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Next Generation

One would think that after all these years they would know that two guards just couldn't keep her in. She was still grounded from her last escape, and there were two very big guards at her door making sure she didn't manage another one. She was thirteen, not a child, and there was no way she should be kept under lock and key like one. She had heard from a reliable source that there was a servants entrance that led to the kitchen. It was just down the hall and had been walled up since before her grandmother was born. All she had to do was get out of her room. With the guards on orders to check on me every ten minutes that's going to be . . . perfect! She looked at the clock, and with only 2 minutes left opened her window and crawled under the bed. Then thought better of it and covered herself behind the curtains instead.

The waiting was the worst and best kind of anticipation coiling in her stomach and she had to force herself not to tap her foot or tug on the curtain. Finally the guards came in to check on her and when she didn't respond to their calls they checked everywhere. They checked the balcony, and the wardrobe, and even under the bed, but the curtains were left untouched. She heard them leave, grumbling, to call her mother.

She peeked around the curtain and moved as quietly as she could to the door. She was no fool and wouldn't be caught making a clumsy exit. Not again, anyway. There was no one in the hallway when she poked her head out of her bedroom door, and she decided it was safe to proceed. She stayed close to the wall, even though her red dress stood out against almost everything in the palace. Now, the passage was supposed to be just up the hall, around the other side of the statue . . . and behind her mother.

Her mother's blue eyes sparkled, a small smile on her face, and Emily groaned.

"How did you know?! I only just thought of it!" She stomped her foot for effect, unaware of the fact that it only made her appear more childish. DG just smiled wider.

"I've known about this one for years, kiddo. One question: How did you find out?" Emily sighed.

"Daddy told me."

"Of course he did. C'mon, apparently grounding doesn't do any good, so it's officially over."

"Really?" The young girl's eyes widened, her voice hopeful.

"Yup. You get to babysit your baby cousins for the next two weeks instead." Emily groaned and hung her head, but DG just laughed.