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"Wow... I still can't believe it."

Davis Motomiya, at eighteen-years-old, still couldn't believe the day had come. He was actually going to college at the enormous Odaiba University. And he still couldn't believe how big it was. It was much larger than Odaiba High School and it almost looked like a whole new world. And after seeing the Digital World, that was definitely saying something.

"Hey, Davis! Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna help us?"

Davis turned around to see his two friends unloading the car. First, there was TK Takaishi, the good-natured young man. Sporting blond hair and his trademark white hat, TK unloaded some of the suitcases to bring into the apartment building. Then there was Ken Ichijouji, the boy genius and one of Davis' best-friends. Though he wasn't as smart as he used to be, Ken was still the most intelligent out of the whole bunch. Ken not only wore his ever-present gray ensemble, but he also sported something else on his shoulder as he unloaded more suitcases. He had his dear friend and Digimon companion, Wormmon.

"It's so big over here, Ken," Wormmon said. "It's not like any other place I've ever seen."

Davis knew Wormmon would get along just fine while they were living in their apartment. The small bug-type Digimon could hide rather easily. That was another thing that was going to make college the best time of Davis's life. He would be living in the apartment complex Retrostare Lofts in a four bedroom/bathroom apartment. And his roommates... would be Ken and TK. That got Davis very excited... and almost looking forward to school. ALMOST.

Davis walked over to the backseat to unload some of the other luggage. He took some of the luggage and walked alongside TK. There was never a time when Davis got along more with TK than now. There used to be a lot of tension between the two boys in the past. And it all had to do with their mutual affection for the beautiful Kari Kamiya.

Davis and TK used to compete for Kari a lot, especially after their adventures in the Digital World ended. But Kari wasn't in a hurry to get into a relationship at the time. In fact, a LOT of time passed before Kari eventually ended up choosing TK when they were all twelve-years-old. But after a few years... an irreconcilable fight happened and TK and Kari broke up. Neither Davis nor any of their friends ever found out WHY they broke up, since they all thought it was just a horrible misunderstanding. They knew what happened was because of a charade by the evil Etemon, but for some reason... they broke up anyway. And it never helped that TK always refused to talk about the circumstances that led to their breakup.

Kari had remained single for a long time after that and Davis had enough sensitivity to know she wouldn't be in any hurry to get in a new relationship. But one day, Davis finally got the courage to ask Kari out on a date. Unfortunately, it wasn't until AFTER another adventure into the Dark Ocean that Davis got the chance to pop the question to Kari. But with TK's blessing, Davis DID ask Kari out on a date... and Kari said yes.

Yeah, life couldn't be any better for Davis Motomiya. He was standing on top of the world. Not only was he going out with Kari soon, but she would also be living in the same apartment complex as him and his roommates, a mere one floor away. And having his two best-friends as roommates, life didn't get much better. Of course, there was someone being left out for the moment... and he was also helping carry out the luggage.

It was sixteen-year-old Cody Hida, who was just getting started with his junior year of high school. Davis wished he didn't have to be so far behind them, but Cody didn't seem to be taking it hard at all. And he would always be welcome to their place.

Cody looked out at the huge campus. "I can't wait to come here in two years. I can't believe I have another two years of high school left."

"It'll all go by fast," TK smiled.

"It didn't go by fast for me," Davis said. "It couldn't go any slower for me."

"Yeah, but you were always a slacker," TK grinned.

"You can't keep up those habits, Davis," Ken added. "If you do, college will eat you for breakfast."

Davis decided to take that as a challenge. He wasn't going to let college life faze him in the slightest. He would come out of it just fine and maybe better than before. And there was nothing that said Davis wouldn't LOVE the next four years. As he thought about what else could happen, Davis went to the back seat to get another suitcase, but a blue hand handed it to him.

"Here you go, Davish."

Davis sweatdropped and took the suitcase... and saw his Digimon partner, Veemon. "Veemon! I told you! You can't come with me!"

The little blue Digimon pointed behind him. "It was Patamon's idea."

Davis moved another suitcase aside revealing TK's partner Digimon, Patamon, who looked as excited as a dog going for a car ride... at least until he was caught. The two Digimon had stowed away.

"I told you this wasn't gonna work," Patamon pouted. "We really didn't get past the parking lot."

"It sounded like a great idea at the time," Veemon grinned.

"TK!" Davis called out. "We've got a problem!"

TK walked over to Davis. "What is it?" Then he sweatdropped when he saw the 'problem.' "Patamon! I said you couldn't come with me. What if someone sees you?"

Patamon put on a sad puppy-dog look. "I promise I'll be good, TK. I won't let anybody see me. I can live in one of the closets."

"Me too," cheerful Veemon piped up. "Nobody has to even know we're here."

