Code Geass: Knight of Revolution


This is the final chapter in Code Geass: Knight of Revolution.

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With that said, here's the finale of "R1".

Chapter 40: In the Eye of the Hurricane

It had been four days since the overwhelming one sided show of force and strategy displayed by Zero and the Black Knights. Now the men and women worked on restoration of the destroyed and damaged areas. The throne room had been changed into a meeting room with a large circular table. All of the key members sat around it with Zero facing the entrance. To his left was Kallen and on the other side was Nunally, followed by Cornelia and Euphemia. Sitting beside Kallen was Toudoh. Standing behind him were his Holy Swords, though Chiba stayed a bit closer to him than the rest.

Ohgi Kaname sat beside the former Colonel along with Rakshata Chawla and Diethard Reid. Guilford, Darlton, and his sons stood in formation behind Cornelia and Euphemia. Standing behind and between Zero and Kallen was Morgen, while Guistizia had come out of hiding in Tokyo to stand on the other side between Zero and his little sister. Despite the number of people present, the table still had just over a quarter of its space still empty.

"Well, we've finally arrived. Ohgi, Toudoh, you both should be very pleased to see this day."

"I can finally say that the sacrifices made have not been in vain. I never thought I see this day arrive so soon. Zero, you have my thanks for that. Still, things aren't going to be any easier the next few weeks."

The people around the table nodded. Now would be the time they would consider themselves to be the weakest and most vulnerable. Ohgi stood and looked to Lelouch.

"I think we should take Hal's words in earnest and prepare for anything from China."

Lelouch sighed and leaned on one hand.

"I know what you're talking about Ohgi, but balancing the forces to keep the peace and the defense of the nation will take time to plan. I've already had a basic outline for this moment, but that took into account the presence of Hal. Without him, there's a few positions that aren't filled. Despite his battlefield experience, he was being groomed by Charles to be an excellent diplomat with the aid of the Knight of One."

"Why don't you take up that position?"

Heads turned to face Euphie, who smiled. He shook his head, and Toudoh nodded in agreement.

"Euphemia, the role of Zero is to be the person who strikes out at anyone who abuses the weak and attacks this country in its time of rebirth. That's not exactly the most fitting position for a diplomat, much less political figure. While Cornelia and you have earned our trust that you are different from the rest of Britannia, the people won't view it as such. I don't mean anything against you two by that."

Cornelia waved her hand as Euphie pouted a bit. Guilford gave her a sympathetic smile and Darlton chuckled. This was a conversation he'd never dreamed of seeing, yet here they were.

"You have nothing to apologize for Toudoh, it's a natural concern; and one that I understand quite well. However, you won't take the mantle either will you?"

The man smiled and closed his eyes before laughing quietly. Shaking his head, he answered her.

"That's correct. I've been a soldier all my life and nothing more. There is no place for me in such a position, I'd rather support my country the best way I know how; in it's defense."

Acknowledgments went around the table. It was obvious that no one else could take the title due to either their origin of birth, or by their trade specialties. Things only continued to grow more and more bothersome until a messenger entered the room. Donning his mask, they all looked toward the main entrance to the room.

"Well? What is it?"

"Representative from Kyoto Taizo Kirihara and Sumeragi Kaguya are requesting a meeting!"

Zero smiled, though no one saw it. It seemed the problem was answering itself. Nodding once to let him know to let them in, Kirihara and Kaguya entered the room. The opening greetings did not go as everyone had expected. The petit Japanese girl rushed around the table as fast as her miko like robes would let her before hugged Nunally. A strange, half strangled sound came from Zero as he jerked away from the sudden cute attack. Cornelia and Euphie felt their jaws drop at the spectacle. Kallen inwardly groaned and slapped her forehead in frustration. Most everyone else either stood or sat in confusion.

"Eek! Nunally, you're really okay!! We hadn't heard from you since the invasion and to see you beside Zero-sama . . . You're just too much!"

"Ah! Kaguya-san! It's really you. Have you been alright?"

The girl nodded enthusiastically. Before any other questions could be asked or thought of, Kirihara cleared his throat. The attention went to the man immediately.

"Zero, are the reports I've received from Toudoh really true? That you are not Japanese?"

"They are."

"Why do you do this? Fight for our nation?"

"To correct the mislead people of Britannia and fell Emperor Charles Di Britannia! It is a responsibility I must go through with."

The old leader looked to Cornelia and Euphemia with suspect.

