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More than scars and nightmares

After Frankie attacks Stella she finds out she is pregnant and decides to hide her pregnancy. How long can she keep this secret from the others? What will happen when the others find out?

Chapter 1

Stella heaved her stomach contents into the porcelain toilet bowl once again before she was able to sit up. Once the nausea had calmed down she gingerly pushed herself up from the floor. She made her way to the sink where she removed the plastic cup's wrapping and began to rinse out her mouth. She rinsed out her mouth a couple of times before picking up her tooth brush to finish the job of getting the awful taste out of her mouth. After she finished brushing she looked up into the mirror for the first time that morning. She hoped that it was the hotel's bad lighting that made her so pale looking. The cut on her cheek was almost healed; she could cover that with makeup. The cuts on her hands had also healed. But the dull look of sadness in her eyes had not gone away. She would be able to cover that up too. She would put up the 'everything's fine' wall. She had been able to put the wall up during the visits from Mac and Flack. She had even been convincing enough that after two weeks the department shrink was letting her go back to work. She would hold herself together until she got back to the hotel where she would break down again. Frankie had left with more than scars and nightmares. She found out while she was in the hospital that she was four weeks pregnant. She was glad that Flack had gone to get a cup of coffee and use his phone when the doctor came in and told her the news. She was able to get control of herself before Flack got back. He thought that her shaking hands were from having to relive what happened if he only knew.

She didn't know why she chose to hide her pregnancy. She guessed she couldn't bear the thought of how people were going to look at her and treat her differently. She knew Mac wouldn't let her anywhere near a crime scene, Hawkes would run her out of the lab because of the chemicals and if Flack had a say so she would not be allowed near the interrogation room. She could not handle those restrictions for seven and a half months. She did not know how long she was going to keep such a major secret from Mac. He was not only her boss but her best friend. Mac had come by the hotel just about every night just to check up on her and talk. He'd already got her to confess some of the nightmares she was having. He usually didn't stay long unless she wanted him too he never pushed. But she expected Mac to do that even though she said she was a big girl.

What surprised her most was Flack. He showed up to see her on her first Friday in the hotel.

Mac had just left with the promise of helping her apartment hunt the next day if he did not get called to a scene. Even though it was still early evening she decided to put on her night clothes, get in bed, and curl up with a book that she never usually had time to read. She had just gotten to a really juicy part in the book when there was a knock on the door. She had no clue who it could be so she decided to ignore it. She was about to call down to the front desk to report the disturbance when she heard a familiar voice call through the door. She quickly got up and went to the door.

"Don?" she asked, confused as she opened the door.

Don Flack stood there dressed in his work clothes with a six pack of beer sitting on top of a pizza.

"Hey, Stell I got off early and decided to see if you wanted some dinner and company. Oh did I wake you?" he asked, noticing her white tank top and black and white checked drawstring bottoms and bare feet for the first time.

"No I was just reading. Come on in," she said, as she opened the door wider and took the pizza and beer from him.

He walked into the large hotel room. Stella went to the small kitchenette and sat down the food items then went to the closet and pull out a grey sweatshirt then slipped it on.

"Have a seat," she offered, pointing to one of the queen size beds.

He sat down on the bed that was still made up slipping off his jacket.

"I brought a movie too. It's a new comedy I figured we see enough action at work," he called to her.

"Yeah nothing beats the live action we see every day," she said, handing him a plate with pizza and a beer.

"Yeah," he chuckled.

"You didn't have to do this Don," she said, looking him in the eyes.

"I know Stell but I wanted too. So do you want to watch this?" he asked, holding up the movie.

"Sure," she said, as she took the movie to put it in the player.

He kicked off his shoes scooted up on the bed so he could sit his beer on the night stand. Stella sat her beer in front of the water bottle she was drinking from hoping that Flack wouldn't notice. About half way through the movie Stella fell asleep. She jumped when she heard a door close.

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you," Don said, coming from the bathroom.

"Oh Don I'm so sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep," she apologized.

"No problem it wasn't a very good movie anyway. I guess I will have to try again," he said, smiling. "If that is ok with you?" He asked ,quickly.

"I would like that," she said, smiling.

"Good night Stella," he said, then walked to the door.

"Good night Don," she called, to him.

He showed up Saturday and Sunday with a movie and dinner. Plus the following weekend. It had been the only days that she didn't have nightmares.

Today was Monday her first day at work and she had already got a page that there was a body in the river. She better hurry, eat some crackers, and get to work.