"No," Davis and TK said in unison.

"But Wormmon gets to go," Veemon whined.

"Wormmon can hide a lot easier," Ken responded, having heard Veemon. "Besides, Wormmon and I are best friends. I can't just leave him behind."

Veemon looked up at Davis sadly. "But I thought we were best friends, too, Davish."

Patamon was almost in tears. "TK... I thought I was your best friend, too."

Davis couldn't take this. It hurt him to see Veemon like this. He turned to TK. "TK... can't we give them a chance? Maybe we could try hiding them."

TK tried to act as a voice of reason. "Davis, think about it. There's no telling who our Resident Advisors could be. If they get seen, who knows what'll happen."

Davis frowned. "But look at them."

TK looked over to see Veemon and Patamon with sad, yet hopeful, looks on their faces. And it didn't look like he could resist that.

"Great, Ken. See what you started?" TK retorted in a playful manner as he shot Ken a glance, who just shrugged at the remark his friend gave. "Well... OK... they can stay. But they have to hide whenever someone's about to come in!"

Veemon and Patamon were both ecstatic upon hearing TK agree, but Davis stopped them just as they were about to jump out of the car.

"HOLD IT!" Davis yelled as he stood in front of two rookie level Digimon. "You have to be inconspicuous," he said.

"Inconspicuous? That's a big word for you, Davis," TK teased.

"Hey, I've learned something in high school," Davis frowned. "I even know what inconspicuous MEANS!"

With 'inconspicuous' being the key word, Veemon and Patamon decided to stay behind in the car for the time being. And they cleared the way for Davis, TK, Ken, and Cody to finish unloading everything. Now that it crossed his mind, Davis realized that maybe it was better that the Digimon did come along for the college experience. Maybe they could make life ever MORE interesting than it was set to be.

The stage was now set... for the best years of Davis Motomiya's life.

"Um... is this everything?"

The back of the van was completely stuffed full of suitcases, but eighteen-year-old Takato Matsuki still had a feeling that he was forgetting something. And he didn't want to forget anything before going off to a new life at Odaiba University.

"Are you kidding me?" Terriermon scoffed. "You can't even fit a toothpick through all that. That has to be everything."

"Looks like everything to me," eighteen-year-old Henry Wong added. "There's no way we forgot anything. We're all set! Kenta and Kazu said they'd catch up, right?"

"They said they'd meet us there," Takato answered. "And they said they'd bring the cards."

"What about Guardromon?" Henry asked curiously.

"Uh... I don't know about that one," Takato admitted. "They said they wouldn't bring Guardromon yet. They just said they'd have the cards."

"I hope they don't forget them," Henry said. "You think anybody else in the building will know about the card game?"

"If they don't, then that's what we'll be there for," Takato replied. "It'll up to us to educate them."

"Of course. And when it comes to the card game, you guys are the best teachers," a female voice said from behind the two friends. Takato and Henry turned around to come face-to-face with fifteen-year-old Suzie Wong, Henry's cheerful younger sister, and her Digimon partner, Lopmon. Suzie hadn't changed much over the course of six years, save for the fact that she stopped dressing Terriermon up as the infamous 'Pwincess Pwetty Pants.'

Suzie was just getting started with her sophomore year of high school, so she was stuck in West Shinjuku for another three years. But, she wasn't worried. When they were younger, Suzie was always being left behind by the older kids because of her young age. And besides, she always had Lopmon for company. The young Tamer gave a laugh before continuing, "You've already taught everyone at the high school... how to beat you."

"They just got lucky," Takato muttered.

Takato and Henry had been best-friends for many years and they were both very excited about this new stage in their lives. They were about to go off to college together. Not only that, but they'd also be roommates. Things didn't get any sweeter than that.

Of course, it wasn't like they'd both be alone just themselves. Kenta and Kazu would both be there, too. In fact, they would be living next door to Takato and Henry. And there would always be Terriermon, Henry's partner Digimon, who could often be seen hanging on Henry's shoulder. But Terriermon could find just about any hiding place and even if he couldn't find one, he could hide himself very easily. Terriermon had spent his first years often masquerading himself as a stuffed animal.

Takato had a Digimon partner of his own... someone he wished he could bring along. But size would definitely be an issue and Takato finally decided it was best if he left him behind.


It hurt Takato tremendously to hear that voice. He turned around and saw his Digimon partner, Guilmon, running up to him. And he looked very excited... which obviously meant that the news hadn't sunk into him yet. Guilmon looked passed Takato and towards the van.

"There's a lot of stuff in there, Takato. Where will I sit?"

Takato put a hand on his partner's shoulder. "Guilmon... boy... I can't take you with me."

