It was nice getting to know Ryo. And Zoë couldn't believe some of the things she had already learned about him. In fact, she had learned some VERY interesting things about him.

"Uh … you won't say anything to anybody, will you?" Ryo asked. If he hadn't had such a confident façade, she could have sworn he was nervous.

She giggled at him. "Don't worry. I can keep a secret," Zoë smiled. "You don't have to worry about me telling anybody."

Ryo raised an eyebrow. "Not even …?"

"Of course not," Zoë smirked. "Nobody will know."

"Oh, that's great," Ryo sighed in relief. "You don't know how tough it was to get that off my chest."

"Don't worry about a thing. Nobody has to find out. Not until you give the word, anyway."

"Thanks, Z. You don't know how much that means to me."

Ryo leaned over and was about to kiss Zoë on the cheek. But before he did …

"Ahem…" The two of them turned towards to the sound of someone clearing their throat only to be greeted by JP, who stood somewhat ominously over them.

Zoë gave him a look of confusion, irritation, and surprise all wrapped up into one glare.

"JP? What are you doing?"

From behind JP's bulging body, Kazu and Kenta stuck their heads out, both smiling widely.

"Hey, Ryo!" Kazu exclaimed happily.

Zoë was even more surprised to see Kazu and Kenta with JP. It seemed like her perfect lunch date had been rudely interrupted.

"What do you guys want?!" Zoë couldn't help the way the outburst came out, but she was definitely getting annoyed at this point.

"Oh, nothing… we were… you know," JP started.

"No, I DON'T know," Zoë said before he could even finish. She was slowly becoming infuriated at the Three Stooges. She stood up from her seat. And her infuriated feeling soon became that of enraged when Kazu hopped right in it.

"Move ya feet, lose ya seat!" He said jokingly as he plopped in the seat across from Ryo, who merely chuckled amusingly.

"WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT?!" Zoë snapped, but the only one who really seemed to be paying attention to her was Kenta, noticing the blonde's rising anger, feeling a very slight breeze along with it.

JP moved around Zoë and extended his hand to Ryo, offering a handshake. "Nice to meet you. I'm JP, one of- OW!"

He yelped in pain as Zoë grabbed him by his ear, dragging him away from Ryo before anything else could be said. She stopped when she reached the soda machines, turning and glaring a hole right into JP's skull.

If looks could kill, I'd probably be dead right now, JP thought to himself as he chuckled weakly.

"I see nothing funny! What is with you JP?"


"Something! You just randomly walk up to me and a friend, unannounced, and bring those two bums with you? For what?!"

JP turned and looked back at Ryo, who was still with Kazu and Kenta at the table. He frowned before turning back to Zoë.

"You guys seem friendly," JP said, sounding more like a question rather than a statement.

"Excuse me?"

"Just saying… you and that Ryo guy? Where'd that come from?"

Zoë's eyebrows ruffled, not entirely sure where JP was trying to go with this conversation.

"JP, cut to the chase. What are you trying to say to me?"

That's when JP realized that he had no real reason as to why he had just so suddenly hopped up and marched over to Zoë and Ryo's seemingly private luncheon. His feet had acted faster than his mind and now here he was, staring one of his closest friends dumb in the face.

JP continued to stand there, dumbfounded. Zoë was slowly becoming fed up, "Um, HELLO?"

He snapped out of his daze and back to reality, still unable to properly explain himself. "Did Takuya put you up to this?" Zoë insinuated. That's when JP somewhat panicked.


"Yes, Takuya! He DID put you up to this, didn't he?"

"No, Z! Takuya doesn't have anything to do with this."

"Well, neither did you but ONCE AGAIN, you guys have managed to butt your noses in where they do not belong!"

"Wait a minute, Zoë-"

"Save it. I'll just ask Takuya, myself," Zoë cut him off before he could even get a chance to explain himself any further. She stormed off, blonde hair swinging behind her.

JP looked after her, wanting to follow behind her, but a hand stopped him. He looked to see that the hand belonged to none other than Ryo.

"Trust me, bro. I've been here before. Just leave her."

The Warrior of Thunder wanted to shove this guy away. Luckily, though, his mind worked a tad faster than his body this time.

Zoë didn't even look back. She made a beeline for The Den exit. If JP had done anything wrong, it was embarrass her. But, her gut feeling immediately blamed Takuya for the whole debacle for some reason.

The boys that she grew up with, the other Legendary Warriors were always a bit overprotective of the only girl on the team. Particularly Takuya, considering the two of them dated for so long.

There wasn't even anything going on between her and Ryo, though, IT WAS JUST LUNCH. And to get the easily influenced JP involved was just…

She was going to have to set all them straight.

Tigrismon sighed in relief when he saw JP's truck parked exactly where they had left it. Tigrismon, himself, had no luck of getting information of Guilmon's whereabouts during their mission to Tamachi Technical University, but maybe his friends had better luck.

He slinked over to the truck, making sure that no stray passerby notices him. Once he was right behind the back of the truck, Tigrismon saw Azumon slithering over towards him. Albeit, with very little direction. The small dragon Digimon seemed to have been extremely dizzy.

"You okay?" Tigrismon asked.

"I hate laundry," Azumon replied bitterly.

"Did you have any luck finding about where Guilmon is?"

Azumon shook his head dejectedly. "None. How about you?"

Before Tigrismon could answer, a groggy Turtwigmon came marching up to them, the leaf on top of his head looking a bit ruffled than normal. "What's with you?" Azumon asked the turtle Digimon.

"Let's just say I hit the books harder than I ever intended," he replied. "How'd it go?"

Tigrismon and Azumon glanced wearily at each other, however, Zenithmon tromped over to them right on time so neither one of them had to break the bad news to him just yet. They all noticed that the bird Digimon was noticeably shivering.

"You okay?" Tigrismon asked.

"I accidentally got locked in a freezer," Zenithmon muttered, his beak chattering. "It was a good thing they came back for the meat. And the worst part is that I didn't even get to eat anything!"

"Did you find anything out about Guilmon?" Tigrismon asked.

Zenithmon shook his head. "I couldn't find a thing. Did you guys have better luck?"

Turtwigmon chimed in with his info. "I did find something out! Guilmon is being kept in one of the dorms… I found out right before I got knocked out by a book."

Tigrismon nodded. "We got a new place to look, then. Should we go or should we wait for Takuya and Terriermon?"

"Hey, where ARE those two, anyway?" Azumon pointed out.

Zenithmon gasped and jumped in surprise, looking off into the concrete pathway leading towards the dorms. "INCOMING!"

