There was something called sugar and something called being hyper. Well, those to go hand in hand with each other. And then there was Hyoutei.

"OMIGOSH! LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!!" Mukahi ran into the courts with a 20kg bag of sugar. (A/N: 20kg?!)

"What is it now?" Shishido was unenthusiastic about Mukahi and whatever he found.

"IT'S SUGAAAAR!!" Mukahi was hyper no doubt.

"Wow, sugar. It's amazing." Shishido was annoyed at Mukahi.

"NO IT'S AWESOME!!" He stuffed a handful of sugar in Shishido's mouth. And when you have a handful of sugar, you get hyper too.

"OMIGOSH IT IS AWESOME!!" So there they were, two 14 year olds on sugar. And a lot of sugar. Choutaro was just shocked. Oshitari was reading his romance novel. Jirou was just waking up.

"OMIGOSH JIROU YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!" Shishido stuffed a handful of sugar into Jirou's mouth. Guess what? He was hyper too.

"IT'S AWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!! I LOVE IT!" Jirou, Shishido and Mukahi bounced around in circles, sugar high and devouring the sugar.

"ORE-SAMA DEMANDS TO --" Atobe was interrupted by Jirou, Shishido and Mukahi bouncing on him. Yes on him.

Oshitari looked up from his novel. What he saw shocked him a lot. Jirou, Shishido and Mukahi were jumping on the captain while being high sugar. Instead of just staring he took out his camcorder and started recording. (A/N: BLACKMAIL!!)

Well, Choutaro wanted know why they were on sugar so fast and Kabaji was just there. Yup, he just stood there. Hiyoshi just walked in.

"Gekokujyou…" Hiyoshi was sure that he'll become captain next year.

My goodness, THIS IS SHORT. Oh well, remember sugar is like addicting but you get all tired after. So don't take sugar! Or drugs.