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Chapter 12

Stella smiled at the sight in front of her Don was holding two year old Emily in the break room with the others gathered around.

"Who's that?" Don asked, pointing to Lindsay.

"Winsee," Emily said, grinning.

"That's right," the pregnant Lindsay said, as she held her arms up to the little girl.

Emily willingly went to her. Since Emily turned two a couple of weeks ago she had become a little parrot and even though everyone had to watch what kind of language they used around her, they loved to hear her talk.

"Who's this?" Lindsay asked, pointing to Danny.

"Nanny," she said, grinning.

"Danny," he corrected.

"Nanny," she agreed, nodding her head so that her curls bounced.

Danny chuckled.

"Aham," she said pointing to Adam.

"What's your name?" Adam asked, pointing to Emily

"Emawee Care," she said, proudly.

"That's right Emily Claire," he said, smiling.

Everyone adored that green eyed little girl; very few people could tell her no. Stella learned quickly that sometimes she just had to say no to her. After watching the scene for a few minutes she walked into the break room so that she could be seen.

"Mama!" Emily squealed and reached for her.

Lindsay put her down and she ran to Stella.

"What are you doing here?" Stella asked Emily as she picked her up.

"Me eat wif dada. I want mama," Emily explained.

Don was so excited the first time Emily called him dada but also a little nervous at what Stella would think. Stella knew that Don was the only man beside Mac, Hawkes and Danny in Emily's life all the time and Stella couldn't think of a better man for her to call daddy.

"You ate with daddy. Was that fun?" she asked.

"Yeah," Emily nodded.

"And then you wanted me?" Stella asked pointing at herself.

"Yeah! Wuv mama," Emily said, hugging her.

"I love you too baby," she said and then kissed her on the nose

"You know I had to bring her up here. I called your phone but you didn't answer," Don explained.

"Yeah sorry I was checking something out with Angell. I guess I didn't have a signal," Stella explained.

Everyone was talking amongst themselves when suddenly Emily squealed.

"Παππούς Ack!"

Causing everyone to chuckle.

Mac was the worst when it came to Emily, he would do anything for that little girl. He agreed to take Emily out for a dinner date on Valentines so Don and Stella could go out. One time Stella said that Mac was like a Grandfather or Παππούς apparently Emily liked the Greek word for Grandfather because that was what she has been calling him. Mac was not sure how to feel about being called a grandfather but the look on Emily's face when she said it made it worth it. Stella put Emily down.

"No running in the lab," she reminded her before releasing her.

Emily nodded then started off at a slow pace that turned into a trot and finally a full blown run. She was just about to reach Mac when she tripped on her little feet sprawling face first in front of him. He quickly picked up the crying little girl rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. She laid her head on her shoulder still sniffling as he headed towards the break room.

"I told you not to run," Stella scolded, softly as Emily looked up from Mac's shoulder then she looked her over to make sure she was ok.

Emily just buried her head back into Mac's shoulder and he rubbed her back.

"Oat," Emily whimpered into his shoulder.

"What?" he asked.

"Oat," she said, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He thought about what she was saying and then smiled.

"Ok but you have to walk or you won't get it ok," he said, putting her down.

Stella watched curiously as Emily happily toddled next to Mac down the hall to the lab. Mac took her into the lab and then a few minutes they came out of there with Emily wearing one of the lab coats. Mac had rolled up the sleeves but it still dragged the floor but Emily trotted back to them proudly.

"Tada!" she said, holding out her arms.

"Well Miss Bonasera do you have those lab results for me?" Hawkes asked, as he walked out of the lab.

Emily toddled over to him with a piece of paper Mac gave her and he bent down to her level she began to babble things to him and he looked at the blank paper with interest.

"Good work," he said, after she finished.

She grinned and hugged him tightly. He smiled and hugged her back; the little girl always seem to know when he needed a hug.

"Ok well I really do need to run with a lead so I will see you later," he said, standing up and walked away.

"BYE, BYE SHELLEN!" Emily called, waving.

Hawkes waved before the elevator closed. As Hawkes elevator closed Sid walked out of the other elevator.

"ID!" she squealed, waving at him.

The ME strolled up to them with one hand behind his back.

"I came at the perfect time. Here are your results and this is for you," Sid said, handing a folder to Stella and handed a pink gift bag to Emily.

Emily immediately began to take the paper out of the bag finding a stuffed lab puppy with a pink bow and a pink heart in its mouth.

"Woof woof," Emily said, hugging the toy close.

"That is from me and my girls for Valentines. There is something else in there for your dinner date with Grandpa Mac," Sid said, smiling.

She pulled out a long sleeve light pink shirt with stitched flowers and hearts with heart sequins and then she pulled out a denim skirt with little heart sequins on it and pink belt and a matching sequin bow.

"Me itty mama," Emily said, playing with the sequins on the bow.

"You will look very pretty. Now what do you tell Sid," Stella said, smiling.

"Tank you Id," Emily said hugging him.

"You're very welcome. I'm glad you liked it. Now I guess I better get back to work," he said, hugging her back

"I guess we all need to get back to work," Mac said.

"And it looks like someone is ready for a N.A.P," Don said, as he watched Emily rub her eyes and yawn.

Danny and Lindsay said their goodbyes and went back to work.

"Ok Emily it's time to give the coat back," Stella said, bending down to unbutton the coat.

"No!" Emily pouted, pulling back from Stella.

"She can…"

"No Mac, she is going to give the coat back or she won't wear it next time," Stella said, firmly as she pulled Emily back towards her.

Emily began to cry as Stella took the coat off and handed it back to Mac.

"You are so tired. You never act like this," Stella said, as she picked her up and rocked her.

"Tay if mama?" Emily asked, looking up at her pleadingly.

"No baby you can't stay with me. You are going to go home with daddy and take a nap and when you wake up you get to play with him. After you play for a while Mommy will be home to eat dinner. Then we can have bath and story time," she said soothingly, still rocking her.

Emily was half asleep when Stella handed her to Don. He guessed that it was motherly thing because he could never get Emily to calm down that quickly. He knew that Stella hated to leave Emily when she was upset so she usually tried to calm her down before she left her. Don loved Emily so much he would do anything for her. He also loved Stella very much in fact he was planning on proposing to her on Valentines weekend.

"I'll see you tonight. I'll try not to be too late," she said, kissing him on the cheek and then kissing Emily on the head.

"Bye" he said and then headed to the elevator with her now sleeping little girl.

She was so happy that she had the team with all that has happened to her since Emily was born. She would have never forgiven herself if something had happen to Emily when her apartment caught on fire. Since Stella and Don were working late Lindsay had taken Emily for a sleepover at her place. Even though Mac offered Stella moved in with Don. Somehow with all they have been through they all still managed to stay together. They were a family and she hoped that it would always stay that way.