Moonwolf: thinks this might be the last one… yeah, and enjoy the smut!


Healing was a slow process for Naruto. He slipped away from his friends more and more often, people saw him less and less and he took more and more missions.

He never saw anyone of his…genin team-mates willingly. He used that term lightly…team-mates were people that cared for you, had your back when things turned rough…team-mates were people that was ready to kill and bleed for you. His team was not like that… Sai was a jerk yeah…a emotionless backstabbing jerk. Sakura was a stuck up pink headed bitch that needed to get back to earth. And then there was Sasuke… the traitor… the power hungry, obsessive , still jealous of his brother brat that Naruto had given his heart to.

What a mistake…

Naruto used the branch that he poked in the fire not long ago with, drawing a circle on the ground as the fire sparked and crinkled away merrily in front of his crossed legs. He drew a straight line through it before doing the same the other way, letting the circles have four pieces. He drew a deep shuddering breath as he drew a S in three of the triangles and a N in the last one, lazily he drew a K in the middle. The five parts of team Kakashi… Sasuke…Sakura…Sai…Naruto…and Kakashi.

His lips pulled into a grim grimace at the though, why did over half of his team mates name start with S?…and how come all of them gone out of their way to hurt him?

Naruto sighed and let his head drop, the stick hanging limp in his hand. Then there was Kakashi… his sempai that confused Naruto more then any other person in the world. The man that had come looking for Naruto and had found him on the Hokage heads, the man that had said it was okay to cry for the blond. Had held Naruto during some of his weakest moments and had bought the blond back to Kakashi's own apartment to rest when the blond had cried himself to sleep.

It had been strange to wake up with nin-dogs staring at him, though not as strange as seeing Kakashi making breakfast dressed in a white apron with red dots all over… he still snickered softly when he remembered that image "something funny Naruto?" Naruto looked up and over the fire, straight into Kakashi's dark grey eye "just remembering stuff" he shrugged.

That had also been a change for him to heal, he no longer went on mission with Sasuke, Sakura or Sai, just Kakashi or if needed another chuunin or jounin to team up with them. Usually this was either Genma or Lee, both very nice and enjoyable. But most time it was like this…just the two of them.

Naruto was drawn out of his thoughts by Kakashi sitting down next to him, the orange book typical enough in his hand. Naruto rolled his eyes "can you seriously read that now? In this darkness?" Kakashi shoot him a eye smile, his own signal for yes. Naruto rolled his eyes again and prodded a log in the fire, watching as it crumbled together, showering the air over it with small sparks that died out quickly enough. Kakashi was discreetly watching Naruto from the corner of his eye, his lips set in a concerned frown. The blond had been slowly tearing himself away from everyone, throwing himself into working and training and that worried the copy nin.

He had never had someone cheat on him like Sasuke had…mostly because he didn't really have that many that could but for Naruto to get a blow like that… from all his team mates… he sighed quietly, what he did know was how it felt to lose your whole team… though Naruto had yet to lose his sensei. Kakashi's eye harden in determination. Naruto did not notice as he was staring blankly into the fire, images from the past going through his mind, images of him and his team mates…of Sasuke.

Naruto gasped in surprise as a hand pushed him down on his back, feeling the cold earth under him. He looked up at Kakashi who was hovering over him with a sad but also angered look in his eyes "your tearing yourself up on the inside…isolating yourself from everyone and frankly…I had enough Naruto" Kakashi whispered.

Naruto turned his head to the side, refusing to look at his sempai but two firm but gentle fingers under his chin bough his eyes back. Kakashi gently stroked Naruto's whiskered cheek with his thumb "I had enough Naruto…its time to heal and forget" Naruto stared into the one grey eye and chocked out one word "h-how?"

Kakashi smiled behind his mask and reached up to slowly pull it down. Naruto was staring wide eyed at him as Kakashi slowly lent down and pushed his own full lips against Naruto's slightly chapped ones "let me help you forget…" Kakashi murmured.

Naruto hesitated, staring into Kakashi's one eye, seeing all the love the copy nin had for him that he never noticed before, feeling the tender pressure on his lips that sent small sparks through him.

He knew what he wanted.

Naruto closed his eyes and responded timidly to Kakashi's move, giving the go signal. Kakashi internally sighed in relief as he gently moved the hand pinning Naruto down to under the blond head, tilting Naruto into a better angle for kissing. Naruto moved his arms to wrap fully around Kakashi's shoulders, one laying in the middle of them, the other landing on his neck to gently play with silver locks.

It sent a small shiver down Kakashi's back as he probed Naruto's lips with his tongue, smiling when Naruto instantly let him in to explore the dark caverns. Kakashi's first thought was…honey and ramen, not really that unpleasant taste as he teased Naruto's tongue into a tag game.