The four Sovereign Digimon saw a bicycle coming towards them through a crowd of students at an EXTREMELY fast speed. And tumbling right after the bike was a mob of large, tattooed muscled guys. A closer look showed the rider to be none other than Takuya, with Terriermon gripping tightly onto his goggles perched on his head. Guilmon was trying to balance himself on the back of the bike, but in actuality was doing the exact opposite. Takuya rode right at the edge of the concrete walkway before they were launched into the air.

The front bike tire slammed back to the ground, but the force of the impact caused Terriermon to lose his grip from Takuya's head and he fell to the pavement with a roll.

Guilmon cried out frantically when he looked back and saw the mob of muscle-heads STILL giving chase. Takuya couldn't stop. If he did, the tattooed Tamachi Tech jocks would pound their faces in for sure.

Tigrismon's eyes widened when he saw Takuya pick up speed, heading right for the Sovereign Digimon. "GET OUTTA THE WAY!" He yelled at them, the same time Tigrismon shouting, "SCATTER!"

Everyone dove in different directions as Takuya and Guilmon drove right past them, the mob STILL right on their heels.

Terriermon watched them helplessly ride away. The Sovereign Digimon ran up to him in a flurry.

"Terriermon, WHAT IS GOING ON?" Zenithmon asked frantically.

Terriermon got off the ground, still watching after the disappearing forms of the bike with the cloud the mob left behind still tailing them. "Guilmon and Takuya are done for if they stop," he said quietly to himself.

"Who were those guys?" Turtwigmon asked.

"Why are they chasing you?" Tigrismon questioned, the same time as Turtwigmon.

Azumon was a bit more sarcastic with his question. "What did you do?"

"If we don't go after them, Guilmon and Takuya are gonna get beat to a pulp!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"But… HOW are we gonna go after them? I'm pretty sure Takuya had the keys to the truck on him," Zenithmon pointed out.

A wry grin formed on Terriermon's lips. He showed his friends a set of car keys dangling from the end of his long ear.

The Sovereigns were jubilant; the prankster always had a backup plan in mind when things were to go astray. Maybe he had to, though, especially when he had a knack for getting himself into sticky situations such as this one.

Tigrismon glanced over to see that the dust had settled from Takuya's wild ride and people were beginning to investigate the path of destruction. If they delayed any longer they would be discovered.

Rushing over to the truck, not wanting to be seen, Terriermon yanked the driver seat door open with his ear and let the four Sovereign Digimon file inside before he did, himself.

Shutting the door, Terriermon realized he would need a little boost to reach the steering wheel. "Turtwigmon, gimme a boost."

The turtle Digimon frowned at his friend. "Well, since you asked so nicely," he muttered with sarcasm. But, nonetheless, he allowed for Terriermon to step on the back of his shell, which was the extra boost he needed to get to the steering wheel.

It didn't take long for Zenithmon to understand what Terriermon was getting ready to do. "Terriermon … you're not about to do what I THINK you're about to do … are you?"

"Yup," the long-eared Digimon said casually.

Zenithmon sweatdropped. "You've never driven a car before!"

That got the other three worried. "You're about to drive?!" Azumon asked nervously.

Terriermon waved his hands in a dismissive manner. "Momentai, guys. I've seen Henry driving for years. How hard could it be?"

Tigrismon still wasn't convinced. "I don't know… JP would be really mad if he found out-"

"Listen, we don't really have time for anymore chit-chat! Guilmon and Takuya will be in serious trouble if that mob of tattooed freaks catches them," Terriermon cut him. "How many times do I have to say that before it starts sinking in?"

It only took a second for Tigrismon to nod his head in determination, now completely down with Terriermon's crazy idea. Then, again, this entire mission was crazy to begin with. "Okay, let's do it!"

"I'm in!" Azumon said.

Zenithmon was still a little wary, but said nothing. Turtwigmon strained from underneath Terriermon's feet. "Whatever you guys are gonna do, do it quick!"

"Alright, Tigrismon, hit the gas!" Terriermon ordered as he stuck the keys into the ignition and started up the car. Tigrismon looked at the gas and brake pedals in confusion. "Which one is the gas?"

"The smaller one!"

Tigrismon pounded on the gas pedal … and the truck promptly slammed into the car in front of them. Terriermon sweatdropped and put the truck in reverse.

"Uh… gas!"

Tigrismon pounded on the gas again… and this time hit another car with the rear fender. Terriermon sweatdropped once more. He put the car in drive.

"Uh… gas! But don't put so much oomph in it!"

Tigrismon slowly pressed on the gas as the truck began to drive away. They went from one rescue mission to another, this one direr than the last. For if they couldn't get to Guilmon and Takuya in time, JP's truck would be the LEAST of their problems.

Izzy had given Talley and her undercover government agent buddies his word that he wouldn't say anything about them being undercover agents. And he intended to keep his word. He had no intention of revealing his secret to his friends or anyone for that matter. But, he definitely needed to say something. At first, he contemplated if he should contact Thomas and see if the two of them could work together in flushing out the mole that was supposedly infiltrating Digimon into the Real World. The teenage professor was hard to get in touch with, however.

So for now, Izzy found himself in Sora and Mimi's room. Sora was still trying to dress up Biyomon and Palmon, hoping to get that children's line of clothing out sooner than later while Mimi was mixing up some kind of concoction inside a bowl. Joe was also there with them, one of the few times that he found himself relaxing with his friends instead of stressing over the stresses of going through his Grad. And right along with him was… Gomamon. Like Izzy, Joe couldn't seem to keep his Digimon in the Digital World.

Mimi finished mixing up her batter. "Ok, Sora, I finally finished!"

Sora turned around and sweatdropped. "Mimi, you didn't really go through with that, did you?"

Mimi nodded. "You bet I did! It's my own homemade shampoo! Years of treating my hair with the most advanced in hair care technology has encouraged me to make something myself. And today, I finally finished! And lucky for you, you get to be the first to try it!"

Sora gulped. "Mimi … are you sure that stuff is safe?"

"Sora, I included only the finest ingredients. And besides, I had Joe here to help me out. Isn't that right, Joe?"

"Well, I did have a couple of original additions to add to the batter."

"Ingredients like what?" Sora asked curiously.

"Well, most of the best shampoos get their best ingredients from animals. I decided to try something a little different. I got my ingredients from Digimon."

That intrigued Izzy. "Digimon? How did you pull that off?"

"I managed to pick some fur off of Gabumon's coat during my last trip to the Digital World. And it's as stable as any horsehair … at least I think it is. It IS untested, but… we all know how neat and clean Gabumon keeps his coat, so you should be just fine."

Sora thought about it, reluctantly, of course. "Is this really worth being a guinea pig?"

"Sora, I'm your best friend! I would never do anything that would harm you in any way," Mimi smiled. "You can trust me."

Sora gave the brunette one last hesitant smirk before nodding her head. "Ok, you talked me into it."

