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Sasuke had been there for some time between five long minutes and ten short lifetimes, slumped across the ground with his cold dead arms cradling nothing. His obsidian eyes felt like glass marbles waiting to pop and roll out as soon as his skin grew loose enough. Sasuke's eyelids fluttered unevenly, and when he breathed it was like his lungs were filling with water instead of oxygen. Inside their shoes his toes twitched a few times before falling still. Oddly enough, his whole body felt warm despite the coldness of his skin and the ground. The snow had nearly finished melting, and it conformed to the shape of his body perfectly, like a custom-built casket.. Sasuke's teeth felt like hastily-made porcelain chips, shattering and grinding against each other, cracking in the cold. He thought he could taste metallic, and dozily realized his gums were bleeding. Odd, that when all blood had left him it decided to make its last exit through his teeth. It tweaked his nostrils with the scent of copper.

The world wasn't real anymore, Sasuke realized. And neither was he.

Naruto was real. Sasukeh was real. But not him.

Sasuke closed his eyes firmly, his chest rattling like an old and empty trunk. He tried to move, one last time, to stand and to follow them. But nothing would move. Everything felt like dying. So he focused on the deep breathing pattern he practiced when trying to sleep. Imagined, impossibly, sleeping in his bed and waking up with Naruto right next to him, kicking him awake and bugging him for breakfast because really, the idiot wouldn't cook worth shit.

As Sasuke quietly began fading, a set of footsteps sounded from behind him in the rain, but he had no more energy to turn his head around.

The homeless man, Kakashi Hatake shifted the forest green scarf down past his face to scratch the corner of his mouth. From between his lips, two tiny pricks of sharp fang protruded into his lower lip. Kakashi slid the wool hat from his head like he was at a funeral, only to then ruffle the back of his hair in faint discontent. His mismatched eyes stared down at the dying human with only mild interest.

"Well now," Kakashi murmured, "isn't this interesting?"


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