"But why not?" Guilmon asked sadly in his child-like voice.

Takato tried to put it delicately. "Well... how do I say this? Well... the rooms aren't really as big as we'd hoped. And... we DO have a lot of stuff. It could get really packed in there..."

"What he's trying to say is," Terriermon chimed in, "you're JUST TOO BIG! There's no way you could keep yourself hidden; you're a huge red lizard! I don't even think you'd be able to fit in the closet. I don't even think you could fit under the bed."

"Terriermon, you really need to learn the meaning of the word tact," Lopmon said to her counterpart, who just smiled huffily at the former Deva Digimon. "Um... thanks, Terriermon," Takato said dryly. He turned to Guilmon. "I'm really sorry, boy."

Guilmon hung his head down. "But I'm gonna miss you, Takato."

Takato tried to crack a smile. "Come on, buddy. I'll come and visit. It's not like I'm going away forever. I'm just... leaving for a while. I promise I'll come visit you. Besides, you'll have Suzie and Lopmon to keep you company," Takato said as he pointed towards Suzie and her partner, who smiled at the large, red Digimon.

"Yeah, Guilmon, I'll come over every day after school and we can make Guilmon bread together!" Suzie said in a sad attempt to comfort Guilmon, who just sadly hung his head low. Guilmon gave Takato a big hug. "Remember, you promised!"

Takato returned the hug and walked over to the driver's seat. With Henry and Terriermon in the passenger's seat, it was finally time to go. It was time to go off and start a new life. Takato started the van, but before he drove off, he looked out the window.

"Goodbye, Guilmon! Don't give my parents any trouble!"

Takato looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Henry and Terriermon waving to Suzie and Lopmon, who were standing next to a morose Guilmon. He started up the van and began to pull out of the driveway. Takato looked out his rear-view mirror to see Guilmon waving sadly. It broke his heart to see that.

"Are you sure you're doing the right thing?" Henry asked.

Takato hesitated. "I... guess so. I wish I could bring him with me, though."

It was almost too much for Takato. So to avoid getting the urge to turn back, he didn't look back... at the friend he was leaving behind.

It was just another day in the good old sewer pipe for Impmon. He passed the day as he usually did lately. He bounced a baseball off the wall and caught it with his hand. It was kinda fun, but no one would ever get him to admit it. He knew he'd have to thank Calumon someday, but no one would ever get him to say it. It wasn't his style.

Impmon was rude and crude. He was a bad little Digimon with attitude. But of course, he wasn't all bad. He did have a heart; he just didn't want to show it. And he did have his share of friends, one of whom was on her way.

Impmon kept waiting for Renamon to arrive. She said she had something to tell him. Now that he thought of it, she had been acting pretty weird. It was like she didn't want to tell him something. But Impmon dealt with the worst life had to offer so many times. What could she possibly tell him that could be so potentially damaging?

He didn't know what to make of it and, in fact, it hardly bothered him. He just kept casually tossing the baseball around and catching it. Suddenly, he tossed the baseball in another direction, knowing someone was arriving. Sure enough, someone skillfully caught the ball in the palm of her hand. It was Renamon.

"Nice catch, toots," Impmon grinned. "So what kept ya?"

Renamon tossed the ball back to Impmon. "I had to give Rika a hand. She... has her hands full right now."

"What's got her so busy?" Impmon scoffed. "She going back to school or something? Is it that time of year already?"

"I'm... afraid so."

"Hey Renamon, I don't know much about humans or how they're educated, so I don't know too much about this whole idea of school. But didn't Rika graduate a few months ago? Doesn't that mean she don't need to go to school no more?"

Renamon stayed silent. Impmon calmly bounced the ball, but couldn't help but wonder what was keeping her quiet. It was an awfully simple question.

"Impmon... humans have another stage of education to complete after high school. They move on to a stage of higher learning known as college."

Impmon bounced the ball again. "Uh huh. So that means she's going to another new school?"

"Yes, she is. But... there's more to it than that. Impmon, there's something I have to tell you."

"Yeah, well hurry up and spit it out," the nonchalant Impmon said.

Renamon finally came out and said it. "Rika is going to college in a city called Odaiba... which is located far away from West Shinjuku."

Impmon finally saw where this was going. "Hmm... does that mean what I think it does?"

"I'm afraid it does. I am going to accompany Rika to Odaiba. And that means I'm going to have to leave."

Impmon didn't like hearing that. "Oh, I see what it is. You don't like being around me, so the answer's to leave, is that it?"

"Impmon, it isn't that at all. But I can't allow Rika to leave without me. We're partners."

"So just when were planning to tell me this?" Impmon demanded.

"I'm telling you now," Renamon pointed out.

