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Great Fox Guest Room – 5:00pm

Krystal opened her eyes, shutting them quickly as the fluorescent light blinded her; she also noticed that it was cold. She couldn't remember being this cold. She forced her eyes back open as the sounds of voices grew louder. She felt around for Fox, finding him missing. "So, how's she doing?" The muffled voice of Falco said. Krystal looked at the door, expecting it to open. Fox spoke then, but she didn't catch it. She did however come down from the whatever drugs had been in her system, making her lose the fight to stay awake, she rested her head back on the pillow, hearing the door open just before she fell into slumber.

"You've barely left her side and all you can say is she's alright?" Falco crossed his arms and shook his head. Fox sighed as he looked down upon Krystal, taking in her angelic beauty.

"Well, she isn't hurt. Just tired, she lost almost all her energy when she got stuck in that crystal." Falco snickered at that, Fox glared at him, grinning as well. "We got to her before it was too late, thanks for the help." Fox felt Falco's ego inflate at his comment, promising himself that he would pop this new bubble if he had to.

"Couldn't let you do all the work, besides now you owe me one." Falco turned to leave, giving Fox a thumbs up.

'Not considering all the times I had to save your ass in the wars…'Fox smiled waving Falco away. "We'll be at Corneria in about two hours, don't forget that."

"Me, forgetful?" Falco asked sarcastically. Fox went to say something before Falco quickly added. "Don't answer that…"

Fox looked back down on Krystal, watching her sleep was a new favorite pastime for him. He didn't know exactly how long he stood watching her, but before he knew it, his com alarm went off, signaling that they had returned to Corneria. "We're home Krys, now we can get our lives back in order."


Fox smiled as Krystal's eyes met his. "I promised to tell you everything. I think I know just the time and place too." Krystal raised an eyebrow at Fox, causing him to grin. "A little birdie told me that you're birthday was soon."

"Belated." Krystal muttered, not really feeling in the birthday mood. "Don't worry, you didn't know, yes at this surprise party you've got planned will be the perfect time to give me your life story." Fox's jaw dropped. "Telepath… you didn't know? Don't worry; we'll have tons of time to get to know each other."

"I, but.. wha… you… tele…" Fox sat on the foot of Krystal's bed. Krystal forced herself to sit up; Fox felt her moving and shuffled closer to her, wrapping her in his strong arms. "Yeah, at the party, maybe the next morning…"

"What do you mean 'maybe the next morning?" Krystal laughed as Fox began stuttering an attempt to explain himself. She heard Fox sigh heavily, feeling herself falling more and more for him. "I know what you meant; I just hope you don't drink as 'socially' as I've been warned anymore."

"Not anymore, I'm getting to old to binge drink." Fox squeezed her tight, pulling back slightly to steal a kiss from her. "Besides most of it was to turn girls pretty, I could quit drinking now." They shared a laugh; Krystal kissed his cheek before lying back down. "We're ten minutes from landing in Corneria now… I've got some final things to check before we have clearance; I'll see you in a bit."

"Later." Krystal watched him leave, feeling better then she had in the last few days. She could tell that things would only get better from here on out.

SFP – 3 days later- 11:00am

Falco put some fresh dough in the proof-er, this particular day always sucked. Payday Friday had a special that was way too good to be true at a price that barely dented the wallet. He rushed back to his slip, it had three orders of the special, which consisted of two twelve inch pizzas and a fifteen inch garlic fingers, cursing not only his bad luck on slips, but Fox for keeping this deal as a store special he attacked his order like he would an enemy, with a cocky attitude. "Hey Krystal, I bet I could finish this order before you get started on yours."

Krystal laughed. "I'm on phones you idiot. Besides Slippy's got a bigger order nearly have done already." Krystal pointed at Slippy's slip which was long enough to touch the prep table. Falco watched in awe as Slippy smashed and banged his way through the order, moving finished pizzas out of the way and sauced pizzas down the table. Falco snapped back into reality and began his order, grumbling as he went.

"Did he fall for it?" Slippy asked as he put another finished pizza on the oven rack. Krystal nodded at him, stifling a laugh. What Falco didn't know was that Krystal had taken the sauced pizzas and gave them to Fox who was 'finishing up' some last second prep.

"SOMEONE GET THE PHONE PLEASE!" Fox yelled from the mixer.

"How the fuck does he hear that before we do?" Slippy said in amazement, finishing his last works pizza.

"Them furry appendages on his head…. Kinda help with that whole hearing thing." Krystal shouted before heading back up front, answering phones as Kara waited on the in-store customers.

"Can I help you?" Kara asked as a female cat came up to the counter.

"Give me one of the specials please." Kara rang up the order, grabbing the receipt as it printed. "That'll be about twenty or so minutes, ok?"

"Yeah no problem, could I see that slip for a second." Kara handed the cat the receipt, watching her kiss it before handing it back, leaving pink lipstick in its wake "Just make sure Falco makes that order."