Mimi didn't need to be told twice. She whipped out a towel and started mixing the batter into Sora's hair.

As much as Izzy wanted to say something to his friends about that meeting with Yamaki, he knew he couldn't tell them EVERYTHING. But then Izzy realized that he had only promised to keep their secret about being undercover. He never said anything about not trying to help out if he could. And maybe he and the DigiDestined could lend a hand.

"Guys, there's something you all should know," Izzy began.

"And what's that, Izzy?" Joe asked curiously.

"I… may have stumbled onto some information about these recent Digimon attacks. They aren't just a coincidence. Somebody's been bringing the Digimon to our world."

"Well… I kinda figured that, Izzy," Mimi sighed. "I mean, even *I* may be a bit slow sometimes, but it doesn't exactly take a computer genius to figure out that Digimon can't come here on their own."

"It's more to it than that, though," Izzy continued. "I found out that whoever is bringing the Digimon here … is from this school!"

Mimi stopped her lathering. "You mean a student?"

"It could very well be a student," Izzy answered. "But we don't even have a vague description to work with. For all we know, it could be a student or a professor or even the janitor. The only piece of information we have is that somebody on this campus is a mole. Whoever that mole is, is somehow connected with the Digimon that have been attacking. And they could be bringing in more soon."

"Who do you think it could it be?" Sora asked.

"I haven't got a single idea where to start," Izzy admitted. "I was hoping one of you might have noticed anything suspicious."

Just then, someone knocked on the door. The door slowly opened. "Ladies, can I come in?"

The Digimon all froze when they saw Resident Director, Ms. Mackenzie, stick her head in the door.

"Sure thing, Ms. Mackenzie," Mimi said as she kept lathering Sora's hair.

Ms. Mackenzie walked in and looked around, surveying the area. "I just wanted to give you all a heads up on this rivalry week. It looks like tensions are getting very high, as you may have noticed with what happened at the gym. If you notice anything suspicious in this hall, feel free to exercise your power as an RA or alert me."

"No worries. We will, Ms. Mackenzie," Sora replied.

Ms. Mackenzie suddenly noticed Tentomon beside the couch and picked him up. She gave him a long stare, as if she noticed something suspicious about him.

"I really must admit that these are very strange stuffed animals you all have. They're so lifelike."

"That's the way they're made these days," Izzy chuckled nervously.

"Well, I'd better head out to alert the RA's downstairs. Have a good day, ladies."

Ms. Mackenzie walked out and Tentomon breathed a sigh of relief. Izzy hadn't noticed, but Joe never took his eyes off her.

"That's MY suspect," he finally said.

"You suspect our RD?" Mimi asked skeptically.

"I don't know… there's just something weird about her," Joe explained. "When I first bumped into her, I couldn't help but notice that weird stare she gave Gomamon. It was the same stare she just gave to Tentomon. And when I went to get my Digivice from her the other day, it was as if she knew something about it. It's like there's some weird aura about her."

"So what do you think we should do?" Mimi asked.

"That's easy enough," Joe replied. "We get the Digimon to inspect her room and see if they find anything on her."

Sora's eyes widened. "You want them to spy on her?"

"I'm sure Gomamon is more than up to it," Joe said assuredly.

"No, Gomamon is NOT up to it," Gomamon cut in. "Joe, I've seen the way she looks at me. It's like she knows what I am or something. I don't want to risk her catching me in her room."

Mimi finished lathering Sora's hair. "Ok, all done! Now put this on your head and leave it there until tomorrow. In the morning, I promise you'll have the most BEAUTIFUL hair!"

Sora took a towel and wrapped it around her head. Meanwhile, Izzy decided to get another target to spy on Ms. Mackenzie.

"What about you, Tentomon?"

"I've already been in enough trouble this year," Tentomon piped up. "Don't ask me to go on any espionage missions."

"Then who else can we get?" Izzy wondered.

A light bulb appeared over Joe's head. He peered over towards the mirror. Everyone turned his or her heads to see what Joe was seeing. They all started to stare at the two who were trying on clothes in front of the mirror.

"Does this dress make me look fat?" Biyomon asked.

"Oh, no. It's SO you," Palmon assured her.

Suddenly, they both froze in their tracks. They turned around and when they noticed that all eyes were on them, the two Rookie-level Digimon sweatdropped.

Biyomon gulped. "Uh … why are you looking at us like that?"

Sora smiled. "We have a job for you two…"

Takuya pedaled as if his life depended on it. And when he took a swift glance behind him, he realized that it actually did.

"Man, do these guys ever give up?!" He shouted, fighting against the sharp pain in his legs that was threatening to take over his entire body. The extra weight of Guilmon behind him slowed the bike down tremendously, and the tattooed muscle-heads were not giving up anytime soon. It was like they were on steroids; Takuya couldn't believe that they were still chasing them.

"Geez, these guys take this rivalry thing seriously," Takuya remarked as he made sharp left turn into some bushes. But, what he didn't see was the steep hill that was behind those bushes.

Takuya's eyes widened in shock as Guilmon cried out, "Takuya, this game isn't fun anymore!"

The bike gained momentum as it went down the hill and a crazy fast speed. Takuya screamed, hanging onto the handlebars as tight as possible. He figured Guilmon had the same idea, squeezing the life out of his stomach as he latched onto the goggle boy with his eyes shut tight, yelling all the same.

The front tire began to shake uncontrollably, Takuya not even really able to steer the bike in the direction that he wanted anymore.

Before either of them knew it, the bike hit a rock that was jutted out from the ground, causing it to flip and Takuya and Guilmon fell to the dirt and down the rest of the hill.

Once he rolled his last roll, laid flat on his for a moment. He wasn't sure if he was actually hurt or just in shock.

Before he could shake off the cobwebs of the fall, Guilmon stood up, the red dinosaur's eyes were dilated and a feral growl was coming from his throat.

"Guilmon…?" Takuya began to question.

Guilmon's stance was ready and he growled at the shrubbery of small tress nearby. Takuya followed his line of sight and at first did not see anything.

Slowly, however, a familiar figure revealed itself to them. D'Arcmon.

D'Arcmon was a winged Digimon that had become very familiar to Takuya in more ways than one he realized.

He first saw a D'Arcmon during his first visit to the Digital World, when it was under siege by Fanglongmon. Although it wasn't really an actual D'Arcmon, but Murmukusmon posing as a D'Arcmon.

The winged Digimon stared them down, Guilmon growling ferociously at it. D'Arcmon stepped closer, Guilmon took a step back.

Takuya wasn't sure whether to attack or what. D'Arcmon didn't seem as if it was looking for a fight, but Guilmon was not backing down.

"Warrior of Flame…" D'Arcmon said, her voice seeming to echo around them.