Impmon sweatdropped. "Oh yeah. Well... why didn't you tell me sooner? It doesn't help me to find out right when you're about to leave. Uh... when ARE you leaving, anyway?"

"In five minutes."

"FIVE MINUTES?! And you're telling me now?! What were you waiting for?! You might as well have sent me a postcard!"

"It wasn't easy for me to tell you this. I consider you a good friend, Impmon. And it isn't easy saying goodbye to a friend. But I'm afraid there are just some things that are unavoidable. This is one of them. I must go."

Impmon scowled. "Yeah, well... I guess if you have to. At least I'll have the others... I guess."

"I'm...afraid it's not that simple. The others are also going to Odaiba."

Now Impmon was angry. "WHAT?! They're all leaving, too?! And I'm just learning about this NOW?! So what's this mean, Renamon?! I'm just gonna stay here all by myself?! Now I ain't gonna have nobody?!"

"I'm sorry, Impmon," Renamon said solemnly.

Impmon formed a fireball at his fingertip and tossed it behind him. "Then go! I don't need any of ya! Get outta here!"

"Impmon, please don't be angry. It's not like we'll never see you again. We'll try to come and visit. Please don't let our last meeting be an unpleasant one."

"I don't need any of ya! I've been a loner my whole life. I guess I just took a break for a while. Just... just get outta here. Go away."

Renamon sighed deeply and turned to leave. "Very well. Goodbye, Impmon. I came to say goodbye because whether you believe me or not, I will miss you."

Impmon turned around to watch Renamon slowly walk away. He knew he'd miss her too. He'd miss all of them. Even if they were just a bunch of lousy humans, they were still his friends. And so were their Digimon. They had been Impmon's only friends. And now they were leaving him. He wanted to say goodbye. He wanted to say he'd miss them too.

But he didn't like to be emotional. That wasn't his style.

Guilmon couldn't believe this was happening. His lifelong friend was leaving him. When he was first created, the first person Guilmon saw was Takato. Takato had always been there for him and now he was gone. Guilmon didn't want to go on without him.

All Guilmon could do now was stay in Takato's room and think about the past. Everything felt like it had gone by so fast. Guilmon wished he could still be around Takato... and have fun with him, just like it used to be. Six years had gone by too fast.

"Hi, Mrs. Matsuki!" a voice called down in the floor below. "Is Takato still here?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jeri. You just missed him. I think he already left to go to the university. Shouldn't you be getting ready to go, too?"

"Yeah... but I was hoping to see Takato one more time before I left."

Guilmon got up and walked downstairs and looked out into the bread store, owned by Takato's parents. And that's where he saw eighteen-year-old Jeri Katou, Takato's longtime friend... and crush. She had lived quite a past, even having left West Shinjuku for a few years to go see a psychiatrist. And after a year of being in West Shinjuku, she was getting ready to go off to Odaiba. Jeri was about to turn to leave, but looked out at the stairs and saw Guilmon.

"Mrs. Matsuki? Is it ok if I have a word with Guilmon?"

"Oh sure, Jeri. He's right in there."

Jeri walked passed Takato's mom and walked towards the stairs where Guilmon was sitting. Jeri sat right beside him.

"You didn't go, Guilmon?" Jeri asked.

Guilmon shook his head. "Takato said I couldn't go. He said I wouldn't fit in the dorm and it would be too hard to hide me because I'm too big."

Jeri frowned. "Takato gives up too easily. Come on, Guilmon. It can't be that hard to hide you. You can always pretend to be a stuffed animal. You've seen Terriermon do it for years. Show me you can do it, too."

Guilmon thought about that. And then he decided to try it. He froze in place and didn't move a muscle. That didn't mean Jeri wouldn't test him. She waved her hand in front of his face. She tried making faces in an attempt to get Guilmon to flinch. But none of it worked. Finally, Jeri tried tickling Guilmon under his chin.

Guilmon started giggling. "Stop it, Jeri. That tickles."

Jeri sweatdropped. "We'll keep working on it. But I think you're good to go. You should be over there with Takato right now, Guilmon."

"But Takato already left without me," Guilmon moped.

Jeri kept on smiling. "So? That doesn't mean a thing. I'll tell you what. Why don't you ride with me? You can practice being a stuffed animal on the way there."

"You really mean it, Jeri?" Guilmon asked excitedly.

"Of course!" Jeri nodded. "And if Takato says anything, you just tell him to talk to me. Now come on, let's get going."

Guilmon felt so excited. "Oh boy! College!"

Jeri took Guilmon by the hand and started carrying him out. But Guilmon was much heavier than he looked. So Jeri decided to use the shopping cart Takato always used. It was lying in Takato's closet. Guilmon jumped on and made himself comfortable.

"Now try and practice being a stuffed animal. Ok, Guilmon?"

