Me: Hikari, guess what?

Cait: I don't know. But do I even wanna know?

Me: Of course silly. X3. I'm starting another story!

Cait: Oh geez.

Trisha: I agree with ya there Cait.

Me: Aibou, hikari, you're both mean! (runs down the street, up six blocks, and over the hill)

Trisha: Did we get rid of her?

Cait: Yup! Now let's partay!

Trisha: Here's the beginning of What Happened? Enjoy! (parties with Cait)


Jim Hawkins, a boy who just moved to Nome, was unpacking his things. And through the walls he could hear his parents fighting yet again about completely nothing. Tears started to prickle at the corner of Jim's eyes. He hated when his parents fight. He didn't know why. Understanding why they did it was something that would come up in a conversation soon.

Jim, of course, wanted no part in it. And he knew it. Both his parents didn't really care about him. Even if they did show it sometimes, they still fought. And that one fact was killing Jim. He didn't want any part in it. But there was no way for him to stop it. It was a useless effort. So once he finished packing he went downstairs.

Looking up from the floor he noticed the front door was open when it should have been locked. Now was the chance he had to get away from his life. Because his mother found him unique and his dad found he was annoying that's one of the reason's why his parents fought. But there were so many other things as well. Even if Jim didn't want to admit it.

Knocking him out of his thoughts was his dad coming down the stairs. He was scared because his dad saw him right in front of the door that would give Jim his freedom. Then there was something in Leland's eyes that made Jim worry. His dad never showed what he was feeling. But what was in his eyes was fear. Fear of losing his only son to the world.

Before Leland even moved Jim was out the door. Jim didn't care where he ran. As long as he got away from his home and parents. "JIM!" Leland called. But there was nothing he could do. Jim was out of his sight before he even had the chance to call the name. Soon he came to an alley and went down it. That was where he decided to spend the night as soon as he stopped crying from what had happened.


Balto was just making his nightly rounds. He loved when night came. Because all the other dogs were in their homes. So they couldn't make fun of him. He hated those dogs for it. But he never could stand up to them. Boris was always telling him, "If you vant tem to leave you alone ten you have to show tem vat you're made of!"

The half-breed always smiled. Even though they were different he looked up to Boris. When Balto was a pup he was separated from his mother. Then Boris took him in. Ever since the goose has always been like a father to him. It's still a wonder why he doesn't honk instead of bark. But that's just the way he is. And he doesn't care much.

Something seemed off about this night though. Balto couldn't put his paw on it. It just didn't seem like any other night. He roamed around a little bit more. But when he came upon an alley that had sound coming from it he went to investigate. Even if it was nothing he still wanted to know.

"Is anybody there?" He called out. Balto heard a gasp. A human? What was a human doing out at night in the middle of winter? Wasn't a human supposed to be in a home? But this seemed different. He still didn't understand. But he was going to find out soon.


"Is anybody there?" Jim gasped. What was that? Was it someone his dad sent out to find him? But then again Jim did have a gift that he didn't think anyone else had. Maybe it was a sled dog he's heard so much about. But that wasn't possible. Even if it was there was no way a dog would want to meet him.

So he just shook his head and got up. He dusted himself off before he looked to the opening of the alley. Jim gasped yet again. It was a wolf…wait. No, it was a dog. That wasn't it either. This animal was both. So this animal was a half-breed. It was between a wolf and dog. Odd combination. But then again, he was too.

It was finally time to face up to this animal. "There is. My name is Jim Hawkins. I have no wish of returning home." This was not a request. It was a demand. Jim refused to go back to that life. There was no reason to if his parents were going to keep fighting. And he would go kicking and screaming the whole way back if he had to.


"There is. My name is Jim Hawkins. I have no wish of returning home." Balto gasped. Never had he heard of a human understanding animals. This had to be a first. But a second ago he saw the human get up and look at him. He wasn't scared when he saw the steel blue eyes the human had. That color he had never seen before. And it intrigued Balto to no end.

Swallowing a little hard he answered back. "I mean no harm. I just heard something and wanted to see what it was. I'm sorry for disturbing you. I'll be on my way." He turned to walk away.

He didn't want to upset this child anymore. Now that he thought about it, it sounded like the human was crying. Of what? Balto had no clue. Nor was he going to press for answers. So he just went back to his business scouting the streets of Nome before he heard the child speak.


"Wait!" He saw the half-breed stop. "Please. I don't want to be alone. I… I hate to be alone. Stay with me?" Jim knew he was being selfish. He knew. But he didn't want to be alone anymore. He hated it. Because that's what would happen when his parents got into fights.

Without realizing it the half-breed had stayed and walked towards him. Jim saw the this wolf dog had yellow eyes, and a beautiful brown coat. With a tan color for the belly, legs, and tail. He would become good friends with this wolf dog. He just knew it.


Balto walked up to the human and chuckled at Jim staring. "Ok. I'll stay Jim. I'll keep you warm too." He smiled when he saw the child smile. "But let's go to somewhere much more comfortable." Balto turned his back. "Get on. I'll carry you there. And besides, I can see how tired you are."

There was another chuckle from him. Jim's face was a little red from embarrassment. "Is it really that noticeable?" He asked. The wolf dog nodded. Jim just shook his head to try and get the heat from his face. He hated blushing. It made him feel like he just wanted to crawl in a hole until it went away.

After the little fiasco, Jim did as the wolf dog asked. As soon as he did he felt the wind in his face. It felt good. They were going really fast. It was like riding in his mom's convertible. The wind in his hair and face. Made him feel like he was flying. That was also one of his dreams. To fly in the stars. To create something that could fly in the sky that was built a lot smaller than a plane.

"I'm Balto by the way." The wolf dog said pulling Jim out of his thoughts. "Just thought you should know Jim. Since I already knew you." They both smiled. They never once took their eyes off each other. Other than Balto dodging things in his way.


Some time passed before they finally reached the boat Balto lived on. Jim had fallen asleep a little bit ago. Balto couldn't blame him. The kid just ran away from home and had been crying. Everything was coming at him all at once. Just like when he had to deal with his separation from his mother and father.

His overprotective 'father' disturbed his thoughts. "Just vere have you been boy-chick?! I vas getting so vorried! I didn't know vat to do! And-" Just before Boris could continue Balto held his beak shut. Boris didn't know why Balto until he saw the human with him. He looked at Balto who nodded and Boris understood.

"Boris…" He started, "I found him in an alley. His name is Jim Hawkins and he's a runaway. I know I should've taken him back. But… he didn't seem like his home life was the best." Balto looked to the child that he slid off his back and was now laying in the snow. He softened his gaze and walked to Jim to take him on the boat.

Once Balto got Jim settled under the blanket and his head on a pillow he went to tell Boris that the child will stay with them. What he didn't tell Boris was Jim could understand everything they said. He wanted to see Boris' reaction to that. After the talk he went back to Jim.

Jim woke up a little. "Balto?" He asked as he saw a figure in the doorway. Balto nodded and laid right next to Jim. Balto knew that Jim was going to be feeling like he was alone because Balto had been there before. So he wouldn't leave Jim alone if his life depended on it. Jim needed the comfort. And Balto was there to give it.

After Jim wrapped his arms around Balto he went to sleep. Balto was a bit surprised at first but then settled down. He did the best he could to wrap himself around Jim. Soon Balto too found himself asleep. Boris looked at them from the doorway smiling. Then he joined them and found sleep himself. None knowing what the next day would hold for them.