THAT surprised Takuya. And then he remembered where else he saw this winged creature.

Just recently, after he, Growlmon, and ExVeemon sent a rampaging MasterTyrannomon back to the Digital World, he came back to his room later that same night. And a person with wings had tried to take Tigrismon directly right from under his nose.

Of course, at the time he wasn't able to see them because they were covered in darkness.

D'Arcmon must have been the culprit. She must have broken into his room, trying to kidnap Tigrismon. But… why?

At that moment, D'Arcmon pulled out a long staff with a green jewel in the middle of it, and pointed it at Takuya and Guilmon. "La Pucelle!"

A beam of energy sprouted from the staff, nearly hitting Guilmon and Takuya. The Warrior of Flame dodged out the way swiftly, ducking behind a tree. Guilmon was not so easy to scurry away. "Pyro Sphere!"

Guilmon retaliated with his own attack, nearly striking D'Arcmon had she not jumped on top of a tree branch high up. Guilmon was relentless, though. "Pyro Sphere!"

Fire spheres were shot from Guilmon's mouth, burning away the tree branch D'Arcmon was standing on mere seconds before.

D'Arcmon swiftly dodged every single Pyro Sphere attack Guilmon threw at her, nearly wrecking all the vegetation within the immediate area. She lifted her staff again, flying right towards Guilmon.

"La Pucelle!"

With the staff pointed straight at Guilmon's face, the energy beam was a direct hit, knocking Guilmon flat on his back.

Guilmon stumbled over, unable to get back up after D'Arcmon toward over him, placing the bottom of her staff on his stomach. "Stand down, Beast of Hazard!"

She turned towards Takuya, who was silently watching, clutching his D-Tector, which was placed in his pocket. D'Arcmon turned away from Guilmon, staring down Takuya with hate.

"What do you want?!" Takuya shouted at the Digimon fearlessly, although he was literally nervous as all get out.

"I think you know why I have come… Warrior of Flame."

"How do you know me?"

"Oh, my Master has informed me of you and your allies. Such as that foul beast," she gestured towards the stunned Guilmon.

"Your Master? Is your Master responsible for all these Digimon appearing in the Real World?"

D'Arcmon frowned slightly at him. She was becoming inflamed, he could tell. "My Master has nothing to do with the recent Digimon attacks on the Real World. Although I have to say… the timing was impeccable."

Takuya raised an eyebrow. D'Arcmon raised her staff and pointed it at him. "Enough talk! Now give me what I came for or face being destroyed!"

He clutched onto his D-Tector even tighter. "I can't give you what you want if you don't tell me what it is."

"Stop with the games! Where are the Sovereigns?!"

Takuya knew that the Sovereigns were what she came for. Gennai had already told them that groups of Digimon have formed factions and groups and were willing to bring the Sovereigns back by force if they have to. Well if it's a fight they want…

"Sorry to disappoint you, but… they aren't even with me," Takuya answered smugly, a wry grin on his face.

"Lies! Dancing Swords!"

D'Arcmon sheathed a sword from her back and threw it at Takuya. His eyes widened when he saw that the sword seemingly multiplied into three more, making four swords coming directly at him. He pulled out his D-Tector in record time.

**Execute … Spirit Evolution … Agunimon!**

In Takuya's place stood the tall and proud Warrior of Flame, Agunimon. He jumped out of the way of the swords as the original stuck right in a tree behind him, the other three disappearing immediately. D'Arcmon's demeanor did not falter, though. In fact, she looked a little more annoyed.

"Disgusting…" she muttered. "Humans turning into Digimon… you don't deserve the power of the Legendary Warriors," D'Arcmon shouted, rushing Agunimon instantaneously.

Not wanting to take any chances, Agunimon fired. "Pyro Punch!"

Flames spurted from his fists, singeing the tip of one of D'Arcmon's four wings. She seethed in pain, before sheathing another sword from her back.

"Ah man. How many of those things you got back there?" Agunimon managed to quip before D'Arcmon unleashed another attack at him. "Dancing Swords!"

One sword turned into six this time, each coming at Agunimon in different speeds.

He dodged three of them with outstanding finesse, but he mistimed his steps and one nearly slashed his foot. He fell on his butt, D'Arcmon standing right over him with another sword pointed at his throat.

She glared right into the warrior's eyes. "I can't believe the Sovereigns entrusted HUMANS with the spirits of the Legendary Warriors. Desperate times cause for desperate measures, I guess."

Agunimon wanted to snap a remark back at her, but the sword was getting closer and closer to his throat.

"Now, where are they?" D'Arcmon's glare was becoming ever-more menacing; the sword continually getting closer to his neck.

"Even if I knew, I would never tell you."

D'Arcmon became somewhat impressed at his bravery. Just a tad, not by much. "Your courage is notable, Warrior of Flame. The Olympus Twelve were right about that much."

"Olympus Twelve?" Agunimon questioned.

Before D'Arcmon could give him an answer, a large car beep came out of nowhere.

Agunimon looked up and saw JP's truck come barreling down the hill that he and Guilmon rolled down, heading directly towards D'Arcmon and Agunimon.

And who was behind the driver's seat is what stunned the Flame Warrior even more. Terriermon, the driver, was screaming madly as he lost control of the truck.

The vehicle hit the bottom of the hill, did a slight bounce, and came right at D'Arcmon, her eyes NOW becoming wide with fright and surprise.

Just as it seemed that the truck was going to collide with D'Arcmon, she vanished; doing the same disappearing act Agunimon had seen Renamon do a couple of times. The truck bounced right over Agunimon, who was laid out, and hit a tree head on.

Fractal Code surrounded Agunimon, Takuya standing in his place. He jumped on his feet, dashing towards the truck. He glanced over at Guilmon for a brief second to see if he was still alright. The dinosaur was still dazed, but other than that fine.

He reached JP's pickup truck and saw the huge dent where the hood struck the tree. Not to mention the many bumps and dents on the truck throughout. "JP is gonna kill me…"

Terriermon stirred, picking his head up from the steering wheel. He groaned in pain. Takuya saw that the Digimon Sovereigns were roughed up, as well.

His eyes falling on the Sovereigns, he suddenly remembered D'Arcmon. He twirled around, scanning the area for the winged Digimon. She was nowhere to be found.

Nervousness began to creep back to him, so before D'Arcmon decided to show herself again, he went and helped Guilmon climb in the back of the pickup.

"Scoot," he said to Terriermon, who was still groggy from the crash. He started the car up, but he sweatdropped when it stalled on him. "Great," he grumbled before casting a vexed look Terriermon's way.

"Hey, don't look at me like that," Terriermon retorted. "From the looks of it, I saved your neck. Literally."