Guilmon nodded and stayed perfectly still while Jeri carefully wheeled the cart down the stairs. Mrs. Matsuki, who was working the bread store, looked at Jeri curiously.

"Jeri... where are you taking Guilmon?"

"Oh... he wanted to say goodbye," Jeri grinned. "He'll be back later. Bye, Mrs. Matsuki!"

"Um... bye, Jeri."

Jeri wheeled the cart out to her car, which was parked by the sidewalk. When no one was looking, Jeri opened the passenger-side door and let Guilmon jump in. Jeri left the shopping cart back in the bread store and got in her car.

"I guess it's better this way," Jeri smiled. "I didn't want to go off to Odaiba by myself, anyway."

"What about Rika?" Guilmon asked, remembering that Rika was going to be Jeri's roommate.

"You know Rika," Jeri sighed. "She said she'd catch up. I wonder what it'll be like living with HER for the entire year... You know how she can get."

"You don't have to spend ALL your time with her," Guilmon reminded her. "Takato's gonna be downstairs on the first floor, you know."

Jeri blushed. "Well... that is true. I have a feeling I'll be down there a lot."

Taking a deep breath, Jeri started the car. And then they were off. Guilmon stuck his head out the passenger window and looked back at the bread store one last time. Now HE was off to a new life and a new experience. But there was one thing that lingered in the back of Guilmon's mind.

"Um... Jeri?"

"Yes, Guilmon?"

"I never asked Takato this question so can ask you, instead?"

"Sure! Go ahead."

"Uh... what IS college?"

Jeri immediately sweatdropped and Guilmon could sense he'd be in for a long explanation.

Eighteen-year-old Koji Minamoto drummed his fingers on the side of his car for the umpteenth time. He was pass the point of aggravation and was starting get exceptionally angry. "Where are they?!" he asked outloud to no one in particular, even though his brother, Koichi Kimura, was sitting right next to him on the passenger side of the large van.

"Calm down, I'm sure they're on their way," Koichi said in a calm-like voice, attempting to reduce Koji's ever-growing anger, but to no avail.

Koji sighed huffily, an angry scowl now forming on his face.

The two twin brothers were sitting in the large U-Haul van waiting on none other than Takuya Kanbara, who was supposed to have been at the meet spot (which was in right in front of Shibuya Park) at least thirty minutes ago.

But, as usual, Takuya was late to being where he needed to be.

When one thinks about it, no one out of the six Legendary Warriors had changed THAT much over the past five years.

Takuya was still the most impulsive out of the group, always jumping right into an action before thinking anything through. And Koji was always there to reprimand his childish actions, being the more serious out of the bunch. Unfortunately Koichi, Koji's twin brother, always found himself caught in the middle between one of the Takuya and Koji's little spats that happened every-so-often. Now the three of them were heading off to a new life at Odaiba University. This would prove to be a challenge for each of them, seeing as how they all would be living together in an apartment for the entire year.

That is, if Takuya ever got to the meeting place.

"Maybe they got hung up somewhere? You know that traffic can be pretty hectic this time of day," Koichi said to his brother, who was still looking out the window with a look that can melt ice.

"Koichi, don't try and make excuses for him. You know as well as I do that Takuya has no sense of urgency. He doesn't take anything seriously!" Koji started this anytime Takuya had aggravated him. He began to rant on about the goggle-boy's flaws, even if Takuya had proven himself time and time again that he was in fact dependable. Their adventures in the Digital World had seen to that.

Koichi just sighed at his brother as a white Ford Taurus came zooming next to them. It was sixteen-year-old Tommy Himi and Takuya in the passenger seat.

About five months ago, Takuya had gotten his license suspended for excessive speeding. Ever since then he either walked to where he needed to go or gotten a ride from someone. Next month he would be able to take the driver's test and try and get his license again.

But, that wouldn't be until later in life. Now, he would have to deal with the wrath of an angry and aggravated Koji.

"Sorry we're late! Mom and Dad didn't want to let me go," Takuya said as he got out of Tommy's car with a duffle bag across his shoulder. Takuya was wearing his regular ensemble of clothes, which consisted of a hat with goggles on top, a red jacket with a shirt that had the symbol of the Spirit of Fire on it.

The driver, Tommy Himi, was the youngest out of the bunch. He was just starting his junior year of high school and was taking it kind of hard. But, he had agreed to drive Takuya to meet Koji and Koichi at the park. He was also planning on visiting his older friends the first weekend that they were all off from school.

"What took you so long?!" Koji screamed at Takuya, who began putting his suitcases and boxes in the van immediately.

"Didn't you hear me? I was saying goodbye to my parents," Takuya said calmly, never looking Koji directly in the face.