Kara giggled, finally recognizing the customer. "No problem at all Ms. Monroe."

"Yo Fox, we could use your fearless leadership here." Falco grabbed some more dough for the proofer. Fox came from out back. "And wipe that stupid smile off your face, it makes me nervous."

"Have I been known to care about you're demands?" Fox laughed, taking the newly received finger from Falco in stride. "And that won't change a thing."

"Falco order for you to make." Kara placed the slip on the rack, giggling to herself. "They requested you and I said twenty minutes, hop to it." Falco grumbled, working through his order, barely looking at the slip.

"Fan girls I tell ya…" Fox chuckled at his comment, looking over the slip himself.

"This on really likes you, kissed the slip and everything… whats the last name…" Fox read over 'Monroe' gasping in surprise. "And no wonder…"

"Who is it?" Falco asked putting a finished pizza aside to start the last one on his order.

"You'll find out, just make a meat pizza, double a random meat, they got the supper special." Fox snatched the slip and shoved it into his pocket, now was when he'd burst Falco's bubble.

"Whatever, supper special with a meats pizza, gotcha." Falco continued his order while Fox helped Slippy finish his. "You do know that I helped Slippy win right?"


Corneria City – 11:45 AM

"Did you hear that McCloud just got back from some unknown planet?"

"Yeah, they say he got quite the paycheck."

"The zeros just don't stop."

"He'll be well off for some time!"

"Excuse me, gentlemen." A young beautiful fennec asked, interrupting her two customer's conversation. "Here's your order." She placed the plates of food in front of them, smiling politely. "And if you beg my pardon, but were you just saying something about Fox McCloud?"

One of the customers laughed, shaking his head. "Where have you been lady? It's the talk of the city! Fox McCloud saved a planet from utter destruction! Now what I can't understand is why he'd keep that restaurant of his open if the military was paying him that kind of money." Fara had stopped listening, she already had a new plan forming in her mind. Fox, still cared for her, she knew that much, and the pay raise here had lost its luster. Fara grinned, thanking the customers and leaving the table, she threw on her coat and ran to her car. Since Fox now had the money to fulfill all her needs again, she could go back to being his girlfriend, a thought that she had dabbled on many times since she left him. Even if she broke his heart, she knew exactly how to mend it back together.

"It'll be just like old time Foxie."

SFP – 12:30PM

"Falco, quit reminding us and calm down, it's not my fault you didn't check the slip before Fox took it down, Stop yelling at me!" Slippy yelled dodging random utensils and measuring cups being thrown at him by a rather mad bird. They had all made it so Falco didn't know of Katt's order until he walked the freshly cut pizzas out to her, of course Falco was happy to see her, and they talked for some time before she had to leave. The only thing that sent Falcooff the deep end, was a little comment everyone had made to go along withhis encounter with Katt.

"Together yet?"

Falco swore loud and long, twisting his body to see Krystal smirking at him. "Take that as a no, then? Too bad, you two look like you get along famously." Falco began shaking in rage, he didn't mind people knowing he had a thing for Katt, but just to be constantly reminded pushed all the buttons to make his temper flare. 'Now you know how Fox felt like when you asked him about me.'Falco growled in annoyance, throwing a final cup at Slippy before marching to Fox's office.

"Fox, tell your girlfriend to stay out of my head! I'm going home now too, you guys got this covered."

Fox opened the door, leaning back in his comfy chair. "Right, well see ya later." He gave Falco a wave before returning to his paperwork, quite happy it would be his last day handling it. He smacked his head and laughed, remembering Falcohad told him, and he figured it was valid advice to give. "Hey Falco! Don't forget, wrap it before you tap it!"

Falco swore once again before leaving. Fox laughed more, picturing the look on his face once he heard his comment. "I remember him tell you the same thing." Fox turned to see Krystal smiling at him.

"Yes, it's good advice if you don't want an unexpected or early pregnancy." Fox felt Krystal's hand begin massaging his shoulder, sighing happily. "Could you get Kara in here please? I'm promoting her today."

Krystal nodded, leaving Fox alone with his paperwork once again. Fox rummaged through his papers, he was looking for something in particular, and employee record so Kara would know who to re-hire and who to avoid, as he searched his office phone rang. Fox scrambled to find it under the swamp of paper, barely grabbing a hold of its base before the fourth ring. "Thanks for calling SFP, this is McCloud speaking."

"Hey baby!" A familiar voice rang out, it's smooth, calming tones entered Fox's ears, having a reverse effect on his mind.

"Fara…" Fox said flatly, not really wanting to reopen that wound, with Krystal's party coming up. "Why are you calling me? We didn't exactly end on good terms."

Fara expected Fox to be bitter, but she was a little shocked at how long he had kept that same bitterness towards her. "Come on now Fox, we can be grown up about this, I just want to talk."

"Speak then, I've got a lot to do and you're wasting my time." Fox growled, motioning to Kara to wait outside his office. Krystal looked on, wondering why Fox's mood had changed so suddenly, the sound of phones ringing called her attention for the time being, she would ask about it later, she told herself before answering the phone.