Takuya rolled his eyes before turning the key, once more. He was thrilled when the truck roared back to life. He backed the damaged truck away from the tree and started heading down a dirt path leading back to the main road.

While he was definitely worried about what he was going to tell JP about his truck, Takuya had something completely different on his mind.

From the looks of it… it was two groups attacking him and his friends for two different reasons. He needed to let the others know. Their hands just seemed to have gotten a lot fuller.

Takato squeezed a stress ball as hard as he could. A long time had passed and there was still nothing that indicated that Guilmon would be coming back. Kazu and Kenta had really messed up this time. If Takato never saw Guilmon again, he would never forgive them.

Usually at this point, Henry would cut in and try to calm him down. But Henry had worries of his own. Terriermon was nowhere in sight. And after the events of the last few days, it was likely that Terriermon was off causing mischief somewhere. Takato was frankly surprised that Henry didn't have a head full of gray hair by now with the way Terriermon had been keeping himself busy. Maybe Guilmon was out a lot, but he hardly ever created problems for Takato.

Then Takato came to his senses. This was a HUGE problem. Guilmon was stuck on a strange campus and since Takato was relatively new in town, he didn't know where to find it.

"Where is he?" Henry muttered.

"He's stuck… stuck somewhere all alone on a strange campus, Henry," Takato said sadly. "Poor Guilmon. He must be so scared right now … and hungry…"

"I'm talking about Terriermon!" Henry growled. "If I find out he's trying to commit another prank…"

"I think Terriermon's learned his lesson with pranks … for now, anyway," Takato thought. "But that IS pretty weird. Where would he run off to?" Just then, he heard someone knock on the door. Takato couldn't help but chuckle. "Maybe that's him."

Takato walked over to answer the door, but before he made it, the door opened and smashed his nose.

"Silly me," the voice behind the door said. "I almost forgot you guys always keep the door unlocked."

Takato rubbed his nose painfully. "Yeah, I'm not surprised, Davis."

"Any word about Guilmon?" Davis asked.

"Nothing yet," Henry answered. "But I've got a bad feeling about this. I haven't seen Terriermon all day and I think something might have happened."



Terriermon popped up out of nowhere by the window, sending Henry tumbling back. Terriermon had an awfully big grin on his face in light of the situation.

"And where have YOU been?" Henry asked curtly.

"Making things right again," Terriermon replied cheerfully.

"What do you mean?" Takato asked.

As if on cue, another knock at their door caught everyone's attention. Terriermon motioned for someone to answer it as Davis walked idly over to the doorknob. He turned it and the people behind it took a huge weight off Takato's shoulders.


Takuya was standing there with Guilmon sitting in a large shopping cart. They entered the room and Takato immediately started running over to his partner, but Guilmon leapt over first and knocked Takato over. Much like Dino and Fred Flintstone, Guilmon tackled Takato and started licking his face uncontrollably.

Takato finally composed himself. "Guilmon, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, Takatomon. It wasn't so bad there, but it's nice to be back. And I wouldn't be back if it wasn't for Terriermon and Takuyamon. They came all the way to Tamachi Tech to pick me up."

"I owe you guys one," Takato smiled at Takuya and Terriermon. "How'd you do it? How did you manage to get him back?"

"It wasn't hard," Takuya shrugged.

"Guilmon's right. It wasn't THAT BAD for him. He was being too busy being pampered by cheerleaders to even notice," Terriermon cracked.

Takuya's face became a lot more serious, as if something was bothering him. "I gotta tell you guys something," he said gravely.

Takato, Henry, and Davis perked up. "What is it?" Henry asked.

"We were attacked. By another Digimon."

"WHAT?!" Takuya's three friends cried simultaneously.

"Yeah. A D'Arcmon. She said she was working for somebody named the Olympus Twelve."

"Olympus Twelve?" Henry repeated. He turned towards Terriermon.

"Terriermon, does that name sound familiar?"

"I haven't heard of anyone named that or even close to it."

"So, wait a minute… are these Olympus Twelve guys responsible for the other Digimon attacks, too?" Takato asked.

"When I asked her about it, she made it seem like they were unrelated. But… I do know one thing. Whoever these Olympus Twelve guys are… they want the Sovereigns," Takuya explained.

That struck a nerve to the other three humans in the room.

"Gennai did say that there were groups of Digimon trying to bring the Sovereigns back," Davis said. "So the Olympus Twelve was the groups he was talking about."

"Whatever the case may be, we have to be EXTRA precautious now," Henry said. "Sounds like these Olympus Twelve characters are a by any means necessary bunch."

"I don't think its safe for them all to be in the same place, anymore," Takuya suggested.

"So what are you gonna do?" Davis asked.

Takuya already had a plan forming in his head. "I'm just gonna have to separate them. I'll send one of them back home to Shibuya for Tommy to look after. Give two more to Zoë and JP."

Someone banged on the door on cue. The four boys turned to look, wondering who it could be. The person pounded on the door again, this time a voice accompanying it. "Open up, Takuya! I'm gonna break your face!"

It was JP. Takuya sweatdropped nervously. "Oh, man! JP, look I can explain!"

JP banged on the door again. "Open the door!"

"It IS open," Davis said matter-of-factly. Takuya glared at him as JP slammed through the door, bum rushing him. He snatched Takuya up by his collar, nearly shaking him.

"What did you do to my truck?!"

"Don't blame me! Terriermon was the one who drove it!"

"Hey!" Terriermon cried indignantly. "Thanks a lot."

Henry turned to his partner in disbelief. "You drove his TRUCK?! YOU DROVE?!"

JP continued to shake Takuya by his collar. "You let a Digimon DRIVE MY CAR?! It's bad enough I let you borrow it with no license and then your gonna let a DIGIMON drive it!"

Terriermon didn't like where this was going at all. "Need I remind you guys that Takuya was about to get his head sliced off by warrior princess? The Olympus Twelve, HELLO?"

JP stopped shaking Takuya at that statement, having heard what Terriermon had said. "Head sliced? You fought another Digimon?"

"I was gonna get to that. Could you put me down?" Takuya griped. JP furrowed his brows before placing Takuya on his feet. He frowned at him and Terriermon. "You are fixing my truck!"

"Too bad Digimon can't work," Terriermon cracked, but he regretted it as soon as he saw the look Henry cast his way. It was none too friendly.

"What am I going to do with you, Terriermon?" Henry remarked, sounding like an exasperated parent.

Terriermon grinned sheepishly. "Whatever you have to do, Henry. Just as long as it doesn't involve me going home with Lopmon."

Henry looked like a frustrated parent desperately searching for a way to discipline his child. This year was certainly making the relationship between Henry and Terriermon a rocky one.

