Do It

"I can't fight you," The voice is quiet, bleeding, but sound.

"You shouldn't have come here, kid. Antauri's probably scared. The others, too." He says this roughly and his voice sounds deeper than usual.

"I-I know, but I was worried. I don't care what you say about us being insufficient and useless 'heroes.' We all deserve second chances."

The air grows frosty and thick, like when Otto accidentally knocks something into Sprx's soup.

"Even you, Sprx."

Valina and Mandarin are nearby, dark eyes somewhat gleaming and anticipating. But the red one forgets about them in this moment in time.

They are standing in the Pit of Doom. The other teammates are incapacitated in Shuggazoom City or the Savage Lands. It was quite a chase.

"No, you're wrong. You deserved the second chance, kid. I've made my choice, and I can't take it anymore. I-I'm sorry."

The Chosen One adorns a sad smile. "I know."

Black meets blue, and the pair of blues are only showing one thing that is equally reciprocated in the other's eyes: defeat.

"Please; do it. Do it quick, Sprx."

Sprx stares at his hands. The world seems so lonely, and in his mind, it's just him and Chiro. His right hand transforms into a blade.

It's an addition, via Otto, to his cybernetic body that he never uses. He had almost smiled at how proud and excited the green monkey had been. The mechanic likes efficient, swift 'n quick devices he can make with his talented hands.

He remembers...more recent things.

"S-Sprx, go find Chi-iro..." She has such a pretty voice.

(That's Nova's voice, tired and as rough and jagged as the shrapnel penetrating several points in her body. He says 'no,' of course. He wouldn't leave her cold and broken, and he remembers that he can't do the same to the kid, either. She kinda smiles at his vain heroics. It's sorta cute, although it reminds her of his outburst before hehe)

"I'm really sorry, Nova. I never wanted to hurt you, or anybody else."

(Tears well up and make her eyes feel heavy. Nova grimaces and scrapes her teeth together agonizingly, and he is gone. Now, there is only the charcoal sky.)

Then, the kid.

(He is the hero, the boy who hadn't really wanted a part of this and would've stayed behind his books. He would've never met them, or saved Jinmay. He could've been a traveler, a scientist (that would've been kinda cool, but too Gibson-ish), and he would've been famous. No, not in the way he is now, with the weight of, practically, the entire universe on his shoulders.)

Nova. He listened to her, all those years, like he always would. But he also will murder herthema little, with Chiro's death. Maybe Sprx could stall...

He really can't recall being whole without Chiro.

"Gotcha again, Sparky!" The kid glanced up from the screen. Sprx had lost the game, again.

Oh, no. Sprx feels the darkness inside him blur his spirit. He feels sort of happy, too; and appalled. As he slips away, he wants Antauri to give him a wake-up call.

He chuckles bitterly, then puts his face very close to Chiro's shoulder.


Then, his face is solemn.

As he lifts his arm, he turns his head and closes his eyes in a desperate attempt to block out the noise.