"We use to waste all our time together… I guess it's taken me this long to realize what we had, I'm so sorry for leaving you Fox, I want to make it up to you." Fara said in the sweetest, most sexiest voice she could muster.

"No." Fox replied in that same flat tone.

'Son of a…' Fara thought, quickly changing her strategy. "Well, can I come over to talk with you in person? I heard you went on a mission recently and I want to know how it-"

Fox cut her off there, seeing where this conversation was headed. "To know how much money I got from it? To get back with me so you could leach off my money, and break my heart again? NO, never again will I let myself get broken by someone I loved for who they were, not for the money they had in their bank accounts, besides that was what you really saw in me wasn't it? My bank account, and once that went dry so did your love for me!"

Fara was too shocked to speak; Fox would never have the nerve to talk to her like this when they were together. "No, I… I.."

"LookFara, the answer is no, I don't want anything to do with you, alright? You left me for money, but took my heart and shattered it before you went. It's taken me some time, but I've moved on…" Fox tooka few calming breaths, trying to remain as calm as possible. "Why you left the academy to come work her with me in the first place I'll never know, you had it made there, I was just a merc with no jobs for me to do, and I built this place to keep the Star Fox team alive."

"I want to make things right!" Fara protested, now feeling desperate, she began to cry, now seeing the pain she had caused him in full force. "Please give me another chance!"

Fox chuckled. "For what? You to leave once all the money is gone again? I moved on from you Fara, it took me a while because for some stupid reason I thought I still loved you. I found someone else ok? And she loves me for me, regardless of the balance of my checkbook. Have a happy life Fara, feel free to call me if you really need help, then I might just find the time to see you." Fox hung up the phone and waved Kara in. "I'll be right back." He motioned for Kara to sit, before walking over to Krystal, hugging her from behind. "You know how I said I'd tell you everything during your party?" Krystal nodded, sensing his mental pain. "I'm bumping it up to a few hours from now, maybe sooner."

"Any particular reason why? Not that I mind." Krystal hung up the phone and placed her hands over Fox's.

"Because my ex just called, and right now she's asking anyone who will listen just who my new girlfriend is, and I want you to know the truth before she gets her twisted version to you." Fox squeezed her tight, kissing her neck and cheek.

"Get a room you two."

"Slippy, so help me… what did I say about just talking randomly?!" Fox yelled releasing Krystal and jumping back. "Never mind, call General Pepper and get that relief staff over here. We're getting out early tonight." Fox walked into his office, to a very confused rabbit. "Congratulations! You've been promoted!"

Kara beamed with excitement, hugging Fox while jumping up and down. "Oh my gosh, thanks Fox! I've always wanted to be a supervisor!"

"Supervisor? No, no, no." Kara pushed away from the hug, eyebrow cocked. "More along the lines of Manager."

Kara's eyes widened as the new hit her like a bag of bricks. "W-what?"

Star Fox Residence2:00PM

"Peppy said you guys would be here an hour ago, what gives?" Falco demanded as his three other teammates entered the house.

"Well, after we got Kara awake again we had to clean up so the other guys wouldn't have a thing to complain about." Krystal said as she walked to her room.

"Then we had to make sure those guys had shown up." Slippy walked to his room as well, a gadget in each hand. Falcoturn to Fox, who looked up at him, with tired eyes.

"Fara called me, and I let her know how I felt; now I'm going to tell Krystal what I promised her." Falco nodded at him.

"I'd say you where putting a lot of trust into her, but she is a telepath, she can tell when you're lying. Just be honest I guess, we can come in give her a broader aspect of what went on if you want." Fox grabbed Falco's elbow as he did the same, locking arms in agreement.

"Will do, I'll call for you guys when I need a second or third opinion." With that Fox went to his room to get some things he would need. He eyed the staff he had found on Dinosaur Planet, something about that staff reminded him of Krystal, without much hesitation he picked it up along with a small file folder, he was now ready as he'd ever be.

"Fox? You seemed distant the whole drive home, something up?" Krystal asked from his door. Fox waved her in, sitting on the foot of his bed. Krystal sat down beside him, instantly snuggling up to his body.

"Well, I guess it's because I'm having a little inner battle with myself." Fox put an arm around her, pulling her ever closer to him. Fox looked over at his clock, a final quick mental check list and a deep breath, now he was ready. "But, I'm over it now."

"Now instead of the party, right?" Krystal asked. Fox nodded, smiling at her, this was something he wanted get off his chest, a epic retelling of his life so far, and how his life was going after he told Krystal all this. SFP had changed his life for the better, and even though he had his rough parts along the way, everything seemed worth it for the life he was living, the friends he had, Star Fox now back at full strength, and of course, the vixen in his arms, his new lease on live, and the new holder of his heart, Krystal.

"I guess my story, is interesting enough, It began back about eight years ago…"

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