Takato watched all of this play out with great entertainment along with Davis. While Takuya updated JP on the situation with the Digimon attack, Takato came to the conclusion that Henry is a pretty resourceful guy and he would find a way to deal with Terriermon.

And hopefully it would be something more creative than grounding him.

"What do you mean I'm grounded?!"

Everyone sweatdropped when they heard that from Henry. Everyone except JP, who was lamenting over his car. There were dents all over the place and the front door had fallen off. The fender and bumper were hanging by a thread. His insurance rates were sure to go through the roof.

Takuya stood off to the side somewhat nonchalantly next to Davis, who was in awe at the damage done to JP's pickup truck. The four small Digimon Sovereigns were in the back of the truck, smiling sheepishly at the guys.

"You're grounded," Henry reiterated. "Terriermon, look what you did to JP's truck! I don't want to send you home, but I can't just let you do something like this and get off scot-free."

"But I saved Guilmon! And Agunimon! Doesn't that count for anything?"

"And we all appreciate it. But you're still grounded!"

JP just pounded the pavement. "This has been officially the worst day ever. First Zoë snaps on me, now this!"

That piqued Takuya's interests. "Zoë snapped on you?"

JP looked over at him tears nearly forming in his eyes.

Somebody whistled from the distance. "Wow! Look at that car wreck."

The group turned to see Koichi and Koji, the two twin brothers shaking their head morosely at JP's totaled truck.

"I hate to say it JP but… you really had no business loaning Takuya your car and he had no license. You guys do remember that he lost it because of aggressive driving, right?"

"Put a sock in it Koji! Nobody asked you!" Takuya barked.

Koichi walked over to JP, who couldn't hold it back any longer. He burst into tears.

Takuya sneered over at Koji before walking over to JP, as well.

"Uh… JP?" Takuya started timidly.

JP moved his hands from his face, tears streaking down his cheeks.

"Do you mind looking after Turtwigmon for awhile? You know… until we get handle on this whole thing?"

Through sniffs and snivels, JP managed to shake his head in acknowledgement.

"Why is JP looking after Turtwigmon?" Koichi asked.

"Somebody's after the Sovereigns. So Takuya thinks that the best thing now is for them to be in separate places. Harder for someone to get them all in one swoop."

"Somebody's after us?" Tigrismon piped up.

"Wait a minute. What do you mean 'somebody'?" Koji intervened.

"Somebody like the groups Izzy said that Gennai warned him about," Takuya replied. "The Olympus Twelve."

Koichi and Koji exchanged worried glances.

"Olympus Twelve?" Koichi repeated.

"A D'Arcmon attacked me on my way back from Tamachi Tech. She said she was looking for the Sovereigns and she worked for somebody who calls themselves the Olympus Twelve."

"So …" Koji began. "Do they have anything to do with the recent Digimon appearances?"

"According to her, she says its just 'impeccable timing'."

Koji frowned, not believing her one bit. "One lucky guess she's lying."

Henry nodded, agreeing. "Takuya said the same thing."

"Which is why I think we should split the Sovereigns up. Tigrismon stays with us. Turtwigmon can go with JP, and Azumon can go back home with Tommy-"

"Ah, but Takuya, I don't wanna go home!" Azumon interjected in a whiny tone.

"Well, get over it. Bokomon would knock me silly if he found out that something happened to you guys," Takuya scolded the Digimon. Then, he turned back to Koji and Koichi. "And Zenithmon can go to…"

He started to say that Zoë will keep Zenithmon, but a crying JP brought him back to something he heard the Warrior of Thunder say earlier.

"Hey, JP. Why did Zoë snap on you? What did you do?"

JP began crying even harder at the mere mention of Zoë. Koichi sweatdropped.

"I told you not to interrupt her," Koichi said to JP. Takuya turned to him, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"Interrupt her doing what?"

Koichi nearly started, but he realized who was asking.

Even though they weren't together, Takuya and Zoë still had feelings for each other. Even if both of them were too stubborn to admit. And Takuya finding out that Zoë had lunch with another guy would undoubtedly cause for another blowup between the two. Koichi wanted to be the last person responsible for that. Koji, however, decided he wanted to be the first person responsible for it.

"Zoë was having lunch with that Ryo guy and snapped on JP for interrupting her," he simply stated.

Takuya was at first taken aback by the news, but quickly caught his composure.

"Lunch, huh?"

Koichi got nervous when he saw Takuya walk over to the box full of Digimon Sovereigns, picking Zenithmon up in his arms gently.


The Warrior of Fire smiled his lopsided smile, before patting JP on the back. "No worries, JP, buddy. I'll go and sort all this out with Z when I drop Zenithmon off at her place."

"Shouldn't you call first?" Koichi suggested.

"Nah. Think I'm gonna… surprise her."

"Well, that sounds like a great idea!" Koji said, although his sarcasm completely went over Takuya's head, who took as Koji giving him a boost of confidence. Koichi just glared at his brother's instigations.

"Definitely! I'll catch up with you guys later."

Takuya began to walk back to the freshman apartment dorms, Zenithmon in tow.

Koji snickered at Takuya's disappearing form.

"Koji, what you do that for?" Koichi chided.

"Because its funny. We all know Takuya is gonna blow it out of proportion, just like Thunder Boy did," Koji exclaimed, referring to JP. "Besides, I highly doubt anything is going on between Z and that Ryo guy."

Takato, who was quiet for a while now, chimed in, "I don't know… Ryo always had a certain charm with girls."

Koichi worriedly looked after Takuya. Even if there wasn't anything going on between her and Ryo… Zoë was not going to be happy about being questioned about it for the second time, especially not by Takuya.

In the central continent of the Digital World, the former continent that Fanglongmon once ruled and waged over, D'Arcmon took to the sky, her wing still a bit burned from her previous battle with Agunimon.

Everything that they told her about the Digimon Sovereign's guardians, the Legendary Warriors, had turned out to be true.

They were not going to let the Sovereigns come back without a fight. But, if it was fight they were looking for, then it was a fight they were going to get.

After all, the current Legendary Warriors were in fact still humans when it all boils down to it.

And, yes, it is true that humans have done an enormous amount of good for the Digital World, but at the end of the day Digital World affairs should be handled by Digimon.

It was the humans who massacred so many Digimon just recently. Deleting innocent Digimon left and right, vandalizing the ancient ruins of King Drasil.

The humans would be no help for this threat. The Olympus Twelve would be more than enough.

Especially if the rumors were true of the return of the Black Gears. And from what her Master has told her… the Dark Masters are attempting to make a comeback.

The Sovereigns were needed, now more than ever. Humans would never be able to understand that.

D'Arcmon continued to fly through the skies of the central continent of the Digital World, getting ever so closer to her destination.

And in just a few more minutes of flying and gathering her thoughts, she came upon it. The underground cavern of the ninth member of the Olympus Twelve, Minervamon.

