I. Time is so relative

(to them)

it's like the rhythmic way that the ghosts (haunt)

The lives they lead (on?) are on shaky ground


II. The blood is there to remind him

things are just too right to be humane


And the birds still sing so Life goes on (softly)

III. breathing passes the




left to breath

and the poems in his head are just as slow and silent as the time







Lock the thoughts away

IV. His pulse is the (same)


Like those words that are the same

backwards as they are (forwards)

V. Colors have scents (did you know, did you)

she notes

the mother walking by (mother, such a word, such a knife on your tongue)

bouncing and singing and smiling at the smile

like a photo negative

it doesn't really need to make sense

my, my, my-ah, I'm so proud of you.

VI. There is no pride

only filth.

Sing them a song

(won't you?)

And they'll sing it right back

Because if ignorance is bliss then their smiles are oblivious

VII. Wishing on (Stars? Candles?)


Are you?

They are. And they'll get smoke in no time, just like that

(certainly makes sense to me)

VIII. Meaningless like

Someone else's song on your lips

she's young and her (eyes) smile is nervous

but everyone's an (accident waiting to happen) actress these days

And you can hear the proof

My, my, my-ah, look at that fi-yah.

IX. Time is only as relative as

their sleeping pattern, because

Day is light

and dark is night


A/N: I like this style. It makes me happy, and it hardly makes any sense. The movie belongs to Tim Burton, you know? Not me. The summary is from Taking Back Sunday's The Union. Yay.