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Once Upon an Engagement

Chapter 1: Finding out

It was midnight, a party was going on inside of the Hyuuga compound. Hinata Hyuuga was currently outside on the walkway of the compound headed back to the main porch. If she didn't make an appearance at the party soon her father would be angry with her and it wasn't a pretty sight when her father was angry. Her light lavender kimono trailed behind her as she walked. Creating the illusion that the sakura petels on the bottom of her dress danced. Her long bluish black hair was tied back by a purple string, her bangs hanging over her opaque eyes. Her side bangs framed her face, her hair swaying with everystep she took.

Stepping onto the porch she prepared to step into the main room where everyone was held. As she stepped onto the porch she looked up to be greeted by the sight of one Uchiha Sasuske. She stopped as she reached the top of the porch and just gazed at the last remaining Uchiha. He had just returned two weeks ago after killing his brother, the Akatsuki, and Orochimaru's gang. Naruto, the Hokage accepted him back once he brought him the heads of each group. The whole village accepted him back thinking him a hero after killing all the main threats to the village. He had been accepted as the leader of the Anbu Black. But all Hyuuga Hinata could think was two things. What is he doing here at the Hyuuga compound and why is he not inside with the rest of the guests.

Sasuske just stared back at Hinata, calmly looking at her face. He raked his eyes slowly over her body , looking her up and down. Hinata felt a chill go down her spine at the way his eyes traveled her body. As if she was a tasty morsel he wanted to devour over and over again.

"Hello Uchiha-san how are you this evening?", Hinata said trying to start a polite conversation with the missing ex-nin. He just continued to stare her down with his intimidating stare. His black eyes string her down, trying to find something she couldn't understand.

"U-Uchiha-san. Is everything alright?", she questioned trying to figure out what he was staring at. As if he had figured out what it was that he was searching for he took a step forward and unconsciously she took one back. A grin came to his face seeing her step back. A crash came from the main room causing Hinata to turn her head towards the sound. When she turn back towards Sasuke she found he was right in front of her. When she tried to put distance between them Sasuke grabbed the back of her head.

"Yes, you're the one."

"T-The one. What do you mean?", she asked almost afraid of the answer. He captured her gaze and looked into her eyes. Hinata was slightly confused, not knowing why it was that he keept looking at her for.

"I mean you're the one who will help me to complete my final goal, the resurrection of my clan." She just starred at him. How could she possibly resurrect his clan. It was impossible to bring his clan back to life.

"Hmm. Maybe I should say this clearer. You, my dear Hinata, will be the one to help to rebuild my clan. You shall be my matriarch and the bare my children. Hinata opened her mouth to respond, but didn't know what to say to what he said. She stood there like a fish out of water. Finally she found the words that were trapped in her throat.

" You're sadly mistaken if you think I will be the barer of your children Uchiha-san." He just smiled. A smile that said that he knew something she didn't know.

"Why are you smiling like that Uchiha-san?", she asked, almost afraid of the answer she would receive.

"You have no choice in the matter hime. For you see you are my bride, if you have any doubts you can just ask your father he set the whole thing up."

"But… that can't b-be possible. I c-cant' be your…"

"Oh yes you are, and there's no stopping it hime. You will be mine. I've fought for you and I will have my prize." Leaning down he Brushed his lips against her, rubbing his tongue against hers.

"Yes you will be mine hime if it's the last thing I do. You will be mine."

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