The Olympus Twelve consisted of twelve Mega-level Digimon who rose in power in the five years of Lucemon's defeat and the Digimon Sovereigns reverting back into their Rookie forms.

Minervamon, along with the eleven other Olympian Digimon have just know decided to show themselves to the Digital World in the wake of the recent dangerous string of events that have been happening. But, they had an array of loyal volunteer Digimon followers, like D'Arcmon.

D'Arcmon is Minervamon's one and only bodyguard. The Digimon of wisdom was plenty capable of handling things on her own, so she didn't feel the need to have a thousand and one bodyguards doing her dirty work for her. One willing and able Digimon was enough. And D'Arcmon had just enough passion as a hundred Digimon. Maybe even too much.

She flew down to the entrance of the cavern, noticing something off about as soon as she walked in.

Burn marks scorched the stoned walls. Rocks were shattered all along the floor, which had cracks and the crevices seemed to have grew. Almost as if a fierce battle had just been fought.

Before walking deeper into the cavern of Minervamon's hideaway, she unsheathed a sword from her back, prepping herself for any impending attack.

She stalked into the dark cavern, heading down towards a flight of stairs. Or what was left of it. The steps had broken away after the sixth one, nothing but air the rest of the way.

Something definitely went down here. She floated down deeper into the hideaway, and was met with a horrific sight.

Minervamon was laid out; her giant sword, Olympia, lay haphazardly next to her. She was brutally injured, unable to move.

D'Arcmon rushed over to her in a flash. "Master Minervamon!"

She leaned down to the pigtailed warrior, her usually cheerful and childlike face filled with emptiness. Her breath was ragged and short. "D'Arc… D'Arcmon …?" Minervamon managed to whisper out.

"Master Minervamon… are you alright?"

Minervamon managed to smile at D'Arcmon, making the winged Digimon tear up. She knew what was about to happen. But, she didn't know if she wanted to believe it.

"Did you… find the Sovereigns?"

"I did. I know where they are. Master… what happened?"

Minervamon's light smile faded. "D'Arcmon… we're all… in danger."


"The… Digimon Empress."

D'Arcmon's eyes widened in fear. "She was here?!"

"Replica… of… Knight of Hazard…" Minervamon's breaths were becoming much shorter. D'Arcmon couldn't believe this was all happening. She struggled to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall down her face.

Minervamon grabbed one of D'Arcmon's hands tightly, her last remaining strength.

"Go… go to Merukimon. You must stop… save the Digital World."

Minervamon looked directly into D'Arcmon's eyes, a single tear drop falling down her face before she disappeared into bits of Data.

D'Arcmon's watched in shock as Minervamon disintegrated in front of her very eyes. The tears began to roll, but she was silent.

Her Master… the one who had took her in when the group of humans destroyed and deleted nearly everyone from her village… her only friend. Gone in an instant.

Minervamon was the closest thing D'Arcmon had to family. And like her actual family… she was now gone.

The Digimon Empress. The rumors were true, then. Minervamon informed her that her and the other members of the Olympus Twelve suspected that a copycat of the infamous Digimon Emporer was running around kidnapping Digimon.

But… a replica of the Knight of Hazard? Everyone knew of the prophecy of the Beast of Hazard. The creature had almost turned the entire Digital World into a wormhole six years ago, right before the D-Reaper emerged.

If this 'Digimon Empress' has a replica of a creature capable of that kind of power than it was clear that this human had no idea what they were messing with.

Humans. Always causing trouble.

D'Arcmon wiped the tears from her face and stood up, eyes now filled with fiery determination.

Minervamon had told her to go to Merukimon, the eighth member of the Olympus Twelve, Digimon of genius.

She would let Merukimon that the situation has gotten much more urgent. They needed the Sovereigns to return from the Real World and fast. The entire Digital World needed them.

Takuya knocked for a third time on the door to Zoë's apartment dorm room and had gotten no answer.

Zenithmon, tucked away in Takuya's arms, innocently looked up at him. "Maybe no one's home?"

Just as Takuya was about to give up, the door opened, a worn Kari Kamiya greeting him.

"Hey, Kari!" Takuya greeted cheerfully, flashing her his trademark smile.

Kari warmly returned the smile, seeming genuinely happy to see him. "Hey, Takuya! Missed you in class today."

Takuya had completely forgotten that he skipped class today! Through all the excitement he just didn't have time to think about Calculus. He certainly needed too, however. They had a project due!

"Ah, man! I know… I had to take care of a few things earlier," he said.

She just smirked at him. "Uh huh."

Then, a light bulb flashed over Takuya's head. "Actually, though… I did want to talk to you."

"Really? About what?"

"So… you know that paper that we have for Professor Marquez's class, right?"

"I do. I haven't really started it, myself."

"Yeah, well… I haven't started it all."

Kari giggled, not even really meaning to. Takuya couldn't help but notice how cute she was. Davis certainly was lucky with this one.

"Maybe we could… I don't know… partner up?" Takuya suggested.

Kari curiously raised an eyebrow at him, her smile never fading. Takuya quickly tried to cover up his tracks. "You know… cause I need today's lecture notes from you, anyways."

"I guess we can do that…"

Takuya breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks a bunch, Kari. You don't know how much I owe you."

"Oh, no, I do know," Kari cracked.

Takuya couldn't help but laugh. Pretty soon, the both of them were giggling goofily.

Until someone cleared their throat behind Kari. Their laughing streak ceased at once.

Zoë walked ominously to the doorway next to Kari, staring down Takuya intently.

Takuya knew that look. The Warrior of Wind was not happy with him. But, he's been trying his best to steer clear of Zoë. So he had no idea as to why she would be giving him the 'stare down'?

Kari must've felt the tension too because she straight away said, "Okay. I'm sure you too have plenty to chat about so… I'm gonna go finish this homework."

Zoë continued to glare right into Takuya, who was becoming a bit uneasy.

"I'll see you in class, Takuya. Text me about those notes," Kari finished before heading back into the apartment.

That left Zoë STILL glowering at Takuya, with Zenithmon inquisitively glancing back and forth between the two.

"Takuya," Zoë said curtly. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Takuya hated it when she was angry at him. It was almost like she was TRYING to pick fights with him.

"I… I'm sorry. I should've called first."

Zoë shook her head dismissively. "I'm actually really glad you came by because I've been meaning to talk to you," Zoë began calmly.

"Yeah… I gotta talk to you, too. But… you can go first."

"No, I'll wait. You go."

Zoë was almost too calm for comfort. Like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Takuya wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with it. And then he remembered that no matter what she could be mad at… she is still going around frolicking with guys and having lunch. The most Takuya has done was flirt with a cheerleader or two. They weren't even together! He had no idea why the angry Zoë still made him so uneasy.