"So why didn't you call one of us? Do have any idea how long we've been waiting for you?"

"Koji give it a rest. It wasn't his fault," Tommy stepped in to avert what looked like the beginnings of an argument. Tommy had always looked up to Takuya as a second older brother, so he often was protecting Takuya from Koji's constant nagging.

"You should of called to let us know, at least. That would've been the responsible thing to do," Koji continued, ignoring Tommy.

"Well, sorry. Next time I'll know to check with you," Takuya said to no one in particular, but he made it a point to make sure that everyone had heard him.

Koichi and Tommy exchanged glances before looking over at Koji, who's eyes were now closed in frustration. The Warrior of Light sighed loudly, preparing his attack.

"Okay... uh... Takuya you need any help with that?" Koichi asked as he began to help Takuya load his things into the van.

Silent befell the four of them as Takuya, Koichi, and Tommy put the last of Takuya's things in the U-Haul van. Koji sat the entire time in the driver's seat, his eyes closed and a frown forming on his face.

Than, his eyes suddenly flashed open, a small smirk forming where the frown was mere seconds ago. Takuya was also wore an unpleasant expression on his face, but he was carrying a friendly conversation with Tommy all the same. "Your parents held you up, yeah right," Koji said to himself, but like Takuya, he made sure that everyone heard him.

"AAGH! KOJI WILL YOU JUST DROP IT? GEEZ!" Takuya yelled to his friend/rival, making Tommy nearly jump out of his pants, dropping a box in the process.

"Great, now look what you've gone and done?" Takuya replied, immediately beginning to pick up the contents that fell out of the box. One of those just happened to a framed picture of him and their mutual friend, Zoë Orimoto.

Takuya and Zoë began dating when they had just started to attend Shibuya High School, but unfortunately after eight months of dating, they broke up due to... personality clashes. That wasn't the end of it, though. The summer before their sophomore year of high school, Takuya and Zoë had gotten back together, to everyone's surprise. This one only lasted for a mere four months, before the two broke it off, yet again.

This went on for the group's entire high school career; the last time the couple broke up was at their high school graduation, a scene that no one would forget. Takuya and Zoë have had the most volatile on-and-off relationship that Koji's has ever seen. And he was often right where he didn't want to be, smack-dab in the middle of one of their arguments, which often became violently physical.

Takuya picked up the picture as if it could break any second. "You probably had Tommy drive around town so you can spot Zoë somewhere," Koji said, not being able to help himself to Takuya's defenseless composure.

Everyone in the vicinity reacted in a different way, none of them being positive. Tommy gasped and shot Koji a death glare. "KOJI!" Koichi yelled and pulled his brother to the side, temporarily leaving Takuya and Tommy alone on the other side of the van.

"Koji, what's your deal? That was real low what you just said," he reprimanded his brother, who merely shrugged it off.

"Come on, you know that's what he did! I don't buy his parents story for one second," Koji said nastily, still not letting up his attitude. Koichi sighed and looked his brother straight in the eye.

"I don't doubt for a second that Takuya probably had Tommy drive all over the city looking for Zoë. But... some things just shouldn't be said," Koichi replied as he put his hand on Koji's shoulder. "Look, can you please cool it until we get to Odaiba? We haven't even moved in yet and you two are already at each other's throats."

Koji looked down at the ground bitterly before nodding. "Alright, already, sheesh."

The two went back to the other side of the van, where Takuya and Tommy had continued packing. Takuya had a large, seemingly forced smile on his face when the twins had reunited with them. Koji walked up to Takuya, his head hung to the ground.

"Look, Takuya, about what I said..."

Takuya laughed at Koji in a friendly manner. "Don't worry about it! I've known you for six years now. I knew that would find out eventually," Takuya said with a smile. Koji and Koichi looked up at their friend in surprise, but then after a millisecond they, too, began smiling.

"Well, now that that's settled, can we please get going? I'd like to make it to Odaiba before dark," Koichi said as he hopped back in the passenger seat of the van. He rolled down the window and waved at Tommy. "Catch you on the flipside Tommy!"

Tommy laughed, but it was apparent that he was about to break out in tears. "Hey, don't start the waterworks on us just yet!" Takuya said as he put Tommy in a headlock and began ruffling his hair. "Alright Takuya, quit it!" the young boy yelled as he struggled to get out of Takuya's grip.

Koji got in the U-Haul and started it up. "Hold down the fort while we're gone. OK, Tommy?"

Tommy gave the three Legendary Warriors a thumbs up as Koji began to pull off.

"See you in about two weeks, Tommy buddy!" Takuya yelled from the backseat with half of his body hanging out the window.

Tommy waved as he watched his friends drive off into the horizon. To their new lives that they would soon begin...