"You are sure, even with princesses of that very country?"

"I am, for I know that they share my views. We will destroy the Britannia that exists now and rebuild it the way it should be. We will retract our forces from foreign nations and we will not embark on another world conquest so long as we are alive. It is the least I can do for your assistance back then."

He reached up and removed his mask. Kirihara's eyes widened.

"So it is you. Ha, the seed I planted has begun to grow and bear fruit. You are much like your Father, yet completely unlike him as well."

Lelouch visibly shuddered and made a grossed out face that made Cornelia and Euphemia laugh at him. Nunally giggled at her brother being compared to their Father. She was pretty sure that he had some facial expression to show his disgust. Shaking off the invisible feeling of grim that suddenly covered him, Lelouch clenched a fist.

"Ugh, I don't know whether to be pleased or utterly insulted Kirihara. Regardless, I suddenly have the urge to spend an hour or two in the showers."

'I could help him with that.' Two women thought at the same time. Lelouch hesitated before sneezing rather loudly. The action made everyone lean away. The wayward prince apologized and worked his mind.

'Someone just thought a naughty thing toward me. Could it be Kallen? It would make sense, but could there be another . . .'

He spotted Kaguya giving him a half bashful, half mischievous look out of the corner of his eye. Rubbing his face, he knew this was trouble.

'Kaguya?! She's what . . . Fourteen? Oh dear God.'

"Anyway, back to where we were. The person to take the head leadership role in Japan can't be anyone who we've mentioned before due to reasons of ethnic background, specialized experiences, or plain and simple, just won't do it. So that being said, Kirihara, do you have any likely candidates that would fit the bill?"

"Trying to find a suitable person to be Japan's representative?"

All the heads in the group nodded. The old man laughed heartily. Such promising young individuals yet they couldn't come to a consensus on a figurehead. He did understand the difficulties though, given each of everyone's backgrounds. His eyes went around the table before landing on Kaguya, who canted her head to the side effeminately and smiled sweetly. Her innocent appearance belied her inner fire and forged ideals though. With the object of her recent obsession, Zero, backing her, there would be few cries of protest given how Zero had fought for the Japanese. The little representative of the Sumeragi Concern was also deeply connected and wielded no small amount of power herself in certain areas. Batting her eyelashes, Kirihara shook his head.

"I think she's standing next to you Zero."

Lelouch let his jaw go slack and a single eyebrow rose inexplicably high as he jerked a thumb in her direction.

"You're serious?"

"She has more connections and influence than you realize and knows her way around politics despite her youth."

'She is the head of the Sumeragi Concern. This may also get that dunce Suzaku's attention as well.'

"Very well, is there anyone present who argues against this?"

No one moved or said anything.

"All in favor?"

A collective affirmation came from everyone present.

"Thank you everyone, Zero-sama!"

"Uh, I'm not sure that's a safe honorific to use with your new position Kaguya."

"Zero is the savior of Japan who rose above Britannia and fought for the common man, it would be very appropriate."

The way Kaguya beamed and clasped her hands together gave Lelouch pause. There was something here that wasn't matching up right. Standing from his seat, he clapped his hands together.

"Well, if you put it that way. Ah, Rakshata, I need to speak with you and Kallen about the modifications to the Guren. If the Gawain has a float unit, I can only imagine that they're close to mass production."

"Hm, I guess so, not that I like that Pudding Earl anyway. Very well."

"Understood Zero."

Lelouch looked to Cornelia with a straight face that she knew was forced.

"Cornelia, if you could bring Kaguya up to speed, and help explain everything that we have planned over the next few days, I'd appreciate it. I'll be back a soon as I can to clear any confusing points."

She nodded, just barely managing not to lose her composure over his desire to get out of the room as possible. Euphemia watched the byplay with a bit of amusement. He always did get like this whenever he got uncomfortable. Nunally tilted her head to the side and raised her brows in curiosity. Why was big brother leaving so suddenly?

Cornelia offered for Kaguya to sit as Lelouch, Kallen, and Rakshata filed out of the room. She took the offer reluctantly. Sitting down at the table, she smiled.

"So, what were the plans for the next day?"

Mentally, Cornelia kicked herself. That was part of what today's meeting was supposed to be about. Now, she had a feeling with this girl who obviously had a hard on crush for Zero, that the next couple of days wouldn't be nice to the man. Euphemia beamed and deviated from the original question.

