Code Geass: Knight of Revolution

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Prologue: The Wheel Begins to Turn

"Knight of Two, for what reason do you ask me this?"

Before the Holy Emperor of Britannia, Charles Di Britannia, knelt Knight of Two Halbdenkul. His service was pristine, as were two others beside him, Knight of Five Morgendämmerung, and Knight of Eight Giustizia. Two hours prior, Lelouch Vi Britannia had stormed from the grand hall in – what the three of them had described as – righteous fury.

Now, before the throng of nobles and their liege, Halbdenkul asked a bold request of the Emperor.

"Your Imperial Majesty, I request permission to watch over Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia because I feel that that despite your decision milord, that the recent assassination of Lady Marianne Vi Britannia is also a statement of a successful attack on your person."

Whispers spread like fire through the masses. Emperor Britannia stood from his throne with a clenched fist. Walking over to his Knight of Rounds, Charles punched the man as hard as he could, drawing gasps of shock from the nobility. Knight of Five and Knight of Eight both tensed at the action. Halbdenkul sprawled on the floor; the blow took him by complete surprise.

"You would say that my wives are me? You have some tongue on you Knight of Two."

"Then what of the sacred sanctity of marriage between a man and woman? Their children are the blood of both the parents; she was a part of you Your Imperial Majesty! Thus by attacking and killing Lady Marianne, they have attacked you. Numbered nations would see this and any successful strike on her children as a blow to you."

The second blow sent the knight reeling, but not to the floor as the last had. Morgen and Giustizia tensed to move to assist him, but his short, curt glare told them to hold their positions.

"Which is why I have cut away that little upstart. Marianne's status as a commoner and her rebellious spirit is known to all here, including you and the other Knight of Rounds. I do not care about a tryst, which was ultimately foolish of me. A moment of passion that I've no use of."

The statement was met with approval from the rest of the assembly. The three Knight of Rounds grit their teeth. They weren't the only ones who had respected Marianne the Flash during her time with Britannia incarnate. To see her lost life and her children coldly cast off from the line was like spitting on her loss and her children. A deep realization and anger grew within the Knight of Two. The other Knights frowned in disapproval of the blind agreement of the nobility.

Marianne had been a light among the prim and proper etiquette of society, her 'rebellious' nature as the Emperor had put it was apparent the day she rode into the very grand hall they now occupied on horseback in order to get Charles' attention after being turned down from an audience.

Several of the Knights and Charles's children, Schneizel, Cornelia, Clovis, and a few others had shared a good laugh about his Majesties dumbstruck facial expression.

Now the three Knights burned at his Imperial Majesty's slander of a good woman and amazing nightmare pilot. The Ashford Family had lost reputation with the loss of Marianne, and a number of the Royal Family were crushed, though they would carry on. Halbdenkul felt that if this were to continue down this road, the future of Britannia would die out early.

It seemed to him that Charles was determined to remain blind to this fact.

"To cast aside one's own family, if the ruler cannot care for his own flesh and blood, then how can he be expected to love and care for his countrymen?! People he doesn't even know personally? My vows of Knighthood were to protect the people of the country to the best of my ability unto the destruction of my soul!"

Halbdenkul stood with clenched fist held at his heart. His lip swelled and bled from Charles' blow. His fellow Knight of Rounds present reflected the fire in his eyes. The spectacle was more amazing than Lelouch's declaration of abandonment.

"To be a shield of Britannia's people, a sword unto its enemies! To fight for the greater good of the people! To uphold virtue and vigilence against all threats against her people! To this, I shall uphold my honor, my vow. I shall fight for its people, even if it should mean . . ."

He removed his outer cloak and drew his sword, though it was strictly ceremonial, the action drew panic from all present. Tossing the fabric onto the floor before Charles' feet, he stabbed the cloth in the center.

" . . . that my enemy is you!"

The two Rounds removed their own cloaks and swords and followed Halbdenkul's example. Together, the three of them removed their emblems of Rounds and tossed them beside the Emperor's feet. It was sign of humiliation and contempt.

The now Former Knight of Two and his compatriots turned and marched out of the hall. None stopped the trio; they were all too shocked by the turn of events for the day. First, the prince of Britannia Lelouch had disowned his own father and country, now, three of the most powerful knights of Britannia were resigning with no warning. Not only had they resigned but apparently they claimed that the Emperor was now their enemy.

The Grand Hall remained silent after their footsteps had grown quiet. Charles Di Britannia glared at the exit. His own Knights were falling apart.