It was another day of what seemed to be the longest vacation Riley Ootori had ever had. After going through her rigorous schedule, she needed a break and now she finally has one. Serving as a government agent was very stressful, especially considering some of the strange things that Riley and her colleagues from Hypnos had witnessed. This was her chance to relax.

Unfortunately, this was a pretty boring day that Riley was spending in the Tokyo apartment she had been living in for the past two years. She still wasn't awake yet and she couldn't bring herself to shake off the cobwebs.

"Riley, are you just going to lie there all day?"

That was Riley's roommate, coworker, and longtime friend Tally Onodera. Tally, with straight brown hair that came down to her neck, hadn't changed much in the past five years. She was still one of the most curious people Riley had ever known, always looking into strange phenomena. She's still a big thinker, one of the qualities that made her such a valuable agent for the government. And she was always loyal, much like Riley herself was.

Tally had spent the whole day cleaning the apartment, which was far from clean. And after a few wild nights, Tally probably wanted her room looking a little presentable. And she apparently didn't appreciate being alone in the cleaning effort.

Riley rolled over... and fell off her bed. "AAH!" She moaned and moved some of her own red hair that fell over her face. "What day is it?"

Tally shook her head. "It's Tuesday and it's 2:00 in the afternoon. How many drinks did you have last night?"

Riley rubbed her eyes and then her head. "I don't know. I think I lost count after the third one."

"That's not becoming of a government agent. What if we get called back to work and have to take a blood test or something?"

"Tally, we've been on vacation for over a month and there's no end in sight. I don't think we're getting called back to work anytime soon. And to think they'd dare give us a blood test now would be nothing short of paranoia."

"I'm just being cautious," the short-haired Tally shot back. "It would help you to be prepared for the unexpected. You never know what might happen."

Before Tally could give Riley any more of a lecture, the phone started ringing. Riley took this opportunity to get out having to hear Tally's speech on the overconsumption of alcohol and answer it, even if the phone's incessant ringing made her headache worse. She finally picked it up.


"Riley? It's been a long time."

Riley recognized the voice on the other end immediately. It was her superior and friend, Mitsuo Yamaki.

"It certainly has. To what do I owe the pleasure, Yamaki?"

"I know you still have that new model phone, so go ahead and put me on speakerphone. I'd like to speak to you and Tally."

Riley couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. If Yamaki wanted to speak with both of them, then this was probably serious. This probably meant it would soon be time to go back to work. Maybe Tally was right.

"Talley, come here," Riley called. She pushed the button to turn the speakerphone on. "Ok, we're both here. I take it this isn't a social call?"

"Unfortunately not. But before anything, how are your vacations going so far?"

"Um... a lot of fun," Tally grinned. "You simply MUST join us one night, sir. Why, you should have seen Riley last night-"

"TALLY!" Riley snapped. "Excuse her, sir. The dust from the vacuum's gone to her brain. Our off-time's been very relaxing."

"That's good to hear. Unfortunately, I'll have to cut your vacations a little short. Agents... no, friends... I'll need your help. We have a dire situation on our hands."

"How bad is it?" Riley asked.

"Let me put it this way... it sounds a lot like what we went through five years ago. And while it isn't nearly as big a threat as the D-Reaper YET... if we don't take immediate action, it very would could reach that stage."

Riley and Tally exchanged glances. Neither one of them had forgotten how much wanton destruction the D-Reaper left in its path. If something like that ever invaded again, it could very well be the end of civilization. But there couldn't be anything else like the D-Reaper out there, could there?

"We'll do whatever we can," Riley finally said. "What do you want us to do, sir?"

"Perhaps this isn't the best place to explain it. It's better I give you the briefing in person. How soon can you two get to headquarters?"

Riley and Tally looked around their apartment. It looked like a tornado had hit. It was either head straight to the old Hypnos building in West Shinjuku... or stay and clean.

"We'll be there right away!" Riley exclaimed.

"Immediately, sir!" Tally added.

"Glad to hear it. Be here pronto, for we have a long mission ahead of us. And Riley, Tally... it'll be good to be working with you again."

The phone went dead and Riley and Tally both sighed. Their vacation had come to an abrupt and sudden end. And it looked like they were both in for a long mission. Such a sudden revelation got Riley's head hurting even worse.

Talley smirked. "Better hope we don't get that blood test."

"Please shut up. You're driving, right?"

"No prob, but you're vacuuming when we come back. If we come back."

Riley and Tally walked to the door and looked back one more time. They couldn't for the life of them guess what Yamaki could possibly have to reveal when they got back to West Shinjuku. They just knew that whatever it was...

...it was a major threat.

"Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?"