"Well, I'd like to know some things about you. Then we'll be able to decide what needs to be done by who and when."

"That sounds fine. What do you want to know?"

Cornelia gave her sister an odd look. Where ever she'd found that play, she needed to do things like that more often.

Euphemia 1, Cornelia 0. Morgen made hand motions that told the princess that. Cornelia held a frozen look of consternation on her face as she motioned for her to cut it out.

Morgen choked down her laughter as the violet haired woman half glared at her. Guilford coughed slightly, as did Darlton. The Glaston Knights futilely tried to keep themselves in line. Clenching her fists and bit her lip.

"Guilford, Darlton . . ."

"Yes your Highness?" The two men grinned and kept their amusement in relatively good condition before she turned her head to look at them over her shoulder. Her face was too much and Darlton snorted rather loudly. The action prompted Euphie and Kaguya to stop and look at them. Toudoh had a feeling he knew what was coming and closed his eyes to wait it out.

"All of you, outside . . .now!"

"Yes, your Highness." The seven men huffed it out of the room. As Guilford passed by, he muttered an apology, though part of his chuckled got caught in it. Glaring at her Knight, shook a fist at him as he darted out of the room. Plopping back down in her chair, she apologized for the interruption. Crossing her arms over her chest, she tapped her foot against the floor. After about a minute of this and a sudden cut of burst of laughter from someone on the other side of the doors, Cornelia shot out of her chair.


Marching toward the doors, there was a sudden burst of activity on the other side and Cornelia picked up her pace, bursting through the doors to find none of her Knights in the hallway. Clenching a fist in front of her face, she burned in annoyance.

'Guilford . . . Darlton . . . Oooh! When I find you two and the Glaston Knights . . . !'

The doors closed when Cornelia finally blew her top.

"Get back here!!!" her exclamation was immediately followed by rapid footsteps leading away from the door. Morgen leaned on Guis's good shoulder as she laughed her lungs out. The injured man shook his head in exasperation.

"You don't have any shame when it comes to teasing people do you?"

"You're just now learning this?"

"Hey, I'm a man, you're a woman, do the math."

"Oh shut it. I'm getting hungry. Wanna come with?"

He shrugged and they excused themselves. Leaving the room everyone looked at each other in disarray.

"What is with everyone?"

"Down time. Everyone, you're off duty for the rest of the day, it's obvious nothing else is going to get done today."

"Yes sir."

Toudoh and the Holy Swords filed out one by one. Euphemia glanced around the table as Ohgi and Deithard were the only real ones left and they excused themselves as well. Left alone with the precocious girl, she sighed.

"I guess the serious topics are out of the question now."

Kaguya smiled and shook her head slightly.

"That's okay, let's just talk then. What was Lelouch like when he was little?"

"Well . . ."

Euphie and Nunally both giggled. Kaguya smiled eagerly.

Arriving back at the Collective, V.V. sat on the steps like a child waiting for his parents. When Hal and the others walked into the throne room, he stood with a broad grin and clapped.

"That was nicely done. The exit at the end was really entertaining."

"Thank you V.V. I do have a concern however."

Looking his grandest achievement yet with a bit of patience, he nodded for Hal to continue.

"Wouldn't Charles know of this in the World of C?"

"Believe it or not Serpent of Akasha, the World of C does not just give anyone the ability to find anything they look for. Something's are kept secret from eyes, even my own and C.C.'s. She and I may be immortal, but that doesn't mean we are omniscient. I'll admit it is a pain in the ass, but that's what makes immortality interesting. I can go on and on yet never find out something. The Collective Conscience is a very fickle thing. Also, the World of C. prioritizes the requests of the immortals over those of the Geass users."

"You've put a lock on our information?"

"If you want to put it that way, yes. Charles has no idea about you. Oh, I learned a bit of interesting information the other day. It seems Schneizel's setting up a wedding with China's Tianzi in return for granting the Eunuch Generals with citizenry."

"Bullshit." His immediate answer took the three behind him off guard. They never gathered him to have a crass mouth, but apparently something about this warranted it from the man. V.V. smirked.

"I thought you'd say that. It'd be more convincing if I were the one to be marrying the girl. At least we look the same relative age." the immortal clapped his hands and servants came out with chairs for the four chosen Geass wielders. When asked what he wanted, Hal replied for something strong.

"So who's to be the groom?"

"Tentative plans said Odysseus, but, but!!" He held his hand out to forestall Hal's enraged outburst. "It was changed to Alexsander Tir Britannia."

