Moonwolf: I'm bashing Sasuke here!

Naruto was sitting in his chair in the dark room in the apartment he shared with Sasuke. He had been sitting there a few hours, waiting for the other to come home so they could…talk. Naruto shifted slightly and drummed his fingers against the wooden hands on each side of the chair, the dump thumping sound was like a hammer on the wood every time. He couldn't believe it when Kiba had come up to him, Akamaru by his side looking nervous and told him what he seen. He had refused to believe the brunette until Kiba dragged him along to see…and boy had he seen

Caught you in the act can't put up with that

Messing where you shouldn't be

I wanna hear you say you're sorry

Cause nobody takes advantage of me

Pink and black mingled together as Sasuke trust into a very willing Sakura. Naruto slid away quietly from the window Kiba had made him peek inside and stared at the dog nin, who was trying not to look at the blond as tears welled up in his yes "no genjutsu?" the voice was broken and Kiba almost regretted having to say anything "no…no genjutsu…no trick… I'm sorry" he took Naruto's sleeve and started to tug him away from Sakura's house. Naruto followed him willingly down the dark paths of Konoha, not really caring where the dog nin was leading him. Sasuke… he trusted him and whys shouldn't he? They were lovers…boyfriends, who were suppose to trust and love each other… 'but Sasuke has done this once before hasn't he Naruto?' It was a whispered cruel voice in the back of his head, making him want to puke. Yes Sasuke had done this once before…but not with Sakura…who had been his friend. Kiba shoot him a concerned look as they stopped outside the apartment "you okay Naruto? Need me to stay?" he asked, truly concerned for his friend

Naruto swallowed heavily before shaking his head "no…I'm good" a lie, the voice hissed in his mind. But Kiba, thank god, didn't call him on the lie, just patted him on the shoulder with his brown eyes flashing in understanding. Akamaru whined by his side and licked Naruto's hand, prompting him to gently scratch behind the dogs furry ear "…see you another time Kiba, Akamaru" he muttered and walked inside the suddenly so cold apartment. Kiba hesitated, looking at the stock still Naruto in the doorway before sighing and nodding for Akamaru to follow him "Kiba…" he turned at the sound of the Kyuubi keeper's voice "yeah?" he asked. Naruto didn't turn "your on guard right?" he asked quietly and Kiba made a confirming noise.

Then first did the blond turn his head, almost making Kiba fall over in surprise as the lovable blonds eyes flashed blood thirsty red "don't respond to a call here" he growled out before closing the door behind him. Kiba swallowed heavily and looked down on a whining Akamaru "…I don't envy Sasuke…but the bastard deserves it" he muttered out before leaving with the big dog on his tail.

You're missing the mark shooting in the dark

I'm pulling the wool from my eyes

Baby don't you push me further

It's gonna hurt you if it happens twice

That had been over five hours ago, Naruto having time to pack up his things and send them of with some of his shadow clones to Iruka-sensei, knowing that his nii-chan wouldn't question it to much until he came back. Now all he had to was wait for Sasuke…

'And talk about the devil and he will arrive' Naruto thought sarcastically as the lock in the door turned quietly and the door slowly went open, Sasuke was obviously trying to sneak himself in. Quietly taking of shoe's and putting them by the door, his chakra suppressed the whole time. It almost made Naruto snort as he reached over to the lamp beside him and turned it on, the light making Sasuke jump in surprise "N-Naruto…what are you doing up?" he asked, seemingly casual. Naruto took a few moments to look the other over, almost smirking when he saw that Sasuke had dressed up like he had just returned from a mission. The Uchiha had even made a few rips and tears that he was sure would have been left to Naruto to mend.

Naruto lent forward and rested her elbows on his knees "waiting for you…dear" he smirked coldly. Sasuke raised a eyebrow, his insides panicking, Naruto couldn't know…could he?

The blond stood up slowly, his dark blue eyes staring at Sasuke unwavering as he got into his full height. The blond was still smaller then most males but at the moment he was pretty intimidating to the dark male standing by the door "that was really nice of you love" he tried to sooth a wild beast and he knew it. Naruto's smirk turned nasty "yes…you will never guess what a friend of mine showed me today" Sasuke made a non-committing sound as he watched his lover warily "no… I cant" Sasuke was praying to god that it wasn't what he thought still remembering what Naruto said last time 'but Sasuke baby…its going to hurt you if it happens twice' the line still sent unpleasant shudders down his spine.

He licked his lips, suddenly regretting taking Sakura up on the offer she made "well then I guess I'll tell you…" Naruto smirked and stepped closer to Sasuke, the Uchiha first now noticing that the blond was wearing his ANBU gloves "he showed me to Sakura's house…guess what I saw there" he whispered in a soft, steely voice. Sasuke's non-existent heart froze as his fears were confirmed, his feet pinned to the floor, Naruto's voice got even lower "I said it last time Sasuke… next time it happened, next time you hurt me and messed where you shouldn't, then it was going to hurt you if it happened twice"

Sasuke had never been as terrified as when Uzumaki Naruto closed in on him, the normally soft light blue eyes now steely dark blue that seemed to penetrate him "I'm going to make you bleed Sasuke" the blond promised darkly. Sasuke didn't even have time to blink.


Kiba sighed and drowned another shot of tequila, ignoring the fact that he was on guard with Raidou for the night, ignoring the phone ringing on the wall. Genma who was sitting with him along with a few other jounin's raised a eyebrow "…aren't you going to take that?" he asked quietly and Kiba shook his head "no…I know what their calling for" he grunted.

Genma flickered the senbon in his mouth "oh…how do you know?" he questioned, knowing the dog nin was somewhat drunk, judging by the half empty tequila bottle by his side. Kiba turned bloodshot brown eyes to him and snorted "how I know, how I know" he muttered to himself before knocking down another shoot "easy there Kiba…I think your drinking to much" Asuma had come over from somewhere and taken the bottle away, not wanting to invoke the wrath of Kurenai on the young nin. Kiba snorted and twirled a finger around the glass as he rested his face in his palm as his elbow rested on the table "I don't think I had bloody enough…stupid Uchiha…stupid Naruto" he muttered under his breath.

Iruka, who until then had only either been ignoring Kiba or giving him disapproving glares, snapped his head up to him "what about Naruto?…is something wrong with him?" he asked, concerned about his pseudo brother. Kiba snorted again "nothing wrong with him…Uchiha on the other hand…" Kiba smirked lightly, without any humour in his voice or on his face.

By now everyone was interested and Kiba knew it by just glancing around. He was silent for a few moments before speaking up "baby don't push me further, its going to hurt you if it happens twice…" he trailed of. Everyone exchanged looks as they remembered the words from two months ago that the blond had spoken to the raven. And somewhere in the room, a red phone was ringing hard to get attention.