Night was beginning to fall and boxes upon boxes still filled the inside of eighteen-year-old Kari Kamiya's car. And it would take a lot of effort to clear the car and take all the boxes out. Luckily, Kari had a friend there who was more than willing to help her out. It was nineteen-year-old Yolei Inoue, who was going into her sophomore year at Odaiba University.

Yolei was one of Kari's closest friends, but now more than ever, Kari would be relying on her a lot more. Kari would go into her freshman year knowing very little about college life. That's where Yolei would help her out and show her the ropes.

"This looks like everything," Kari answered her friend.

"AAGH! It HAS to be everything!" a muffled voice cried out amidst the mess.

Kari sweatdropped when she heard who it was. Yolei rushed over and took a box out, giving Kari's Digimon companion, Gatomon, some breathing room. Gatomon gasped for air, as if she had been suffocated by all those boxes.

"It's great to have some fresh air again," Gatomon said, taking a deep breath.

"Gatomon, I'm so sorry!" Kari apologized. "I didn't know I was crushing you."

Gatomon jumped out of the car and stretched. "It's ok, Kari. Sure it was uncomfortable, but I won't get catty about it."

Kari looked out towards the apartment complex of Retrostare Lofts, the place where she would be living for the next year. "Yolei... what's it like? Living in your own apartment?"

"Kari, that's the millionth time you've asked me that," Yolei sighed. Then she smiled. "But I'll tell you again! Believe me, you're gonna love it! There's never a dull moment!"


"Well... as soon as you forget all the boring parts... YEAH!"

Kari smiled. "Sounds great! I can't wait!" Then her face fell. "But... there is one thing that bothers me."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"Well... at least Davis, TK, and Ken know who they all are rooming with."

"Well, duh! They're rooming with each other," Yolei pointed out.

"I know, but... I wish I knew who I was rooming with," Kari sighed. "I have no idea who my roommate will be."

"I wish I could help you there, Kari," Yolei concurred. "But even I don't know what to tell you on that one. It could be just about anybody. But I know how you feel. I don't know who my roommates are, either. All I know is that one of them a foreign transfer student from France. And the other one just transferred from Tokyo. Other than that, I don't have any clue who they are."

Kari hung her head down. At least Yolei had some vague details about who her roommates are, but Kari knew nothing and she couldn't get that out of her head. She would be living in an apartment with three other people. And it could be just about anybody. It could either be the roommate from heaven... or from...

"I wish you could be my roommate, Yolei," Kari frowned.

Yolei shook her head. "You know that can't happen, Kari. Not until next year, anyway. But you know I'll be in your room so much, it'll be like I PRACTICALLY live there!"

Kari smiled. "Well... I guess that's the best I could hope for."

"Try not to think about it too much until they actually show up," Yolei suggested. "In the meantime, let's worry about getting you all moved in."

"Well... ok. Give me a hand with this. And stay in the car, Gatomon."

Kari and Yolei both grabbed a large box and started slowly lugging it towards one of the doors that led inside lobby area of one of the apartment buildings. The contents had to be HUGE... and that meant it had to be the TV. But a problem had shown itself as they were both approaching the door. It happened to be closed. But luckily, there was one other girl who was just arriving and it looked like she could hold the door open.

"Excuse me!" Kari cried, between grunts and groans. "Could you hold the door open, please?"

The girl turned around and shook her head. Kari tried to get a good look at her. The girl was about Kari's height with red hair arranged in a ponytail that stood up. She also had light purple eyes... that didn't exactly look too spirited. She wore a pair of jeans and a shirt with a heart on it. Kari wondered if this was her roommate.

The girl sighed and held the door open while Kari and Yolei carried the box in and put it down on the ground. Kari turned around and decided to get to know this person a little better.

"Hi there!" Kari said cheerfully. When the girl didn't return the smile, Kari decided to just keep trying to be friendly. "I was just about to move my stuff in. I live in Apartment #1142."

The girl shook her head again. "Great. I live in #1143, so I guess I'll be living across from you."

Kari kept her cheerful demeanor, despite the girl's blasé attitude. "That's great! My name's Kari and this is Yolei. She's going into her sophomore year."

The girl didn't even hint at a smile. "The name's Rika." She looked at Kari and shrugged. "Oh well. I could have worse neighbors."

"So you're living across from me, huh?" Kari asked, not losing her spirit. "Maybe we could hang out sometime, get to know each other!"

Rika just shrugged and started walking away. "Yeah, whatever."

As soon as Rika was away, Kari lost her smile and frowned. That first exchange didn't go quite as pleasantly as she had hoped.

"What's her problem?" Yolei growled, with that usual sincerity of hers.

Kari moaned softly. That would be the girl who would be living across from her. The stage was set for this to be a VERY long year.