"I heard you had lunch with Rika's friend, Ryo," he blurted out before he even realized what he said.

Zoë's eyes flared up angrily. "I knew it. I knew it! I knew it!"

"Knew what?"

"You DID send JP to spy on me!"

Takuya scoffed. "I actually didn't. I just found out about the whole thing not too long ago."

"So you guys are having round tables about me now?"

Takuya couldn't believe her. "Zoë, you are way too into yourself. I am not worried about you like that."

"Oh, I'm sure. If you weren't, then why even ask about my lunch with Ryo. Its none of your business."

"You're right. I didn't even come here to talk about that. I actually wanted to ask if you could keep Zenithmon for a while."

Zoë's eyebrow raised in worry. "Why?"

"Someone is after the Sovereigns and I don't think its safe for all of them to be in the same place. JP's keeping Turtwigmon and we're gonna send Azumon back to Shibuya for Tommy to look after. I figure if each one of us has one of them, it'll be a lot harder for them to locate them."

"Do you know who's after them?"

"Someone who calls themselves the Olympus Twelve."

"Olympus Twelve?"

"No idea what we're up against. I just want you to be on your toes," Takuya cracked, placing Zenithmon in Zoë's arms. "Don't get distracted by your little boyfriend."

"He's NOT a boyfriend, Takuya," Zoë snapped at him. Then, she smiled in sudden realization. "Are you jealous?"

Takuya's face got hot with blush. When he first heard Zoë had lunch with another guy, he had to admit, there was maybe a small hint of jealousy. He quickly got over that before he even reached her room, though.

"Jealous?" Takuya scoffed, "Zoë don't flatter yourself."

"Then, why are you STILL talking about my lunch with Ryo?"


"Sounds like a little jealousy to me."

"Nobody's jealous of your stupid rebound guy!"

Zoë paused for a second, gathering what he just said. "Rebound?"

"Yes, the rebound guy. From me!"

Zoë frowned up at him, a frown that grew more severe by the second. "I think you're a little too into YOURSELF, 'buddy boy'."

She turned her back to Takuya, Zenithmon in her arms, going back into her apartment. She slammed the door right in his face without another word.

Yolei was walking by the freshman apartment dorms as she made her way back to her building. On the way back, she had run into her roommate, Catherine. Yolei needed someone like her to hear her out. She just had another awful fight with Ken because of a text message he got from that Rosa girl. Yeah, sure, Ken may not have been actually cheating with that girl. But, he definitely wasn't slowing down her advances, either.

She needed a sympathetic ear to vent to. And Catherine was more than willing to listen.

"And that's why I'm so mad," Yolei finished. "Ken just lets this girl grovel all over him and doesn't say ANYTHING to her! I feel like … … like we don't even connect anymore."

"This sounds serious, Yolei," Catherine replied. "And you actually believe Ken may be showing interest in this high school girl?"

"I do see chemistry between Ken and Rosa. And even if its not true, then why isn't he brushing her off like he should be?"

"It sounds like he's testing you," Catherine thought. "I've been through this sort of thing before … from both sides. I believe Ken is taking you for granted. Show him how lucky he is. Why don't you try having a night out … with someone else?"

That caught Yolei by surprise. "Another guy? I don't know…"

"Yolei … do you really believe Ken wouldn't go out with Rosa if he had the opportunity?"

Yolei scowled. "You're right. I have to show Ken that he's taking me for granted. In fact … I'll do it! I'll go out with another guy for one night!"

Catherine's face brightened. "Yay! You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that, Yolei! In fact, maybe you could help me by going out with-"

Yolei didn't give Catherine a chance to finish her proposal. She stopped the very first guy that came walking towards the freshman rooms. It just so happened to be Henry Wong.

"Henry, what are you doing Saturday night?"

Henry blinked. "Uh … I don't think I'm doing anything…"

"Great! You, me, we're going out! I'll call you! Can't wait to see you!"

Yolei kissed Henry on the cheek and skipped off merrily, leaving Catherine behind. Maybe this would get her mind off Ken. A part of her felt a little guilty, but she tried to push that feeling away by continually telling herself …

… technically, this wasn't cheating.

Henry blushed and tried to absorb what just happened. One moment, he was coming back to his room with Terriermon on his shoulder. The next moment … he suddenly had a date with Yolei. He couldn't understand how that happened.

"Yolei! That's not quite what I had in mind!" Catherine called out. "I meant …"

The building's main door suddenly opened. Catherine was cut off by one of her wannabe boyfriends.

"Hey, I was hoping to run into you tonight," Tai said cheerfully. "I thought you'd be studying."

Catherine sighed. "I'm taking a break. Tai…"

"I thought I heard a beautiful French accent," a second voice called out. It was TK, who had apparently just arrived from work. "How's your studying going?"

"I'm taking a break!" Catherine sighed again. "Gentlemen, as much fun as it is being with you … can I PLEASE have some space?! I already said I'd see you two on Saturday! Isn't that enough?!"

"I didn't think anybody could have enough of me," Tai grinned.

"I think some of Matt's hair spray went to your brain," TK scoffed. "She's obviously had enough of you and wants to be around me! She knows I can show her a good time."

"With what?" Tai scoffed. "Your junk mobile is still in the shop!"

"I don't need a car to show her a good time! She still has more fun with me than she does with you!"

"Gentlemen, STOP!" Catherine snapped. "Look, I've tried being nice, but now I see I'll have to be a little more … assertive. You two are smothering me! I need space! I need time to myself! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Catherine's face turned beet red and Tai and TK flinched. Even Henry flinched, and he was standing at a safe distance.

Catherine instantly did a 180 back to her sweet demeanor. "There… I feel better. I'll be seeing you two on Saturday."

Catherine calmly walked off as if nothing happened. Tai and TK had composed themselves and were back to shooting each other death glares.

"Look what you did," Tai muttered.

"What *I* did?" TK shot back. "You're the one that got her mad! She doesn't like it when somebody talks bad about her sweetheart."

"The only one who thinks you're a sweetheart is your mother."

"Don't bring my mother into this!"

Tai and TK argued like that as they went back into the freshman dorms. Henry, having watched this whole scene unfold right after his own scene, just stood there and sweatdropped.

"Terriermon, you want to tell me what just happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened," Terriermon grinned. "Shinjuku High's Most Eligible Bachelor finally has himself a date! It's about time, Henry!"

Henry, who was deep in thought trying to absorb all that happened, slowly walked into the freshman dorms. He was trying to piece together something that was on the back of his mind, but he couldn't quite think of. There was something about that Yolei girl he knew he should have known, but he couldn't remember. Then he shrugged it off.

It probably wasn't anything important.