The man groaned and took his drink from the servant and downed the glass in one go. Holding it calmly, he motioned for another. Nodding his thanks, he sipped this one.

"That's a pure political play if I ever saw one. They're both the same age, yes, but they're both timid, controlled by corrupt higher ups. The Eunuchs will think they have a say, but Schneizel will tear them apart. When is this supposed to be made known?"

"One year from now."

Hal stopped mid drink and set the glass down on the table. The ice cubes clinked in the amber liquid.

'One whole year? That's a lot of preparation time. This could end up turning into another World War. I'll have to accelerate my plans.'

"One year? Any particular reason?"

"Yes, something about technological research to be done before hand."

"Ah, fine then. What do you want us to do in the mean time?"

V.V. smiled.

Lelouch walked into the hangar containing the Guren and Gawain and heaved a great sigh of relief. Kallen smirked at him as Rakshata proceeded forward to the computers holding her blueprints and other ideas.

"Did she scare you that badly Lelouch?"

"She's only fourteen Kallen, and she's looking me like a stalker. The whole concept's creepy."

She gave him a skeptical look as she placed her hands on her hips. Leaning toward him she gave him a sly smile.

"Yet you don't seem to mind reminding me of the shower incident. Oh, and what about Nunally? Aren't you a bit overly obsessed with her well being, the circumstances aside?"

Lelouch stuttered for a bit before he finally gained his ability to talk straight again.

"Listen, Nunally has a stronger heart and brighter personality than a great many people. I know she's not the same little sister I knew eight years ago, but she's still frail. I really don't think I can afford to place the circumstances aside, don't you?"

She let her shoulders slump. She couldn't argue that point.

"Okay, so that one's not valid, I'm sorry Lelouch, but me?"

At the look she gave him, he walked around her and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Placing his nose in the side of her neck he took a deep whiff. The cool air from his breathing in made her shiver and squirm. The deep, husky chuckled that vibrated from him made her gasp. Rakshata rolled her eyes and walked off, deeper into the hangars.

"Kallen, you're a woman, not a girl, but you're also a person I know who understands me. Knows the struggle I face and has come to care about me for what I go through, not my achievements behind a mask. Do you understand the difference?"

She blushed at the veiled words and the suggestive nature he put her in. Turning to push him away, he hugged her to him with a wry smile. Her arms were pressed between the two of them, placing her hands neatly on his shoulders. Giving him her best pouting puppy face, she had her gut sink when he grinned. He obviously wasn't going to let her get out of this situation

"Ooh, Lelouch, let go! What if someone walks in on us?"

"We're engaged Kallen, they'd leave us alone unless it was dire. If anything I could make them leave us alone."

"You wouldn't." She looked at him horrified that he'd mention using Geass for that reason.

"I might."

"Um, your Highness, am I interrupting anything?"

Kallen looked over Lelouch's shoulder with a frantic . . .


"Yes, Morgen, you are. Can it wait?"

"No she's not Lelouch! Morgen what did you need?"

"Yes, it can wait for later."

"ARGH, Lelouch, don't make me do it."

"Do what?"

WHAM!! Lelouch, the masked champion of Japan Zero, crumbled to the floor with his hands gripping the Royal Family Jewels. Morgen covered her mouth with both her hands in shock, her eyes were wider than dinner plates. Kallen huffed and turned up her nose.


"Kallen! I can't believe you just did that. Well, no, I take that back. He was kind of asking for it."

The two Knights of the Seasons, Knights of Zero smiled.

"Of course. What did you want Morgen? You're not thinking about having a Knightmare custom made by Rakshata are you?"

"Actually I am, but I'm also here to give you an offer."

Kallen tilted her head in interest.

In Britannia, Schneizel led his newest member of the R and D into the room. Cecile just finished bashing Lloyd in the head with a clipboard shouting something about not knowing how to be discreet. The Earl spouted rapid fire apologies that didn't seem to be getting through to the kitchen challenged tech. Suzaku gaped at the new comer.

"Nina? Is that you?"

"Hello Suzaku."

Schneizel allowed himself a small smile.

"Suzaku, Lloyd had mentioned to me what she was working on and I felt that the facilities at Ashford Academy weren't cutting it for such a talented young lady. From here on out she is here to assist Lloyd, Cecile, and you while heading up the newly founded organization, In Vogue. Understood?"

Suzaku saluted crisply.

"Yes, your Highness."

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