confused.

"Well, you obviously learned your sleuth tactics from him," Seth said with a laugh. "He also began poking around; trying to figure out the solution to his mystery by sneaking around places he should not be sneaking. That is how he saw one of us phase."

I bolted up right.

"Greg knows?! He knows what you are?" I couldn't believe it.

"Yep." Seth said with a smile, popping the 'p'. "It took a little time to calm him down, but he talked with my mom, Billy Black and Sam. They explained that we were protectors and to tell the world about us would be very bad. And he was okay. Then we explained that you knew the truth and he naturally figured that you didn't take the discovery well."

"But how did he know the bring you? And how did you show up at the moment I needed you?"

"I spoke privately to Greg and explained that I might have had something to do with you leaving and that I needed to see you. He must have seen truth in my face because he had me come back with him and stay at his place. He is a really cool guy. And, as far as how I got here, Greg called me when you were headed back here tonight and I ran as fast as I could."

"You ran?!"

Greg lived across town.

"You are worth it."

Turning my head, I stared at the angelic face above me, thanking God and Greg and everything that brought me to this moment.

"You know…" he said softly, his fingers beginning to wander across my face, "Ever since that night in the woods, I have really wanted to kiss you again…"

I answered his unasked question, leaning upward and meeting him half way.

I would never tire of kissing this man.

His arms cradled me while his lips moved with mine. We only broke apart when the need for oxygen was louder than the need for each other.


My face grew red when I realized I had spoken that out loud and Seth's face lit up with a smile. Holding me close, he replied, "You outshine my greatest dreams."

With his warmth around me, I fell asleep with those words repeating in my ears.

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