Naruto mewled softly and pressed closer to the older male, one of his hands going to Kakashi's vest to unzip it. Kakashi pulled away breathing heavily as he stared down on Naruto "I think…we should relocated ourselves" he said and tugged Naruto up.


Naruto cried out lustfully as he writhed under Kakashi's skilled hands and tongue, the copy nin having the blond completely under his mercy as he probed the tender spot inside Naruto with his fingers as he sucked teasingly on the candy pink mushroom head. And Naruto responded vocally and beautifully to Kakashi's acts.

Naruto's hips bucked as Kakashi pushed hard on his prostate and the noise that escaped him was almost primal "god damn Kakashi!…" Naruto half way gasped/growled out, crying out again as Kakashi started to chuckle around his flesh. Then that hot, wonderful, tight mouth pulled away "something wrong Naru-chan? Something you need?" the copy nin whispered huskily, grinning as Naruto whimpered in distress.

Kakashi slowly pulled and pushed his fingers out and in of Naruto, his eyes on Naruto's face as it was consorted pleasure, his pink mouth wide open to catch air between the delicious noises and his eyes a dark blue in lust as they were lidded and staring up into the tent ceiling "you…I want…you" Naruto whispered breathlessly, staring down at Kakashi with a certain innocence that never seemed to have left Naruto…even at his age. It made Kakashi's stomach flip.

Naruto gasped as Kakashi grabbed tanned hips and flipped him onto his knees "ask and ye shall receive" Kakashi whispered teasingly into Naruto's ear as he lined up against Naruto's entrance, nibbling sexily on the shell of it. Naruto just whimpered softly before moaning loudly as Kakashi pushed inside with one forceful thrust. The copy nin hissed as the warmth and tightness engulfed him, forcing himself to still as it would end to soon if he continued, plus he had to give Naruto a chance to adjust to Kakashi's size.

Naruto's arms shuddered weakly before he lost control of them, the feeling of Kakashi inside of him robbing him of all strength along with the teasing Kakashi had done before. He pushed his face into his sleeping bag as sweat rolled down his back, his hair stuck to his forehead "tired Naruto?" Kakashi whispered, his voice slightly strained as he ran a hand along Naruto's spine. Naruto shivered "y-your big…bigger then Sasuke" the blond moaned out, causing Kakashi to grin wolfishly "just…give me a…moment" the Kyuubi jailor begged.

Kakashi moved his hands to Naruto's tan hips, gently stroking as he waited for Naruto to give a go. Naruto took a deep breath and gently wiggled his hips, stopping when Kakashi gave a gasp behind him and tighten the grip on his hips "d-don't do that Naruto…if your not…ready" Kakashi rumbled out deep in his chest. Naruto giggled slightly "aww cant stand the teasing sempai?" he teased but gasped as Kakashi gave one hard thrust.

Kakashi growled softly "I'll make you eat those words Naruto…cause I think your ready" he smirked and adjusted his grip on those slim hips. Then he started to pound into the warmth and tightness, wringing loud cries and screams from a lovely throat as Naruto begged for more, faster, harder. He screamed as Kakashi's hand closer around his erection "naa kas close" he managed to get out, arching his back and pushing back against Kakashi just as his seme pushed hard into him, flesh slapping against each other in the silence of the night.

Kakashi groaned and lent down to rest his chest against Naruto's back as he continued thrusting into and stroking Naruto's hard flesh "don't…hold back…Naruto" he growled into a tanned ear, biting the lobe gently as he struck Naruto's sweet spot head on as he simultaneously squeezed the head of Naruto's shaft.

Naruto screamed, his body tensing as he came all over his sleeping bag before going limp, barely feeling Kakashi thrust a few more times into his shaking body before coming inside of Naruto with a quiet groan sounding a lot like Naruto's own name.

Naruto slowly collapsed down on the ground, barely feeling the wet spot under him in his pleasured addled mind, even as Kakashi followed down after him, gently moving Naruto out of it before resting beside Naruto his arms wrapping around the golden frame.

They laid there together for a little while as Kakashi's soften member slipped out of Naruto but Kakashi stayed wrapped around Naruto, planting small kisses on the back of Naruto's neck as he stroked the blonds stomach. Naruto gathered enough strength to shift around, to smile into Kakashi's eye as he stroked silver hair away "thank you…" he whispered as Kakashi chuckled and just pulled him closer "your sleeping bag might need a wash…I think you will have to share with me for a while" Kakashi said somewhat smugly.

Naruto just laughed softly and kissed Kakashi.

He didn't need to ask why Kakashi was doing this… he had a feeling he already knew.